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  1. EXILE holds up superbly. Magnificent space-cave arcade adventure with impressive technical tricks crammed into 32K. TETRAPOD is a clever single-screen early '80s shooter from Acornsoft. XOR fills out the maze puzzler genre nicely. Get yer lateral (literally and figuratively) thinking in gear. CODENAME DROID is a top run-and-gun game, with elements of resource management. GALAFORCE has some lovely Martin Galway intro music, and is a smooth and colourful old school shoot 'em up to boot. THE HUNT: SEARCH FOR SHAUNA represents the lesser-spotted category of text adventure (with some graphics). Atmospheric space hijinks. . (Some other good BBC/Acorn games include: the sentinel, thrust, galaforce 2, firetrack, by fair means or foul, imogen, icarus, tarzan boy, infinity, citadel, repton thru time, mega-apocalypse, revs, blast, castle quest, chuckie egg, indoor sports, way of the exploding fist, meteor mission, perplexity, starship command, karate combat, shark)
  2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/230165553/game-history-book-high-score-3rd-edition If you've ever scoured Amazon or other online book sellers for illustrated videogame history books, then you might have come across "High Score", which I highly recommend over many other efforts out there. A fab coffee-table slice of glossy videogame insight. Especially the second edition that was published in the mid noughties. There is a new Kickstarter project (by the book's author, of course) to get together funds to produce an updated 3rd edition. See the link above. The deadline is April 3rd/4th if you wish to help get the project up and running. I thought some rllmukkers here might be interested.
  3. Really like the arcade original. Unfortunately the look and feel of it was lost somewhat in all the sequels.
  4. SR2 did have a far deeper and broader selection of clothes. Saints Row The Third's selection is quite a step backwards. I hoped for more layering of clothes items, a much wider choice of both normal and outlandish costumes, but Volition's 3rd effort is a letdown here (especially when compared to the technical advances in other parts of the franchise). . I still enjoy 3, but prefer 2 even if the car 'pop-in' and screen tearing was pretty bad in that one. I'd pay for a remastered Saints Row 2 on the Xbox 720 / PS4.
  5. More high-def skull gibbing, please. Ta!
  6. I have hundreds of cassette tapes for everything from the MSX1 to the Acorn Electron and on through to the C64, and more. I tested a lot of them in November last, and virtually all of the ones I tried, worked just fine. I recall only two not working ("REVS" due to some kind of white rot on part of the reel, and "HEAD OVER HEELS" due to a crumpled bit of tape after the pink lead-in section). Quite resilient really.
  7. This is one of the few vulnerable-central-protagonist survival horror puzzle adventures that I liked. Haunting Ground has great atmosphere, wonderfully forboding visuals and eerie audio. Using the dog to solve missions is neat, and those disturbingly persistent enemies are memorable.
  8. The Mai (lineswoman) and Dhalsim (exercise) edits are two of the best, because they're not taking the straightforward approach to the pictures, but take a clever bent instead.
  9. As I've emphasised a few times, my proposal is that the games are longform as usual... except with the addition of an optional short play mode. Given that, I would happily pay full price for that.
  10. Yes, there'll always be mouthy tossers who'll not be bothered to properly read the content of an opening post.
  11. Saying something like "play it in short chunks over months, instead of long blocks over a few days" is missing the point.
  12. Exactly, and I've not even got kids yet! If the provision of the OPTION of a 'condensed playmode' was widely provided, I can only see upsides for all player types.
  13. Well really I mean to say that I would love for PS3/X360/Wii games to have the option of 2-hour short versions of 16-hour story campaigns. If you choose the short option, the cutscenes would be similarly terse. As much as I still love videogames, my free time into my thirties is getting increasingly limited. If I was a kid again, I'd have no qualms about ploughing 63 hours into a game. But now I'd love to see a persistent trend of developers putting in the option to play the game in a short-form edition. 2 or 3 hours for the campaign mode... and more 'exhibition/arcade' modes in genres where that is not usually provided. (A real draw for me these days are action games on the C64/Mame/Speccy et al, mostly because the games are, for the most part, still 'hardcore' without being long. If that mix could be replicated on current gen systems, I'd be well pleased.) Of course the regular longform playmode would remain too (lest time-rich teens and more committed players fear losing the typical 22+ hour playthrough experience, or those who place a premium on duration when it comes to value for money). .-.-.-..-.-.-. .-.-.-..-.-.-. TLDR? Too long, I'll probably not play or complete. Gimme the short option.
  14. Sorry, but could you give a sentence for each, as to what makes them worthwhile/unique? Thanks.
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