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  1. Got the game today pretty fun so far... I have added a bunch of you to my Wii U friends list from this thread. If I missed out adding you then add me for some online fun! My NNID is DarkCrisis.
  2. Just finished Monument Valley, such a brilliant game with an amazing art style. If you haven't played it then I highly recommend giving it a go!
  3. Hey guys, If there are any artist who has an idea for a 2D game but hasn't got anyone to help them PM me as I recently started learning Unity 2D and would like to make a game with it in my spare time. I am a lead programmer in a small studio in the north west and have 5 released games to my name.
  4. I am a programmer who works for a small video games company in the North West. I have a game idea which I would like to make in unity and I am looking for a person/people to help get a prototype up and running. The game will be in 3D and will have a cartoon style. I would be able to do all the programming myself so I am looking for a person who can model/rig/animate and can help with the game design. Long term I would like to release on IOS or submit prototype to Sony Pub Fund to get backing to finish the game. Any questions about me or game then drop me a PM. Thanks Pete.
  5. I am looking for an artist to help me to create a 2D pixel based game. I am looking for a person who would not only do art but help designing the game with me as well. I am interested in creating a game to gain experience. A bit about me... I am currently working in the games industry for a small indie company in the north west, I am currently working on an unannounced PSVita game. I have been a video games programmer now for 4 years and I have gained experience in all areas of game development, I feel I have enough experience to be able to program all the areas of a 2D video game to a decent standard. If anyone is interested and already have an existing idea that they would like made then that is also great. PM me if interested
  6. If you guys are still looking for a programmer then let me know as I would be interested in helping out. As I am currently in fulltime employment in the games industry I wouldn't be interested in any money just something to improve my skills. I have Macbook and have alot of experience in coding. PM me if interested.
  7. Signed up as a new user today so hopefully should be ok.
  8. Tried this last year and failed to keep up with all my purchases so decided to give this another go this year. January COD:MW3( Xbox360 ) - £32 Tesco UFC Personal Trainer ( Xbox360 ) - £15 Amazon Xbox 360 Headset ( Xbox360 ) - £10 Amazon PSVita Pre-Order ( PSVita ) - £25 Game PSVita 32GB Memcard ( PSVita ) - £69 VideoGamesPlus.ca January Total : £151 February PSVita Console ( PSVita ) - £205 Game Lumines ES ( PSVita ) - £30 PSN WipeOut 2048 ( PSVita ) - £30 PSN Motorstorm RC ( PSVita ) - £5 PSN Top Darts ( PSVita ) - £6 PSN Michael Jackson TE ( PSVita ) - £20 PSN February Total : £296 March March Total : £0 April Batman AC ( Xbox 360 ) - £25 HMV Skyrim ( Xbox 360 ) - £27 HMV GTAIV( Xbox 360 ) - £15 Amazon April Total : £67 May Rayman ( PSVita ) - £30 PSN May Total : £30
  9. After pre-ordering the Vita from Game the other day and reading about the new bundles that have been announced I have decided to get a Wi-Fi Vita with Wipeout + 4GB memcard and order a 32GB memcard from Videogameplus. Have similar thoughts as other rllmuk users where dont want the hassle of carrying around carts and will end up downloading most of the games from PSN.
  10. I'm looking to buy more games this year so I thought I would give this ago. All prices include delivery cost. January Broken Sword HD(Ipad) - £0 Batman AA(PS3 - Amazon) - £11.91 Silent Hilll Shattered Memories(Wii - Amazon) - £18.56 Zak and Wiki(Wii - Ebay) - £8.57 Solipskier(Ipad) - £0.59 Mass Effect(PC - Amazon) - £6.99 Mass Effect 2(PC - Amazon) - £12.99 Dead Space(PC - Amazon) - £6.81 --------------------------------------- Total : £66.42 ---------------------------------------
  11. DarkCrisis7 Got this today and want to see other people's times on challenge's.
  12. Thanks guys will be giving it ago when i got 10 mins spare.
  13. Help for a newbie I have got 9 weeks off before i go back to uni and i havent got anything to do so i thought i would try all this bonus stuff like u guys are doing. Unfortuantly i am pretty skint so i have only got £30 to start with. Any help where to start and what to do would be very helpful. Have read through thread and well done to all those that are doin well, i hope i will be part of the fun.
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