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  1. Possibly not the time to post screenshots but this was in my rss feeds - I like the scenery
  2. Out of curiosity, do you mainly play a PS3 this gen? Or both maybe? I've always found the PS pads a bit crampy but loved them for PS2 pro evo/Tony Hawk somehow.
  3. Yep, that wasn't half as bad as I was expecting it to be. It's obv tongue in cheek. I think I might even watch that on Nov 1st, could be funny.
  4. I loved that game up until the aliens I think Ryse looks a shade too heavy on the playable cutscene front at times but can't deny it looks lovely. It's definitely one to look out for in a few months when it's around £20. On a side note, is anyone planning on downloading their games at launch? I'm tempted to download BF4 as it'll be played a lot over the coming year I expect.
  5. The man is insufferable. 39 years old, yet absolutely no understanding of anything resembling a basic social understanding. That said, do factor into this appraisal that I've always thought Evel Knievel was an absolute cunt.
  6. Let him be like that, I'm enjoying thinking of him as this guy. "Woooooooooo!!!!!111!!! Woooooooo!!!!"
  7. it's just link bait... (that said, i take it that guy's known as a dev!) (edit: holy shit, sorry about the size - macbook retina screenshots are big then, huh!)
  8. Removed. Was a fake by the looks of it - I think Destructoid has got their wires crossed. Seems to have been floating around youtube since May.
  9. What's with you? Everything alright at home? I think every now and again, you're going to come across someone who is genuinely looking forward to the launch of the Xbox One when you spend a great deal of time in the Xbox One thread. Anyway, just got my invite through too for the end of October to try it out, so that's exciting! Looking forward to claiming the pad is too 'obvious' and the dash is a bit too sarcastic for my liking. edit: removed video... is a fake Also: Start Up Screen! (youtube comments say fake but Destructoid say real. Not sure.)
  10. All things considered the name MAD CATZ is really shit isn't it. Never really though about that before. It is lame they're not supporting the old MSFT wheel but then they did have a safety recall on it, so it was all a bit doomed anyway. They probably just want to be done with the bloody thing. Nice wheel though, I got a lot of use out of that around the Forza 3 days. I'm more annoyed that it'll be a pain to get rid of, further than just dumping it. I think this time around I'll try sticking with the pad for Forza 5. Those triggers sound a promising start.
  11. Same! BarryL85, we seem to agree on a lot of things, it's making me look like I have a crush on you. I really like the look of all the dash stuff. I must admit before seeing it animated properly and all these nice huge images for profiles etc I didn't really like it. Bet it looks even nicer on a big 1080p screen. Come on man, give it a rest, you're all talking non-sense about things you know nothing about.
  12. All the folk in my new office play Clash of Clans, it's actually quite fun. I like the fact that you have to build strategically to defend from attacks. Being able to see the replay of the attack is great too. It's one of those things I'd have avoided because it's SO popular, because that's the kind of stupid thing I do. Anyone else playing it?
  13. 2K sports isn't it? I think EA dropped the ball with their Basketball offering and never actually followed it up with anything.
  14. Booooo, I want a second sports game I could never justify buying at full price. Is the basket balling scene booming in France or something?
  15. I agree, I think there's a bit of a bubble around us types where we think something is either in trouble or perceived as a disaster but to the general public who enjoy but barely follow the games industry; they don't have a clue. The major launch on the 22nd is aimed at them.
  16. Sorry, i accidentally deleted that post!! "Hopefully it's well implemented because my rep on the 360 is somewhat unfair and says I 'trash talk' which isn't true as i never have a mic plugged in - I think it's because I'm alright at BF that people get frustrated and leave bad feedback that I'm a scumbag."
  17. Hopefully it's well implemented because my rep on the 360 is somewhat unfair and says I 'trash talk' which isn't true as i never have a mic plugged in - I think it's because I'm alright at BF that people get frustrated and leave bad feedback that I'm a scumbag. For example this lovely chap who left a few upset messages a while back http://snd.sc/1hSZiuo
  18. Yes, ok dude we get that you don't like any of this.
  19. Could only find this image of it!
  20. you appear to have started recycling 1993 No Fear t-shirt ideas for jokes
  21. I've never known such doom and gloom from a forum that's sole reason for being here is that we're all supposed to be into videogames more than the next guy. It honestly feels like a lot of people here have simply grown out of, or fallen out of love with games, leaving them with this odd negativity about anything anyone announces. It's such a brilliant time for games - the big players going head to head. Genuine strong competition is going to be fantastic for the consumer running into this gen and the likelihood is we're going to see some amazing things because of it.
  22. Dave White, I am so sorry. That was hilarious us all going cross country, I totally destroyed my car before even getting there then got killed practically instantly.
  23. My brother is happily playing away, earlier he called on Facetime and i watched him watch the screen as he enjoyed himself. On asking him to 'turn the camera around to at least the screen' I watched him drive from east to west in a race, in which he came last. This Is Living ™ Guys i'm SO tempted to write a 2,500 word email to Rockstar telling them that a few days of server problems on arguably the greatest game of the generation is NOT on. Those 40hrs i spent in singleplayer aren't enough. Hold me back!!
  24. I'm looking at that time stamp and thinking, drunk.
  25. Note it down! Fall to your temptation. You could then scrumple the paper up really really tight. That'll do it, that'll help.
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