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  1. Ok seems it's been suggested for a while that this GTA: Online is just the online component of GTAV but seems to be much more than we've seen in the past. Shot from that older video too:
  2. This does seem to be reported everywhere just as GTAV online gameplay... but this thread excitement suggests it's an MMO or something? No GTAV branding on the teaser poster keeps my hopes alive for something more Anyone got any evidence this is anything but GTAV stuff?
  3. Lovely game this. I'd not heard anything about it until watching the Polygon review earlier in the week. The guy on that said that the controls were initially difficult but you then get used to it, which is supposed to reflect that the brothers learn to work together to overcome the... blah blah blah - you get what i mean Can recommend it!
  4. New 3DS firmware is out and supports the Streetpass Relay functionality. If I understand it correctly, it means when you pass a Nintendo hotspot thingy, you collect a Mii that passed earlier and replace it with yours. The next person gets your Mii and leaves their own for the next person. Sounds neat.
  5. What's your code? Can't see sigs on mobile
  6. Turnips at 620 bells here. I'm on holiday in the US so shops open another hour. Gates open.
  7. I'll come sell some peaches if that's ok? Add me up
  8. Harsh but true sadly, I haven't got on with it in the slightest. Should have got Fire Emblem as the free game
  9. I think Ressetti has done in Bubble's town! I am cry.
  10. Can you add me, I can't actually check if we're already friends until later tonight, so sorry if we are! Bubblefish is this week's Turnip Celebrity 0817-5195-6943
  11. No that wasn't me but it sounds likea similar problem. I'd had the 3DS registered for months, but not properly linked somehow because I'd not logged in via the eShop. Seems all a bit Nintendo, really. Somehow I expect it
  12. They're real shits about anything surrounding it. My Animal Crossing that I bought to complete the deal and get a free game was not properly registered to my stars points account before buying so they could see I qualified but wouldn't do anything to sort it out. Still annoyed! Anyway, I went a bit mental and just bought Luigi's Mansion and very glad I did. Lovely game, only a few missions in but the whole thing is adorable - i missed it on the GC so this is all new. Love how he sings to the music
  13. First attempt at a themed room. Anyone got more 'Minimalist' furniture, or is that it for the set?
  14. After regretfully calling one of my dogs 'Hitler' in Nintendogs on the original DS, I am not saying AC names into the microphone on a crowded train. Fool me once Nintendo.
  15. Dream Suite is fun... spoilered if you're about to get it and don't want an idea of what it does.
  16. Ah nuts. Sounds like the same problem with my work wifi, might be blocked ports. I can see but can't connect to towns here too.
  17. Have you assigned your 3DS a static IP? Tends to help for these problems.
  18. Can you add me? edit: Already friends! Awesome. As per usual, there's plenty bells in it for you
  19. She was standing on a fossil in my town, had to push her out the way. I've stopped dropping her off at towns, this will be the third time. I don't see the point!
  20. Well, looks like Deerokus took the Pinball Table (kidding ) I'm after multiple Arcade Machines, but I expect everyone is to a certain extent. Haven't seen any yet.
  21. Turnips in Borkton are 96b I think. Just bought about 240k worth. Committed. Gates open.
  22. I was a bit confused with the streetpass bit, where do you order the items for yourself, do you know?
  23. Same, most played game already at 26hrs. Really doesn't feel like that long.
  24. Set up Tumblr, that's neat. Way easier to upload screenshots.
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