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  1. two things to note: 1. Amazon - Delivery #1: 1 item - delivery estimate: 29 April 2008 2. I was totally panicing about it so rang up Gamestation in Bayswater, London. They said they were opening at midnight for the launch and when i asked for a pre-order he laughed and said, "well we can't take pre-orders but we've got SO much stock i really can't see us selling out by the end of tuesday" so if your order is messed up or worried about it arriving, it might be worth calling a local one or indeed going to that branch if it's close by now my fate rests in the hands of the Royal Mail... oh good god.
  2. your biggest and only problem with using C4 and 'getting to a safe distance' is actually 'getting to a safe distance'. If you die your C4 will be deleted from the map so on a level like say, Bloc; to get to the other side of the two main buildings that face each other so you can watch people walk into your C4 boobie trapped room would be nearly impossible without a fire fight the best use i've seen of C4 was some guy on my team in a team deathmatch who was putting them on low ceilings above doorways when he knew someone was coming towards it... looked pretty vicious when the unsuspecting enemy walked through the door check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D47ckf5joXc
  3. that's a really good point... there's going to be lots of Ass Creed to come. I'm currently 2/3rds of the way through and it's really the same for each mission... still fun but they really need to do something special to justify a sequel.
  4. I can see this Wifi R4 rom transfer thing being especially useful when you're sitting in an airport with their free wifi and no decent games to play. At home, pretty pointless of course
  5. i'm around that figure too. I think feung shui etc effect it... most my house is a mess for a good part of the week due to turnips!
  6. 158b AM 78b PM I folded and sold (AM)... what a dissapointing week for turnips!
  7. Agreed. from looking at the current chart, i think it would be wise to get more solid results by repeating the process over 4 weeks... 2 charts isnt easily comparable, we ideally need a third/fourth/fifth to see a pattern emerge. We need a substantial trend to recognise any simularitys between actions and results! how good's your excel skills folks? Alisdair shirubagan lesalia superted (me..) thebigboss If it's possible, even if it's not postable each day; record the nip prices! After seeing all this enigma code cracking stuff on ebay, there's got to be a formula!
  8. i'm not sure i can afford it next week if my turnips dont get sold for a profit this week!
  9. 68AM 170PM shit, that 600+er is a shame i cant get to a WFC point until about 7pm!
  10. The first (at least that i've seen) of a DS Lite playing ACWW Me with the 3D glasses... the other being 'Rob' from Mooball. Apparently my blue artwork around my house which looks pretty much a murky blue to me on my phatDS looks faaar to bright on the DS-Lite ^^This image alone makes me want a Lite!!!!
  11. this is all looking very professional! I'm looking forward to a sharp spike on the graph to 600+ 71am 69pm poor.
  12. me on left, middle; Robert from Mooball, Left; Ed from Cork (looking camp as christmas)
  13. thats you huh?! i was wondering how someone was AFK in another town!
  14. took about 8 fossils in 4 trips... returned 6 of them as they'd already been donated! d'oh!! dropped off 4 random ones i'd found over the past few days. nice one.
  15. 68am 78pm (I've bought 2480 at 98per/turnip)
  16. not yet, my router's been annoyingly unreliable recently. It occasionally crashes which as you know, is pretty fatal in ACWW! payday friday, new router me thinks. (infact, what are other people using? a nice reliable one would be great!)
  17. ha, you just made me realise i'd logged in with my old username.. ahem... its in the forst rooms, NOT the one with the amber...
  18. someone....huh? have they been found yet, or someone else have the lot? i'd like to touch a few to complete the collection, Redd is just no use at all!
  19. basically yeah... from what i can gather it hasnt happened for a while! Maybe just a revival of that'd be good.
  20. Thought it'd be wise to migrate before regret. Errorstudios is now Superted (same as ACWW username, btw). Ghey, but... It's a good forum and i'd rather not use an old forum alias for a new one!! >>>>>>END>>>>>>>>>> On the back of the success of the Highbury Fossil Swap where we proved trust/generosity can assist the completion of many people's collections I'd like to suggest a large scale rolling boot fair starting next week. Collections of furniture being the primary objective; a parallel of the usefulness of fossil swap but with tables... and that... Same idea with the items dumped in A-Z order by gates.. dropping duplicates etc... I can host prob 3 nights a week max. e.g Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. If anyone's more reliable than my wishy washy ways then it'd be prime time to speak up! Daley, your town could become 'Swapshop' Suggestions welcome to get this going!
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