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  1. Oh good, you're all talking about the Xbox One again Read some good stuff earlier about the second screen and profile pics: http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-one-to-feature-300-1080p-gamerpics-at-launch-smartglass-for-profiles-explained "During an Ask Microsoft Anything session with IGN, chief Xbox One platform architect Marc Whitten revealed that the manufacturer would be offering 300 1080p gamerpics for when the Xbox One launches. These pics will basically function behind your main profile, showing off your gamerscore, the duration of your time on Xbox Live, your reputation (another new feature introduced for when the Xbox One hits) and much more. Whitten also talked about how the companion app SmartGlass will work with profiles. Xbox SmartGlass is the optimal multitasking companion for Xbox One. You can easily access the Xbox One Guide to see whats on TV and change channels, keep up with what your friends are doing on Xbox, view GameDVR clips, view achievements and challenges, and snap apps on your Xbox One directly from your phone or tablet." Really do like the sound of this second screen lark. Can see it being quite handy. (Apologies for terrible quoting and linking, not easy from tablet)
  2. This is the thing that keeps getting me, it's gorgeous. Played for 12hrs today on a day off, last time I played a game for so long in one day was San Andreas and if I'm honest the Wii but that was more social Talking of Social, Rockstar's cocked up the load balance on their web based stuff, and the apps. Bummer. What a game! Good grief. I actually fell asleep driving a crane earlier, and I was only up at 6am... I have no idea how you haven't passed out yet! Impressed!
  3. This is brilliant, i'm bleeding money on very bad choices.
  4. dude, put that in the other spoilers thread edit: post gone, thanks!
  5. This is very true of the Sainsbury's cheap lagers too. The Crowns can sometimes taste quite metallic for a few sips.
  6. Added a request to the crew. Supert3d. My first crew! I feel so hip and young. edit: I'm in! yay!
  7. Oh that is handy, thanks! Shame he's still not tried the Sainsbury's ones, but looks like there's a few good ones in other places. I could dive on the grenade and sample them for him
  8. When I was growing up my father would buy cheap little bottles of beer from the supermarket, Tesco I think, which myself and my brother assumed was because we were stealing it in such vast quantities that he didn't mind so much. It got me through that barrier of 'Urgh, supermarket own beers!' that I think most people have, but I think there is definitely still a stigma surrounding it that could be slightly unfounded. A few years ago, a friend of mine mentioned that Crown 4% Lager from Sainsbury's is actually not a bad beer and only costed £2.80 for x4 then. Low and behold, it's fine and I have bought it on a few occasions (many) since. Has anyone any experience or regularly buys the cheaper own brand beers in supermarkets? Any other hidden gems amongst what I can imagine is quite a mine field of crap?
  9. Love the time stamps on these showing how quickly it went. I think that's a great recommendation if anything is; will try and pick up a bottle, sounds right up my street it being not too peaty but still a hint.
  10. I've made £0.22 on these cards. Means I'm liable for the tax and now have to spend £300 paying a solicitor to do my tax return. Jeeez.
  11. I was kinda thinking that too. There's very little chance of GAME et al honouring this nice gesture to free up some day 1 sales when they could just ensure the sale by allocating it to a pre-order.
  12. I just like the idea of insufferably waving at everyone during really tense firefights in Battlefield. Or when you draw sniper fire to see the muzzle flash, you could wave at the chap on the hill.
  13. Damn you guys... just bought it. You better be right!
  14. My Amazon order got updated early this morning. 22nd November Delivery date, auw yiss.... I am teh controller.
  15. Love that art style, downloading it now edit: This is good! I thought it was a PvsZ clone initially but it's not.
  16. Hello! What was with that motion blur being absent from a later build of the game? It wasn't until people pointed it out that I noticed it, so I'm just curious really.
  17. "XBOX TV", watch a minute of Friends, "XBOX GAME" How long is it going to take people to realise this is all about watching reruns of Friends?
  18. Oooh, I spy a Wii Karaoke 7 Day Trial. Blatantly going to try and score that for a drunk weekend trying it out.
  19. On the WiiU pads, you don't really have to bend down, you kind of bend your second knuckle. It's a comfortable feeling. Definitely everyone to their own though because I have never understood how the PS controllers could be comfortable, they always gave me hand cramp We're all quite boring really, aren't we.
  20. I think that last bit is actually just personal preference - I've played a lot of COD on the WiiU game pad and it feels weird to go back to the 360 pad (for a few minutes). I find the right stick being above the buttons to be quite nice.
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