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  1. There's a.lways room for improvements. It is a minor niggle but it does slightly detract from the general slick feel of everything else. It might sound picky but that's often a driver of innovations. Much like the Steve Jobs myth about throwing an iPod prototype into a fish tank to demonstrate air inside - implying there is potential to make it smaller.
  2. I have to agree with the "keep it simple stupid" mantra. The PS4 GUI was nice and simple but even in its current state I feel like there is unnecessary complications. The Switch is probably my favourite GUI in a recent console. So simple, clean and snappy. They only thing it misses for me is being able to access the store without waiting for it to "log in" for you. PSplus annoys me in the same way. Don't have an Xbox so not sure how switch it is to get into digital stores.
  3. I have one on mine. Doesn't interfere with any enjoyment of the Switch at all. Any screen has the potential for scratches IMHO. Depends how pissed off you will be when the inevitable happens.
  4. Jesus....don't I just feel that little bit older now!
  5. Would Minecraft be in there do we think?
  6. I cant see Tilda Swinton as a bond character either. Although, I couldn't have predicted her role in Snowpiercer either!
  7. George McKay is a good shout. May as well throw in Robert Pattinson as well seeing as he seems to be able play almost any role well these days. Although k cant oersonally see it. I liked the idea of Idris Elba too but as resonant as that might be for the times we live in I think it would be a risk of being a Daniel Craig Mk. II The franchise needs a real change of gears.
  8. I quite enjoyed this film but it was eclipsed by The Raid for me. Both near identical plots but The Raid is the better of the two I think.
  9. "Good Karate still inside...now time let out"
  10. Jesus......why did I build a new PC recently?? Oh right....photo editing. Just the photo editing (hides receipt for "photo editting" GPU from my wife).
  11. Almost as much as the console itself.
  12. Me too. God my children would be all over that if it was real.
  13. Just had a look at that. Great price per month! Website says £7.99 a month.
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