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  1. Predestination Not what I was expecting at all. Real head scratcher and I imagine quite under appreciated when it was released. 4/5
  2. C’mon Nintendo. I don’t want a new colour I want a whole new Switch model!!
  3. Yes. I would strongly agree he has and that is before considering anything he has treaded the boards in too. Side note - I would love to see him play Glokta in any adaptation of Joe Abercrombie’s books too.
  4. WTF is that? Is that the Cameo service for private messages from celebrities? atrocious - it is very clear he has no idea who he is talking about at the end.
  5. That looks nice and smooth. Looks to be a nice change in scene for games of this type too.
  6. I quite liked the back to the future game for only one level. Think it was where you had a top Down view of the McFly house and you had to get Jennifer out before anyone saw her. The rest was shit. Turtles in Time was great and special mention to the Looney tunes game on the SNES.
  7. This? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fables-Compendium-One-Bill-Willingham/dp/1779504543/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=fables+graphic+novel+compendium&qid=1617404358&sprefix=fables+graphic+novel&sr=8-3
  8. Any other good recommendations? I’ve not read anything I’ve enjoyed more than year one and dark knight returns which are probably also the most obvious. I did quite like Batman vs TMNT though for a bit of fun. I’ve enjoyed Saga but think there may be more volumes out now (prefer to wait until they are in larger collections.
  9. Just finished reading Batman: The Long Halloween. Have to say I was a bit disappointed. I know it is supposed to be Batman “the detective” but no one seems to actually do anything. The story just moved along without Batman, Jim, Harvey et al having any real agency on events. Catwoman and some of the other characters also seemed to be pretty much shoehorned in without any real purpose. I am assuming that this is a plot thread from some other Batman story out there. Shame, had high hopes.
  10. Is the final cut free for those who already own?
  11. I should add that despite this I’ve played for over 150 hours. This is a huge thing for me consider this little time I have to play games these days.
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