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  1. Didn’t realise it was set later in life. May give that a go.
  2. Are they good? I can’t imagine this being good but then I am tainted by Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher.
  3. aye. I thought Ready or Not was a decent film. Not something that I would say was groundbreaking or anything but I enjoyed it.
  4. Were there only 3 episodes of Cybercity? I loved that theme tune. A quick search on YouTube shows me that the one I know is for Western release:
  5. I’ve got some bad ones considering most people I know consider me to be a bit of a movie buff: Apocalypse Now Godfather Pt2 Casablanca Yojimbo Schindlers list Moonlight Grand Budapest Last of the Mohicans Casino Hitchcock in general
  6. I think I may go for that then seeing as I have to get something. I’m not sure I am that bothered about DK.
  7. Cheers. Send a bit of a leap out of the blue to see
  8. Better than something like tropical freeze?
  9. I’m a little annoyed. I bought the 2 for £84 voucher thing and have one remaining. I didn’t realise how long I had till they expired. I have one left which I planned to use for Advance Wars which is now delayed. However, I can’t use it to pre-order as it releases after the voucher expiry. So now, I need to find a game to spend it on. Not sure what I want from all of that. I have Mario kart, M.Oddy, Rabbids, Zeldas (not Skyward sword) and Metroid. Not sure what else to go for. Plus some of the other games on there I would potentially get cheaper second hand. It expires on 17th Feb.
  10. Just finished this today. Took me around ten hours with just under 60% items. That his fine for me and I don’t think I will go back to collect them all - ten years ago I would not have even contemplated approaching the boss until I had 100%. Other than Hard mode and the remaining puzzles for extra items - am I missing out on anything major? Had a fantastic time with it. Although I don’t think I fully got the ending.
  11. Apart from a couple of areas where grappling seems essential I just legged it every time.
  12. Would something like The Martian fall into hard sci-if then? Whilst reading that I sometimes forgot it was a novel and not a memoir!
  13. I should add though. There are far poorer films out there to watch in all fairness.
  14. I think some of this is when watching in a big bolus too as I rewatched last year and had a similar feeling about them. There not bad films but back to back I think they start to look a little flabby. also, once you form Up a team why would any single superhero not call in their mates to help out on their own individual adventures. Some plot lines explain why certain characters are absent but still….there wouldn’t ever be a time when one of the avengers can’t sub in for some help?!
  15. I loved 3x3 eyes. There was a really weird long gap between the first couple of parts and the conclusion. Fucking loved it though. Cyber city has a great theme tune as I recall too. Quite a few dodgy ones from that era though looking back - urotsikudoji? I was a bit surprised by that one as an early teen! I also remember buying a VCR of Guyver and feeling incredibly ripped off by the content/running time . i used to scour the weekly thing guide for late night C4 animes. Great times.
  16. Oh my word. I loved this film - especially Tilda Swindon.
  17. I didn’t like the audiobook. The narrator hammed things up a little too much for me. A shame really as I’d love to have that on my audible.
  18. Just watched this. Felt it didn’t quite live up to its promise for me. Think some of its stylings got in the way of the story a little. Nat Love’s gang clearly have his back but they don’t really cement the reasons behind this aside from a few slight inferences. I never felt they all had a history together. It never really set up the full motivations for Delroy Lindo’s character either. I think it just didn’t tie completely together unfortunately. That being said each character individually was memorable and this kept it enjoyable for me. It was just more that each person had their own 1 to 1 opponent and it felt a little too convenient. 3/5.
  19. Sounds promising. I downloaded cyberpunk and dropped off almost straightaway as I just couldn’t be arsed with the amount of time it needed to play. Are there performance issues on PC?
  20. How long does a run take in this? I like the idea of a game like this which I could have a quick blast on - gaming time is at a premium these days.
  21. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it probably is about half way.
  22. Why not somewhere a bit more challenging like SE Asia somewhere? Lots of hustle and bustle and less focus on rigid streets like we see in US cities.
  23. Cyberpunk 2077. A mess of menus, exposition and HUD claustrophobia.
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