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  1. There we go, somehow didn't have you added properly. ------- Annoying crash guys, was enjoying our island trip, that's the first ressetti I've had hosting
  2. Thanks BossSaru, that was ace. Assigned a static IP and it worked after a few goes. Bridge project paid off!
  3. Getting errors here too connecting to BossSaru
  4. Lovely stuff, I'll pop over around 7pm if that's ok! Need any fruits?
  5. I think the main problem holding back this awesome damage modelling is that historically car manufacturers would not sign deals for the car likeness if you could totally deform the shape in a crash, making the car look potentially unsafe to the consumer. If that makes sense? That's why you get shitty 'cosmetic' damage in Forza, but all out destruction in Burnout which has made up cars.
  6. Can confirm you do get a morning and afternoon turnip price, get checking! Mine's dropped to 90 bells. Love this, I'd forgotten the slight niggling Turnip Anxiety throughout the week.
  7. Play coins are limited to 10 a day sadly... Turnips at only 95 bells in my town today
  8. My gates also open. There's a fancy TV in the Recycle shop, if anyone has a big enough house for it. Bought it from one of you earlier on my travels, love this trading aspect.
  9. Add me 0817-5195-6943 I have a heap of friends still to add back off that front page. Add me, all! Mostly abbreviated while adding, hope you recognise yourself Boodles Psyco Fox Caz Mumble Uto Dng Har Sweaty Rules Gilly Shep Noramte Kiro Zoid Gonk
  10. Leaving my gates open for a bit while real life gets in the way. Won the Bug Off with 103pts, auuuuw yeah!
  11. Fun first night visiting towns. I'm actually not sure how I forgot AC was in realtime. Most stuff shut!
  12. Oh bums, crash while trying to give Oranges. In other news I have Oranges. In list on first page, will start adding a ton of you.
  13. Not seeing anything regarding being able to claim stars. Strange! Anyone done this before?
  14. How do I get my star points code for Animal Crossing from the eShop so I can register it, anyone know?
  15. Appears so, pal. (christ, i can't stand that word)
  16. Scary when you add them all up. Also surprised I never personally owned an N64 somehow. C64 - My dad once bought over 100 games in a big box once, we played Harbour Attack constantly, barely touched the rest. Atari ST - Degas art software was the title photoshop still tries to be NES - copper connector problems these days Game Boy - navy seals and Tetris Sega Megadrive - just adored this machine Game Gear - just loathed this machine Sega Saturn - Daytona and virtual fighter Segway Mega CD1 - sonic cd Playstation - rollcage and cool boarders GBA - tony hawk 2 for some reason Dreamcast - powerstone PS2 Slim - Gta 3 Xbox - midtown madness 3 Xbox Modded - media GameCube - monkey ball DS - animal crossing GBA Micro - mario advance 4 DS Lite - animal crossing PSP 1000 - Gta and lumines Wii - wii sports 360 Original - crackdown, COD4 360 Arcade - battlefield 1942 360 Elite - Gta 4 360 Slim - battlefield 3 3DS - nothing took me 3DS XL - monster hunter 3, NSMB2 PS3 Phat - flower, PS Home Vita 3G - nothing comes to mind WiiU - monster hunter, COD Blops2
  17. Added a ton of you, add me back 0817 - 5195 - 6943
  18. I couldn't have summed it up better. I find on rare occasions that it really looks good I'm thinking more about the 3D effect than the game itself.
  19. I'm surprised how many of you guys enjoy the 3D aspect of the 3DS, it must just be me that never switches it on
  20. Didn't it list it as delivery in October? Saw the comments saying that? Been playing Gunman Clive today, I paid no attention to it from its icon and screenshots thinking it was just some crappy old game I'd not heard of! Really quite good platformer/shooter, and very much worth the sale price of £1.49. They need to market that game better for idiots like me.
  21. Guys, you're not helping my WiiU buzz that seems to be gradually wearing off. I've prestiged in COD and genuinely enjoyed every minute but you can't COD forever. I bought Lego City, then saw the reflection of myself playing Lego City on my own when the screen went dark. Can you revert to pretending to yourselves that we're all in a merry boat called 'The Hopeful Future'.
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