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  1. Just had to buy 4K UHD TopGun because of this trailer.
  2. Just finished this. Loved it to be fair. Agree that there were a couple of things in the last couple of episodes and some of the longer term plot developments weren’t a surprise. However, I really liked every character in this. I think it could have stretched to another episode perhaps as things came together very quickly. Better to be too short than too long though.
  3. They are really good. Especially like the RE ones and Uncharted.
  4. It took too long for Oldboy to get a mention. Most of The Raid tops anything in my view - some awesome long cuts and combos. Can’t not include more Jackie Chan in there too surely - Police Story Mall fight was decent. The escape from the town at night scene in 1917 was very atmospheric.
  5. Picked up a selective viewing of VoyAfer. Currently on S6:E9 The Voyager Conspiracy. Don’t suppose a shine can recommend specific episodes to focus on to the end of all seasons. I don’t have time to watch them all but do want to see the pertinent ones.
  6. That’s what I was assuming. I just assume that most internet based interactions have mays to be monetised by shady data mining outfits.
  7. Guessed with the only song I knew. Then consequently failed.
  8. Daily Quordle 96 quordle.com NE was worked out on pure process of elimination. Had to Google the definition afterwards. NW and SW had me sweating with similar word structure. Down to a 50/50 letter choice on my last guess!! Didnt realise Quordle had achievements too. Should I be concerned with how much the site is tracking my activity/recording my progress?
  9. Just finished Volume one of The Good Asian. I really enjoyed it and have preordered the next volume. Don’t suppose anyone can recommend other comics to fill the gap between now and its release. I’m not looking for overtly superhero stuff though.
  10. Dark man was my thought for some reason too. It’s a weird shot - looks entirely CG?
  11. Wow. That is out of the blue and very interesting. I suppose it is a viable thing after success of Life of Pi and the like.
  12. Ghost Dog!! Christ I need to see that again. Don’t suppose it is streaming anywhere is it?
  13. Star Wars Ep1&2 It wasn’t as bad as I remember it. Jar Jar and Anakin are pretty shite though and the script has as much depth as 2 ply tissues. Both actors for Anakin just aren’t convincing enough (feel bad for the bit as it’s probably not his fault given the script). Jar Jar was such a pointless character and I feel bad for the actor who played him. The light sabre fights look completely weightless and without effort in comparison to later films. They just look like they are wafting it around and then “sorted out” afterwards with CGI. Sam L Jackson is essentially doing the chin stroking equivalent of smell the fart acting and Ewen McGregor is doing what he can with the script. It’s far from good -(and probably only just average) but…….I don’t know where I am going with this. Each one is a still an absolute turd of a film isn’t it? If it wasn’t Star Wars it would be completed written off. The one thing I would say is I didn’t hate watching them and it is a reminder of things in readiness for ObiWan series. There are some pretty shocking stereotyping going on for each race too which reminds me of this podcast a little: https://pca.st/episode/e00d2308-c431-4822-9e41-4150c632324f
  14. Although - I sometimes wonder this. Should some superheroes be ripped? If they are the sort of character who has “powers” do they need to have big muscles or does the power just work? I.e someone like Vision.
  15. Looking pretty ripped there - excellent.
  16. Is it the sort of film to double bill with Locke?
  17. I rewatched this again the other day and you are right - so many well known faces in this. Seeing “Phil Dunphy” trying to navigate a battle scene made me laugh out loud which is probably quite inappropriate considering the content.
  18. I wonder if that is part of the point?
  19. Is the bar keep guy from Freetown also the “Meats back in the menu boys” Uruk-Hai?
  20. Think I saw that when I was about 7 yrs old. Left an imprint on me forever more.
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