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  1. I’m on to episode 6 and this just seems to be flying about all over the place plot wise. I’m losing patience with it.
  2. Do t know about you lot but I can feel the water works when watching a film at the drop of a hat these days. Something to do with kids I suspect. Almost she’s a tear watching Johnny do his song/dance towards the end of Sing 2 the other day. I really enjoyed Sing 2 despite everything about it should be cash cow by the numbers. It is definitely greater than the sum of its parts and I can’t help but love the infectious positivity of Buster Moon! My kids love it and we have to have the soundtrack on at bedtimes all the time at the moment. 4/5
  3. Yay. Looking forward to that and Cara Delavigne. Hope it’s as good as the first.
  4. Damnit. So long to my streak too! Had the last four letters quite early on too
  5. I’ve just had some sort of purchase mania (by my standards anyway) and bought The Gardens Between and the Lego Harry Potter collection. Started a new save of Breath if the Wild too on the OLED - oh my it looks good.
  6. I was sweating on this one. The last ones have occurred quite easily - had to do a fair bit of “working out” on paper.
  7. Looks like we all thought this was Nic Cage then Looks like Castor Troys haircut from the back.
  8. My takeaway was closed. Much to my horror so decided to make my own:
  9. I’m doing the same on Saturday. Surprisingly my wife wants to watch it. (Can’t imagine why….)
  10. I have fond memories of that film. I love the sound effects in this for the stealthy ninja flips.
  11. It all sounds similar to how OPEC work.
  12. Having said that I also enjoyed some of their stand ins when on “the cruise”. Doc Brown in particular.
  13. Have to agree. The waffle was too much for me. Took about 30 minutes if shit before any serious discussion was to be had. Trusted their reviews wholeheartedly though and the interviews were always great - I suspect that the press campaigns the actors etc. were on usually had a bit of respect for their podcast and knowledge.
  14. Wordle 265 6/6 Was sweating this one out right to the end. Would have felt cheated if I’d not got it!
  15. Thinking of the 15 for this vs 12a for others and 15 for things like IT. I think the BBFC doesn’t just look at the content of the violence but also the tone of it? So IT maybe awfully bloody and jump scary but also potentially quite unreal and fantastical which keeps it at a 15. Likewise in The Batman, there is no blood or scenes of horrific injury but there is a malicious intent to it all that is perhaps more realistic and (perhaps) impressionable?
  16. Only murders in the building. Absolutely loved this. Such a refreshing change to sort of things I normally watch. Perhaps edged slightly towards becoming a bit procedural towards the end but it definitely kept me entertained. I’ve never really seen anything with Selena Gomez in but I quite liked her lazy sardonic delivery. Steve Martin and Martin Short are paired well even if it goes a bit typical Steve Martin towards the end. Would recommend. 4/5
  17. Just started this - a nice twist on the original. I dont think I have a decent strategy yet though as so far I just try and focus on one word at a time.
  18. Well, isn’t that just a little bit shit then. Shame I can’t have a login for the game instead like how other PC games might work
  19. I have two switches. One original (main) and an OLED. Playing Splatoon 2 on original is fine but as far as O can see playing on OLED makes me essentially start again. I’m logged in as my main profile - is this just a thing I have to lump if I want to play it in bed and I can’t be arsed walking downstairs?
  20. Wasn’t one of their songs on the Netflix series Sex Education. I’m sure that’s where I Shazammed them and that show was massive.
  21. My local independent cinema has intermissions and I ducking love it!
  22. Ghostbusters: Afterlife I really enjoyed this and glad I watched it after the hype. The girl who played Phoebe in particular was well cast and carried the weight. I think the film lost a sense of urgency in the middle slightly and it could have done with expanding on Phoebe’s disconnect with other kids/people. It would have made some of her longing to dig out the history and search for answers a bit more fleshed out. It is no way near as good as the original but I don’t think it would be fair to expect it to either. I took it for what it was and think it was pretty good. Hume’s and arghed over the score. I’m feeling optimistic and Phoebe’s hair do was perfectly done in this: 4/5
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