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  1. This is the worst rllmuk thread I've read in a long time. I'm out. There's a minority here actually excited and it's getting drilled into the ground by people who clearly don't give a shit, can't afford it or are just plain depressed - posting because they're sad about something else. Fuck y'all, hopefully this picks up on launch day. Wavingsmiley.gif
  2. YES Thanks for the write up!
  3. I hope not I might try and attend a launch thing there on the Friday, just for the sake of the marketing buzz. Is it the 22nd for the US too?
  4. At least we can still use the HDMI-In and just crudely switch between whatever box we plug in (even a PS4!). It'll just be nice when it's properly integrated. In different news, my work now requires me in the NYC office from the 20th Nov for 10 days. I AM CRY.
  5. Could put the dimensions on that... otherwise, it might have been made by a Sony fan.
  6. Yeah, i mean that's probably true but there is a huge market for these crazy new fitness DVDs. Nearly all the girls did 'Insanity' in my last job. It certainly won't be getting my parents to buy the One for fitness though like how they bought a Wii Balance Board, though.
  7. Interesting, looking forward to trying both the One controller and the PS4. Has anyone seen a video or used the TV functionality yet? I'm genuinely looking forward to all that with the HDMI-In, it could really make a big difference if Sky/Virgin is supported from launch. I like Sky+ but would be nice to control it by reliable voice. We use "Xbox Pause/Play" all the time to the extent that I try and command the effing WiiU to 'Pause' on video sometimes. Also looking forward to being able to use the accent from the start of this video even though I won't have to. "Xborks ouuwnh"
  8. I was coming here to post the same sort of thing, these guys are just basement losers, surely...
  9. Love that you capitalised it But then, you know i'm already in love with you Barry so there's nothing new here. Come to the road show thing on Monday, we could have dinner, maybe more?
  10. Angel, can you capitalise 'Interwebs', please. Thanks. Going back on topic, who is going to the MSFT roadshow thingy next week in london? I'll be there on the Monday. Looking forward to trying the pad out etc. Probably too noisy to try the new voice commands for kinect but i'm also looking forward to those too, for tv etc.
  11. WahWah got approved for the one way manned Mars mission. Very sad, but you have to admire the bravery. Naah, he's as ill as the rest of us - even with the best intentions whatever they release next will be arriving day one The only reason I'm not also buying the PS4 at launch is I literally won't have the time to justify both. If they released a month or two apart I'd have both.
  12. That might explain why sleeping my macbook, then opening it confused the game into thinking i'd had it running all night.
  13. My guess is that there was a games industry party about 10 years ago. Angel was talking to a big group of people and it was going really well. Then he made a harmless quip at the expense of someone who was on the XBOX team, who quick as a flash came back with something much more cutting - thus embarrassing Angel in front of everyone. To this day, it's upset him but he's chosen, rather than just to LET THAT NIGHT GO, that he's going to be oddly passive aggressive towards any mention of Microsoft, or their Xbox. I mean, that or Sony stock.
  14. Yes, I've securely stored $1m but I currently have $62 Trillion. I think he's adding money laundering to this soon. That's a lot of laundry.
  15. Kind of... it does show which pad it's been fired from with those little quadrant things but a colour would help so you don't really have to work out who has what pad.
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