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  1. Am I missing something with this? I keep trying to stop humans from dying. When they are broken out of their boxes I pick them up and drop off at the green thing. However, some appear to keep dying straightway before they even get sprung. I'm sure there is something I am missing here. I look out for the boxes they are in to flash (where they start jumping around) and for the indicator to flash on the top part of the screen. Then they just seem to die. Even if I am sat waiting for them to be released they just die in their box....
  2. From the little I've played..... It is worth more than a pint.
  3. Yes.... Screw it. I'm going to throw caution to the wind and spend that £3....i only hope my wife can find it in her heart to forgive me.
  4. Bugger it. I got 9 quid loyalty points in game when I bought ps4. Might use it for that then.
  5. So, resogun not being part of instant game collection for me is a bit of a disappointment. Is it worth paying outright for it?
  6. Am I correct in thinking that resogun is no longer available through ps+?
  7. So when it us in standby does that yellow light stay on all the time?
  8. Enjoy it..... If is only a couple of hours long. But IMHO well worth it.
  9. ..... And I am going to bed to let it download "stuff". Will reconvene after work tomorrow.... [emoji35]
  10. Ps4 bought! Woo!
  11. This is a distinct concern!! I am very close to buying that ps4 this weekend... But keeping the ps3 out of my trade in (bye bye 360 though). Saying that game only offered a tenner for the PS3. Think Cex may even offer more cash than game offers on trade in. I doubt Cex have ps4 s in stock though.....
  12. If I have just become a subscriber to ps+ and I "purchase" a ps4 free game on r web browser will that stay on my account even though I do not own a ps4? I'm just wondering if I should be purchasing every free game on offer across all platforms on the flight offers chance I buy a vita etc....
  13. Well... Just became a plus subscriber. Thanks for the help folks.
  14. 29 9 would have been spent straight away. Do Amazon list many damaged box items?
  15. So, if I were to join now add long as I stay subscribed I would have access to any game they "give" away. Then when I do get a ps4 I will have several to download?
  16. That's not a bad idea actually. Do PS3 PS+ subscribers get a similar deal?
  17. Hmmm...I still have a decent PC for other games too. I suppose I could hold off a little longer and play through Uncharted 3 as I have not done that one yet. Although, I am not sure if I might be a little tired of that franchise. They always start out decent enough but descend into boredom towards the end for me. Will have to think on methinks (also, I spoke to someone in Game today who said that current trade in price for my PS3 40GB is a massive £10!!).
  18. Quick question folks. As the PS4 is relatively new is there a sparsity of good engaging games to buy. I can see what I would enjoy in the retail shops...but are there plenty of PSN titles worth owning? I am at a crossroads here as I am very close to purchasing a PS4 (which effectively removes my PS3 and X360 to fund it's purchase). The reason I ask is that I have just finished Last of Us with the DLC and I am hankering for more. Also, my wife is also constantly nagging to clear out a lot of space in the house before our first born arrives.....is it worth jumping in to a PS4 now or better to wait? I feel that Last of Us may be one of the best games I have ever played (I would place it higher than HL2 and FFVII personally) and this may have spoilt me and unfairly increased my expectations of other games out there right now.
  19. Bricks all the way! I was a keen swapper of bottles when bricks were around. Last of US and then Left behind has effectively rekindled my interest in gaming tbh. Up until recently I could only just about be arsed with some L4D2 sessions on Steam. I am teetering on the edge of buying a PS4 now though....
  20. Well..feck me I'm an angry rage filled console gamer again (it only took one evening). Going to have to buy a new hard drive now - haven't had to shell out this much cash for a game since I imported FFVI (or 3 at the time) back in the day. Why the hell doesn't it get stated on the PSN Store rather than just telling you the game size after the install?
  21. Hey all......this game has tempted me back to the world of consoles... getting mighty peeved though. Is it even possible to install this game on a 40GB PS3? Decided on the PSN version as I had gift cards for PSN credit and now can't download the last 16gb file due to space restrictions despiute having more than that! Must be a crap way the PS3 installs games...downloads first then copies it across? So, in total a 22ish GB game needs double? Is this correct?
  22. That's probably not the most balanced dream one could have.
  23. Just done the second boss. Annoying..... I did find it funny that my upgraded pistol seemed to do more damage than the shitty slow heavy rifle. Loved the Ghost in the Shell homage though (and I think Starship Troopers - Would you like to know more?).
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