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  1. I can see the want for that. However, with Cowboy Bebop as a good example (and almost any anime to live action I know of) sometimes the stylised look of animation doesn’t translate well to live action at all.
  2. Shit - we all need to rescore a lot of Star Wars and Marvel movies now.
  3. First go and had it in the third attempt. How are you guys posting the colour charts without letters in?
  4. I love the notion that an item of IKEA furniture is so prevalent in homes these days it is now a standard estimate of size. I knew exactly what sort of gap side you were describing there…. Have several Kallax unit’s myself.
  5. I have a soft spot for part 3. https://youtu.be/YhtwTe2G5e0 Then again Mr. Miyagi looks a bit like my dad. So, there may be something in that.
  6. Saw this last night myself. Solid 3/5 for me. The main characters really do a lot of heavy lifting I think. I found some of it a bit too on the nose at times such as the mother daughter nepotism. I started out against the amalgamation of tech giant caricature as the BASH CEO was essentially a hippy idealist - it maybe that is actually the point. All that money and power but no real knowledge behind it - just lots of yes people and pointless use of potential. Jennifer Laurence easily the most interesting character in this for me. Lots of subtle-ish nods to male female inequalities: Leo’s anxiety panic attacks were very convincing and I love to see movies where he gets to scream and shout a lot. At the end of the day I think it could have been so much more though. Sort of film I’d like to see Armando Iannucci or Chris Morris make instead.
  7. I suppose it depends what yardstick you use to gauge whether it needed rescuing. It’s not like it isn’t making money like no tomorrow. Agree on the sentiment though.
  8. Ha! I thought it was a punctuation omission!
  9. Space Warlord Organ Trader Simulator sounds like a fairly niche crossover.
  10. Hmmmm…..my original right side hit on doesn’t seem to pair up as a single controller. Any ideas? it works portable so I thought it might be a battery issue but works if both joycons are synced together as 1up but not if I need to split into 1up and 2up. I’ve tried cleaning them with non-conducting contact spray too.
  11. Also, Mario Party Superstars worth a voucher spend?
  12. Where are you getting those summaries for the Switch? Also, what are the Harry Potter Lego games like. My 7yr old daughter is mad for HP at the moment. Are the games individual to each book/film? We are only half way through the third book and want to avoid spoilers.
  13. I agree with that score too. Nothing groundbreaking but It is enjoyable to watch and I would watch again. Same sort of thing with Extraction. Standard rescue action flick but done very solidly and very well. Nothing wrong with films that do something well trodden if they do it well.
  14. Sounds very Black Swan which incidentally I just watched tonight again. Hadn’t seen it since the cinema scene and it was just as claustrophobic and intense as it was then. 4/5
  15. How did Die Hard become a Christmas film? Is it set around Christmas? Haven’t watched it in an age but I think of it as one too .
  16. Continued my film night with: Adult Life Skills i have a soft spot Jodie Whittaker. Have to support that Huddersfield accent. Found this surprisingly moving. Assumed it would be a light hearted dramady but ended up being a film drenched I sadness. 4/5 - extra point for hometown bonus.
  17. Marriage Story Avoided this one for a while. Odd movie really as the start point and end point aren’t where you would expect them to be. Intense performances by both Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannsen. Well worth watching as I was gripped all the way through but one that probably won’t get watched again. 4/5
  18. I find this a bit strange really. I have the same thing. Am I correct that even with a family plan if I am playing one digitally owned game my daughter on the same plan would not be able to play another digitally owned game?
  19. I look forward to the 4 hour epics….. and those are just the trailers.
  20. I enjoyed this when it came out too. Some great scenes and exciting camera work with some fairly long one shots. Think there is a sequel on the way too. Has a similar vibe to The Raid although so far nothing tops that for pure action in my view.
  21. Space jumping here too with a dash or too if I missed the timing. The space jump is definitely a little snot slower than I wanted it to be. I think I’m Hollow knight the same equivalent can be activated at any point in the jump but Metroid needs a specific timing? I played a lot of Hollow Knight and I kept reverting back to that.
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