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  1. Looks like it needed a bit more budget from the snippets on the intro. Seems to miss some of the polish of other NF series e.g Altered Carbon (season 1) as that world looked ace. Can’t really judge properly obviously but it did seem a bit cheap looking in places. Love the blend and homage to the original in title sequence though. Ultimately, a smaller budget doesn’t mean it will be shit as if it is good regardless I’m sure fans will revere it regardless similar the The Witcher (fingers crossed).
  2. Crikey. It’s not far away is it? My pre-order from Smyths said 8th October. Ur I’ve not heard anything since pre-order in July.
  3. Thanks for this. Just ordered - anyone know how quick this eBay store sends out ore-orders. I’m not in any rush for it on launch day I guess.
  4. My kids (7 and 4) play Minion Rush on an obsessional basis to the point of confiscating iPads. They also like Mario Kart and other Nintendo goodness. Oh and Minecraft of course. I keep an eye on the games they choose through the App Store as there is so much shit but generally let them try/play what they want.
  5. I was so excited as I have yet to order this. Any other shouts for. Decent price?
  6. I slogged through the original book trilogy of Bourne. It is probably the only example I can remember where I (personally) felt the films were better than the books.
  7. I like The Grey. Fantastic film. Taken sequels not so much.
  8. It looks a little “set based”. Who knows though- could just be the photography but it has a bit of a cosplay feel to it. I think Cho looks fairly decent though and I hope he pull off that nonchalant cockiness of Spike. I couldn’t care what they do with Faye’s outfit to be fair - no way that outfit translates well to a live action reboot by today’s lens. It’s funny how it seems to form so much of the conversation online.
  9. Crikey - console commands! I had forgetten all about them. The last time I did anything with a “console” was probably CS 1.6.
  10. Shows how much I take things for granted. Played this constantly back in the day but completely assumed it was auto saving throughout the levels! Does it save when you complete one?
  11. Thanks for the quick blast (presume that was you to begin with). Started off well and I’m guessing you took the blindfold off after the first round!
  12. Stamina hands down. It is very easy to craft health meals.
  13. This is what I am getting.....Happens in SP too.
  14. I’m playing one map which is near pitch black apart from some torches. I can’t see fuck all and not sure if this is a big or an actual design choice. I can’t even see the floor.
  15. Just about to log in for some more DM. Still great to play. Is there any text chat?
  16. I’ve just bought Quake again. Why did I do that? Such pick up and play gibbing fun.
  17. iknowgungfu


    Niche apparently had stock in the other day! Still available now @HarryBizzle
  18. I would presume the director for scripted would be for the all the sage way bits where they are usually dancing around with a wine glass before an evening. Faye is obviously very reliant on validation from others but she brings misery to everyone. I don’t think Aaron and Mary would have reacted the way they did if they hadn’t seen Faye’s reaction. I think Jake and Liberty handled it quite well really. Chloe’s talent show was the best - generally made me laugh. Faye’s was the worst as I think she was trying to stir things up again for everyone.
  19. L4D2 is brilliant. Sending in your jockey to drag over for a spotter is glorious. Especially when the boomer and Hunter are ready to go! Bloody brilliant.
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