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  1. Is Apple Arcade something worthwhile investing in or an Apple family with. 7-8 year old and a 5 year old? The 5 year old in particular keeps requesting the shittiest of shit when it comes to iPad games. Basically, the kind that throws up adverts every two seconds and looks like a janky procedurally created “run” game of some description.
  2. I recently read some Narnia books to my daughter and I was surprised that it dipped a little into sci-fi multiverse themes.
  3. I’m not convinced Theroux is massively gaining anyone additional followers. It’s happening already and if anyone watches that documentary and thinks Louis holds the incorrect viewpoint then most were probably lost already. That beardy guy talking about the female streamer was horrendous and I felt a little sorry for her. I felt like she had perhaps seen what they were really about but couldn’t completely detach as her social identity and life were wrapped up in the same sphere. I think she said she got hooked into all the streaming stuff because she didn’t have any friends - she was perhaps already marginalised at that point. Depressing.
  4. Can’t wait for this to be released. My son has recently just taken a head first leap into loving turtles. Even let him watch the latest movies which I didn’t realise was a 12. They weren’t exactly the best but not as bad as I thought they would be (Megan Fox leering shots being set aside there). Managed to get hold of some Rise of TMNT and well impressed by them. I was a fan when they first became a thing in the 80’s and I think I bought, sold and rebought Turtles in Time several times over back in the SNES days via part exchange at my local market. I think I also traded a Uk version for the Jap version because I preferred the box .
  5. Nope. Think there was some audio bites of Venkman from GB1 in the trailer but other than that had no idea. Never mind - suppose it isn’t the most unexpected cameo/surprise to have with the franchise.
  6. Is number 5 a spoiler? I’d made it this far
  7. I’ve stopped watching it. Felt uncomfortable with it. Lily James and Seb Stan offering a great performance though.
  8. I recently watched this as a (supposed) grown up. I was at uni when it came out. Massively underwhelmed by it this time around. Nothing at fault with the cast but just the whole story. It seemed to me to go out of its way to appear dark which I think really dated it. Best parts were the ridiculous ideologies that the teachers/parents were trying to inflict on the children. I think there could have been a better film concentrating entirely on that rather than running it alongside a “too clever for its own good” sci fi plot.
  9. Guilty pleasures are the best way to think of them. Switch brain off, heat popcorn and sit back.
  10. How is it sitting with people with Pamela A not really getting a look in for this? I might be out of touch but thought this went ahead without much of a nod from her.
  11. iknowgungfu


    I’ve been sticking largely with Dark Woods Coffee recently. They have a nice range and I feel I can taste the individual characteristics of each bag - I’m no expert but I definitely seem to get good shots for my usual cups of espresso/flat white or Americano. If anyone likes the fruitier side of coffee you are also well served there.
  12. My eldest is pretty obsessed with this. I did wonder if Disney could have been a bit bolder and braver with the ending choice but I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I much prefer these slightly different storylines they are putting out these days. Mirabel is an absolute gem of a character and the way the animate her really makes her “believable”. You can literally see her desperation in wanting to be accepted in how she moves throughout the movie. Great stuff - they really do put a lot of attention to detail in their films don’t they? It a bit like how the guitar scenes in Coco are accurately animated if played for real.
  13. Me too. Just finished it today. Hailee Steinfield was quality in this - completely bought her character from the first episode. She could very easily have been horrendously annoying. I do have a soft spot for Hawkeye in the movies as he never really gets much plot time but his story during the blip was what got me the most.
  14. I can see the want for that. However, with Cowboy Bebop as a good example (and almost any anime to live action I know of) sometimes the stylised look of animation doesn’t translate well to live action at all.
  15. Shit - we all need to rescore a lot of Star Wars and Marvel movies now.
  16. First go and had it in the third attempt. How are you guys posting the colour charts without letters in?
  17. I love the notion that an item of IKEA furniture is so prevalent in homes these days it is now a standard estimate of size. I knew exactly what sort of gap side you were describing there…. Have several Kallax unit’s myself.
  18. I have a soft spot for part 3. https://youtu.be/YhtwTe2G5e0 Then again Mr. Miyagi looks a bit like my dad. So, there may be something in that.
  19. Saw this last night myself. Solid 3/5 for me. The main characters really do a lot of heavy lifting I think. I found some of it a bit too on the nose at times such as the mother daughter nepotism. I started out against the amalgamation of tech giant caricature as the BASH CEO was essentially a hippy idealist - it maybe that is actually the point. All that money and power but no real knowledge behind it - just lots of yes people and pointless use of potential. Jennifer Laurence easily the most interesting character in this for me. Lots of subtle-ish nods to male female inequalities: Leo’s anxiety panic attacks were very convincing and I love to see movies where he gets to scream and shout a lot. At the end of the day I think it could have been so much more though. Sort of film I’d like to see Armando Iannucci or Chris Morris make instead.
  20. I suppose it depends what yardstick you use to gauge whether it needed rescuing. It’s not like it isn’t making money like no tomorrow. Agree on the sentiment though.
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