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  1. Is there anything on the Vita that is similar in feel to a turn based tactical game like advance wars? Also, One thing I have seen but not sure about is tactics ogre. I seem to remember this having good reviews back on the day.
  2. Bloomin' eck this is a bit infuriating. Now it won't sign me in. I am guessing the whole of ERU are logging into PSN right now
  3. Cool. Now I need to start downloading a sit lad of content in preparation for my holiday! I may do persona4. It ys..... Not sure which would suit me better.
  4. Think I have sorted it out. I had to go on a mad formatting spree before it let me deactivate it and update with my own PSN ID. I am slightly unsure if it has deactivated the vita on their account though....
  5. There is no issue with me deactivating the SEN account tied to the vita? It says if I restore it now it will not be possible to deactivate the vita later?!?
  6. So I have my vita. There are several games on the memory card which I will have to say goodbye to as I thiunk they will be tied in to the previous owners account (). It still displayed their PSN ID though (needs password though...). So, I am guessing this vita has not been completely restored to factory. What is the best way to do this? I went into restore PS vita system and started talking about deactivating accounts etc....
  7. Just had the news my phone line is fixed! So... Persona it is then. What size are the games on average to download?
  8. Yeah I have a nexus 5. Weird thing is though I tried to do this for my desktop and it could see the hotspot five and connect ok but could not actually bring any websites up. Plus, not sure how 3g would vote worry a few gigs of game downloads!
  9. Man. My vita will likely arrive tomorrow and I have a bloody phone line fault! No broadband. Any physical games I should specifically be looking out for? Are there many bargains to be had in the shops for used games? I am interested in finding out what this persona4 is all about. It comes with virtua tennis and a fifa game which will likely be sold straight away. There are quite a few games installed on the memory cards apparently such as little big planet and tearaway. Add soon as I sign into my account they will be unplayable though I bet.
  10. So.... I am joining this club in the next few days. Just got to wait for it to arrive in the post (and BT to correct a fault on my line leaving me without t he Internet). With the US sale is it possible to buy that and keep a UK account like it is for ps3 and ps4 owners?
  11. Taking the above into account (I'm fairly certain the downloaded games will not be playable when I log into my account) - does 139 quid sound reasonable for a mint condition vita with full box and accessories with two 16gb cards? It also has two physical games.
  12. What happens if I buy a used vita that had installed fans listed add part of the deal. I am presuming that these are downloaded games. I cant see how I would be able to play the AND somehow tie them to my own psn account. Am I right?
  13. Id love to have a go at the paper trail of the website would even show me to register.!
  14. With a Vita can you put the console into sleep mode at any point and resume where you were afterwards? I am thinking about getting one but have limited playtime available to me. As much add I want one I am now thinking it may be a bad choice for me (baby on the way etc).
  15. Worth it just for the last few minutes......
  16. K I'll have a listen tonight.
  17. Stupid question. But even in the secret rooms the have legs that slide out. What do the symbols mean ? I assumed you needed to push the relevant button but no idea what the bags icon means etc. Feel very stupid as I am aware this game is also aimed at children!
  18. Hmmm... Will take a look in the market place (pending wife approval...). When looking elsewhere is there an easy way to tell an original from a slim by photos?
  19. Cool. I just read about that and I do believe the nexus 5 does this. Are they quite common second hand in the usual shops?
  20. What are the differences with each model vita? I am getting more and more tempted by one song the sheer number of games included for ps+. U hear the original one has a nice screen. Should I look out for one of these (is 3g a must too?)
  21. I see. I'm being myself more and more tempted by a vita these days! Mainly because of the ps+
  22. Neither here nor there for me as I do not own a wii u. I do keep seeing this comment though. Out of interest - What am I missing out on with the wii u version?
  23. This looks like a much bigger game than I anticipated. Enjoyed the first couple of levels. No idea what the hell is going on though as the last rayman game I played read the original back on the psone.
  24. Just put this hand into my ps4. I am dismayed at the lack of surround sound. Poor in this day and age. I like the hip hop sounding snoring just when you are about to wake them up though.
  25. Can anyone join this clan? Or do people need to be approved first.
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