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  1. Think I'll give it as miss. It sounds a bit too slow for me.
  2. How is it in comparison to L4D2? That game is all I need for zombie goodness, I think maybe that initial trailer/promo they released for this got my hopes too high.
  3. Well, I consider Matt Groening to be a massive racist.
  4. Maybe due to the major Oil crash in the middle east all the ebooks keep banging on about in the game......
  5. Am I correct in thinking that if you hack the main node where the traces originate from you unlock everything in the hack?
  6. Yeah...been there (he is the discounted one) but when I last went he wasn't selling a silencer upgrade
  7. For god's sake...where casn I get a silencer? I'm still in Detroit.
  8. Is there a way to move things from your inventory to the safe you acquire in detroit?
  9. For Brokenthumbs: However, if you are playing on a PC you can view current objectives by pressing U i think.... in regards to the side quest you mention someone will come to you later which will spur the side mission on.
  10. Are these walls identifiable without the see through wall aug? Been wandering round now and can't find anything that likes like it can be blown through.
  11. Shadowrun introduced me into The Matrix waaayy before the Wachowski brothers ever did. Best start to a game I have ever played back in the day. Just waking up in that morgue.... Also Augs AND Voodoo? Need I say more.
  12. I thought there would be no achievements for those unlocing early and using offline mode... I seem to have acquired a few so far?
  13. JC2 is a game I enjoy just to piss around in. I doubt I would ever finish it. The voice acting is crap (with some really weird accents) but flinging around with the grapple hook and blowing shit up is great fun. It's how imagine it feels like to be Michael Bay.
  14. Why not play the prequel and move onto the original? Might shine a new light on an old classic..
  15. So far so good. Liking it. Anyone know if it's possible to holster a gun? My stun rifle looks a bit Wimpey and would prefer not to see it unnecessarily....
  16. I'm almost there. Is it best to fire up the game and play it before going into offline mode? Or once installed I can go offline fine?
  17. Mine seems stuck at 64%. Hopefully after a sizeable sit down in the bog it'll have finished.
  18. Never mind...it has suddenly kicked in. I presume it will lock again as soon as I go back 'online' with Steam.
  19. hOW LONG DID IT TAKE FOR THE FILES TO BE DECRYPTED? Whoops...sorry for Caps.
  20. I've just google it and it translates as God out of the machine (Wiki goodness) That seems to relate a little bit to the game. What he said
  21. In the theatre doesn't Deus Ex machina mean some kind of intervention? For example in Shakespeare's A midsummer nights dream Puck or Oberon. Basically a plot device allowing something to occur - e.g. if a film has someone fatally ill and is suddenly healed by Jesus or something. Maybe Superman 2 has a Deus Ex Machina when he turns back time to save lois. Well that's my understanding anyway. Maybe the augmentations are supposed to represent this 'intervention' allowing the huma body to do extraordinary things.
  22. If you have a copy if windows you could always install it via boot camp. Or try using parallels (virtual desktop software) although I found boot camp best for running windows.
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