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  1. Reckon that Lego game can be entirely played on the Gamepad? TV time is difficult.
  2. This... They all have to find something to blame around this time I guess. Added a few more of you guys on my friends list (supert3d). I do like that Miiverse, it's nice seeing what everyone's up to and struggling with.
  3. Ok I went mental today and bought one of these. Apart from that god awful update to the system that took 1hr, I'm impressed! Can you guys add me (Supert3d) so I don't feel so forever alone while online?
  4. You're all nuts That's a pitiful list of releases planned
  5. The weather really does kill this doesn't it! I'm only level 3. Should be level 4 by end of week - had a break for a while but all the portals I submitted came online around the Balham, London area so it's fun again.
  6. But.... b.... Shit. I fancied that idea of actually playing some of the games i've amassed on steam over the years.
  7. Here... Perfect on the train, full keyboard/mouse.
  8. "Plays both Android and PC titles" is being reported on Android sites... Sure does look ugly but hey, it might be good!
  9. Even though it's a pain having a small amount of storage, £58 for that amount of storage in 2013 is a joke. Grumble grumble
  10. Two last fights, both incredible. So happy with the outcome of the main Just watched live while staying in NJ. Paid $56 for the event on PPV at my inlaws. That's too much I think for UFC and I'm a huge fan of it. Surely it puts a lot of people off being that expensive... Still, fun making an evening of it rather than awkwardly watching on a Sunday morning before the other half gets up.
  11. Problem with Wordament servers today, their twitter says. Hopefully fixed soon - my other half loves it!
  12. Enjoying the new expansion too, Traders and Builders has some pretty weird tiles, especially things like cross roads that don't end the roads!
  13. Apple pulled AppShopper because they changed their terms and it no longer met them. There's a post on the AppShopper blog saying they think they will be back.
  14. I dunno, I'm certainly not one of these insufferable morons who complains when an app is £1.99 and claims they feel ripped off because they should be £0.69 but I do think these games on iOS are worth a lot more than £0.69 and often free. That said, shit yeah - downloading the suggested game because it's free Thanks!
  15. I got mine by submitting artwork to the +Ingress google+ account. Not my finest few hours trying different things but it worked. I ended up photoshopping a cat pic with a logo on it. The game is brilliant btw, really addictive when you start finding low level portals, taking them over then walking 500m to get another and link them up... Nearly froze my hand off tonight stealing portals around the Mall in london. Cyhwuhx, what side are you? Just need to know if I can trust you... I'm enlightened and the area around my office WAS very strongly run by 'us' but not anymore - you can see people actually hacking portals on street corners around the British Museum, it was funny - waved at one another earlier as i fought to defend a portal as he attacked. Love this, very easy to get sucked in.
  16. Got my invite last night and started submitting portals today to populate my local area. It's fun but I think I should have chosen Resistance as London is probably around 85% Enlightened.
  17. Pleasantly surprised by this - didn't realise it wasn't just a port of the console one. Plays nicely on the touch screen.
  18. Ah ok so mine is still something on their end it seems. Great game guys, fuck all single-player and multiplayer doesn't work. £42.99 in all good shops. GO GET IT! I am clevers.
  19. I still can only connect to 1 in 30 games... very frustrating! Do NAT problems specifically say they're NAT problems, does anyone know?
  20. Thanks, that's useful to me! I thought it was my end but it's prob just a server problem due to load.
  21. Hmm, anyone unable to connect to games on COD vita? I'm not getting NAT warnings but it just boots me back to the main menu when i try and connect
  22. They're sitting ducks for planes though. I don't get why more people don't shoot them down. Enjoying these maps, had some hilarious flag battles just on conquest alone.
  23. Oh boy do I regret uninstalling most the downloads for this game over the last few months. Swear it's been about 8GB of downloads to get up to the current patches/DLC!
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