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  1. Worth it just for the last few minutes......
  2. K I'll have a listen tonight.
  3. Stupid question. But even in the secret rooms the have legs that slide out. What do the symbols mean ? I assumed you needed to push the relevant button but no idea what the bags icon means etc. Feel very stupid as I am aware this game is also aimed at children!
  4. Hmmm... Will take a look in the market place (pending wife approval...). When looking elsewhere is there an easy way to tell an original from a slim by photos?
  5. Cool. I just read about that and I do believe the nexus 5 does this. Are they quite common second hand in the usual shops?
  6. What are the differences with each model vita? I am getting more and more tempted by one song the sheer number of games included for ps+. U hear the original one has a nice screen. Should I look out for one of these (is 3g a must too?)
  7. I see. I'm being myself more and more tempted by a vita these days! Mainly because of the ps+
  8. Neither here nor there for me as I do not own a wii u. I do keep seeing this comment though. Out of interest - What am I missing out on with the wii u version?
  9. This looks like a much bigger game than I anticipated. Enjoyed the first couple of levels. No idea what the hell is going on though as the last rayman game I played read the original back on the psone.
  10. Just put this hand into my ps4. I am dismayed at the lack of surround sound. Poor in this day and age. I like the hip hop sounding snoring just when you are about to wake them up though.
  11. Can anyone join this clan? Or do people need to be approved first.
  12. Yep...this photo mode is nicely addictive. Hinges so much on timing the L3 button press though.
  13. I'd completely forgotten about suikoden. Best game - I remember being overwhelmed by how many characters you could have though.
  14. Regarding photomode - I wish you child rewind a few seconds though. And regarding paper trail - it still won't let me sign up all the information columns at greyed or for me so our is stuck on United States and what ever date is listed as default for DOB.
  15. Thanks - great advice. I hadn't really micro managed workers before unless I want them to improve something specific. Will have a play. Thanks.
  16. I do enjoy a dabble with this game. I tend to leave it fort large times between games as it is a bit of a time suck! I get the general basics of this but in terms of planning a strategy I tend to wing it a bit. The last game I played on a slightly higher difficulty level (probably went up to Normal rather than the one below (as you can tell I am not a natural born civilisation visionary!). Does anyone know of a decent guide that helps with getting the most out of a game - e.g different play strategies that suit particular civilsations etc? Cheers.
  17. Just had a look at Joypad's youtube channel. Lovely music on their intro video. Shame this isn't in Sheffield - might encourage me to get out more.
  18. How often do you get to use this power? I'm towards paragon at the moment and always hold off using it in case I need it later on.
  19. Ugh.. How annoying is redeeming dlc for this game? Buy code from game (had some credit there). Redeem. Find premium dlc on store. "buy" it for free and download.
  20. Think I asked this earlier but don't think anyone answered. Do us download codes for premium work with UK accounts and physical disc versions of bf4?
  21. I can sympathise with that. I do seem to have a lot of days because a broken wall that goes up to my ankles seems to present a significant challenge for my soldier to traverse.
  22. Nice....need to sneak in a purchase then. Seperate headphoines aren't necessary for me..I have an AV receiver set up in my study The standard voice chat earphone/mic is awful though...doesn't fit my ears at all.
  23. Feck it...I'm going to do this. Think I have about £3 credit on my GAME card which is a little bit of a discount I suppose (every little counts now I have a baby on the way ). I was hoping to find a discounted price somewhere but for all my searching it seems to be £39.99 everywhere. Silly question here too. How does voice comms work (in BF4 and on PS4 in general). I have the crappy default headset that came with it. If it is plugged in to the pad and not muted...I just speak and people hear? In BF4 is it just squad chaty?
  24. Does Premium include every DLC released so far e.g. China, Naval etc?
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