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  1. Cheers for last night guys. Can anyone help me with my headset? For some reason the chat coming through is really quiet (which is why i hardly spoke and could only hear the party in the lobby) but all the in game stuff is loud and clear. I'm using the official XBone stereo headset and adapter. I'll be on later tonight. As for loadout tips i tend to go for (in Attrition) Carbine with silencer, Arc grenade which is good at throwing at groups of grunts and will help take down Titans shields, Heavy Archer Rocket launcher, cloak to make you invisible to Titans, I like the explosives pack for the extra grenade and warpfall transmitter. As for Titan loadouts i use the Ogre with Triple threat (extended clip), smoke (because you don't really want to have to get out when rodeod), cluster missile which is brilliant for killing pilots hiding in buildings and for eroding Titans shields, I also go for the Auto Eject with Nuclear ejection as you have to be aggressive with the Ogre with triple threat due to the weapons short range and the luxury of the ogres beefier shields. For pilot hunter/marked for death i tend to go for Atlas with Chaingun (extended clip) and pretty much the rest is the same as above. The chaingun is great for picking off pilots (not as good as the Arc cannon but thats trickier to use). Last titan standing i use Atlas with extended chaingun and particle wall so you can stand back and chip away at the opposing dudes. As i'm going for survivability i have the regen booster and survivor perks. The pilot should have arc grenade to take out the shields and spitfire (with slammer) as it's great for when you Rodeo. I really need to unlock the slammer again! Harpoint/capture the flag i tend to leave the titan on guard mode with arc cannon (and smoke). Remember that when you activate guard mode the Titan will face the way you are looking at the time (i didn't realise this for a few weeks!). I equip the pilot with either mines or satchel charge (with dead mans trigger). You might want to swap the carbine for something a bit better at close quarters like the CAR or shotgun. General advice would be to keep moving and stick to hoping along rooftops and through buildings. Try not to spend much time in the big arenas or lanes that Titans would use. Keep playing through the campaign to level up and unlock stuff. I kept going back there when i had just regenerated, it's also useful to get those later pain in the ass challenges with the railgun and arc cannon etc
  2. I'll be on over the next couple of days before i'm internetless. Mad Gear 16bit
  3. Started playing this again last night due to the new update dropping. Played marked for death for the first time which was ace and I'm starting to appreciate capture the flag which I always avoided as I didn't get on with it when I first got the game. The burn card black market is great and daily challenges give gen 10's stuff to aim for. You guys still playing?
  4. I'd go with that as well. X2 was amazing and is still probably in my top 3 superhero movies. First Class was better than DoFP, i loved Fassbender and Bacon was a great baddie.
  5. What time are the new maps live?
  6. This is how i play. I'm shit at up close combat, i prefer to lurk on the rooftops and pick people off. I'm level 50 Gen 2 but i can't be arsed to regen again, i love my toys too much. I'm still really enjoying it though, far more than i thought i would even after playing it pretty much every day. Look forward to the new maps.
  7. Nice vid VN1X, i'm glad i don't play on PC.
  8. Finally Gen2. Starting again with basic kit is hard.
  9. Mine renews next month and it's £49 still. It says that April 2015 will be £79 (which i will cancel before that date).
  10. Xbox - mad gear 16bit PSN - madgear16bit
  11. Surprised that they stuck with that title after the Legends of the Guardians movie under performed. I thought that this was sort of sequel before i watched the trailer.
  12. I've bought pretty much all major hardware over the past 20 years or so at launch (import or otherwise) but i might wait and see with the Vita I've yet to jump on the iPad train yet and with the third one out within spitting distance of the Vita i may hang back. I think Sony is in for a tough ride this year especially as the 3DS is half the price and has got some momentum behind it in the form of the Mario twins.
  13. Got these beut's over the past few days. Always wanted a Spice GBA to go with my Spice Gamecube and GBA player.
  14. Weapons Ammo Bought a glacier blue GBA on the UK launch with Fire Pro Wrestling, F-Zero, Mario & Kuru Kuru Kuruin (i think). It was basically a SNES in your pocket and it ushered in a fantastic new wave of great 2D games. It's one of the few games collections i've kept and probably will never sell as it's amazing library of classic games easily matches many of it home console contempories. :heart: my GBA's
  15. Jesus Christ James Woods is in this??? Whatever happened to him?
  16. Wow that's really low for XMFC, i really enjoyed it and was hoping for another one set at a later date (maybe in the 70's?).
  17. Can't wait to see that hair in motion.
  18. I thought it was boring. There were no real huge action set-pieces, the story felt disjointed and lacked any pace. Potc 2 & 3 weren't great but at least they had some fantastic stand-out moments with some great effects and at least felt like blockbuster movies, this one felt quite limited like they were on a tight budget. However the missus loved it. Oh and the 3D was terrible, not quite Titans bad but not far off.
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