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  1. It can be very slow in places but everytime Leo and Brad are on screen it's great. I wasn't feeling much of the film until the ending which then makes everything come before it just glorious. I think it's one of those rare instances that the ending makes the film. I always believe that if you don't have a strong ending then it doesn't matter what came before. There's so many little details in the film that build up to an ending which you think is coming but then just swerves into something else.
  2. The lack of communication from them about how many games they will have to release or them not knowing is giving me such an uneasy feeling. I fear when the game is released, it will get panned and they'll be so much backlash for the structure they're going for. How honestly can Midgar take up what is essential a full FF game? I love what they have showed but just feel like I'm gonna be betrayed because it will take like 6 years for the rest of the games to come out.
  3. Yeah my kids will be playing this when it finally all comes out and I'm not even in a relationship right now.
  4. The outrage of this on the Facebook group says it all, this is going to get worse. Unless they release it on Steam, then it's going to turn really nasty.
  5. I'm the biggest FF7 whore there is but even I would feel disgusting paying £180+ for a remake of my favourite game. Of course I'm gonna pre-order this one but if it's only just Midgar spread across two discs then Square Enix can go fuck themselves.
  6. I think the battle system looks great and I love what they've done with it. The Midgar bit of the original is some of the best stuff of the game and I'm sure whatever this game will be, I'm gonna love. Just that if you call it Final Fantasy 7 remake, you remake the whole game. I don't want to be in my 40s waiting for the whole game to come out.
  7. Then that's bullshit then because how is it on two discs then? That's a massive game for Midgar which wasn't a huge portion of the game. Then to charge $300+ for a special edition in which you only get a third of a game is taking the piss.
  8. Why is everyone saying the whole game is Midgar? Now I've heard it will be episodic but go no indication from the conference that it would be. Rather that they're will be two discs and the first disc will be Midgar? I'm very confused by it all, they don't seem to be forthcoming about the project especially with it being 9 months away.
  9. I don't know what you people are on about but it was great, really enjoyed that last episode. It isn't as good as the first season but it had some great moments. It's a TV show made for YouTube. The quality is still there and what makes it good, are the characters. Very much looking forward to season 3.
  10. I'm not sure it's a better movie than IW but it's a more character driven one than that film. I guess it depends on if you want more action in your superhero films. I'm drained by it, the film has a lot going on and will make you think about a lot of things afterwards but it's incredible and beautiful at times.
  11. No it is midnight of the 25th in the UK. Though Cineworld time is 11:35pm on Wednesday 24th so I assume the film would start exactly midnight.
  12. Cineworld website has crashed. I have no idea if I got tickets or not
  13. It's such a fun, entertaining, laugh out loud in parts, heartwarming film that you just leave happy by what you've seen. It's a joy and if DC embrace what makes their characters great and lean into the wackiness of it all, the films will just get better.
  14. Batman is just one of the best things in these Lego movies and the Gotham City guys song is great. Also Raptors are funny, them working out had me laughing to myself for a while.
  15. I'm hoping for one soon. Not yet seen what the blu-ray looks like. It is my favourite show of all time and I need to do a rewatch of it.
  16. CactuarBill


    I saw this yesterday in 4DX, my first ever experience of it. I enjoyed the film a lot actually, maybe the 4DX experience made me enjoy the movie more but I thought if you're gonna see a movie like that, Aquaman would be the film to see it in. I was just happily surprised by the amount of colour in the film. DC take note.
  17. I cancelled my preorder and I'm sad about it. I wish I didn't have to but honestly the games on there and the time I would spend with it isn't worth £90. You'll be seeing a lot of these in CEX.
  18. I have just spent a lot of time enjoying a Halloween party and taking lots of pictures, I love this game.
  19. So finally got the game yesterday and started playing it and oh wow I'm gonna spend a lot of time in photo mode. Love seeing other people's pictures too, some of them are gorgeous.
  20. I saw Hold the Dark at TIFF and I felt like I needed a hot shower after watching it, for a few different reasons.
  21. I honestly think this is how it should it go. They are not calling it the DCEU now but World of DC. So I like them just doing these standalone films. Don't try and make a film that's gonna set up another film. Just create one great self contained story. I'm more intrigued by this with every new thing released.
  22. I want Future Cop LAPD. Great game and good two player one as well.
  23. I saw this at TIFF last night. It's the best sequel, it treats Michael as this terrifying being who just randomly kills. There's no reason behind it, he will just kill. It does have some tense moments, the score is great and Jamie Lee Curtis shines. Though it doesn't do anything new for the genre and you can predict how it will all turn out. Though if you're a fan of the original I cannot see you not liking this film. Also has some good humour in it and nice nods to the original which aren't in your face but got some really huge cheers in the theatre.
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