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  1. Fair enough in regards to being free to post what you want - that obviously goes for everyone else who may or may not agree with your opinions. Hopefully the video posted above helps, I have personally stayed away from some of the hype and build up over the last few months. That video has really got me excited about it. I liked how it demonstrated the differing approaches that you could take. I suppose this kind of multi approach isn't anything especially novel these days, but it does remind me how amazed I was when I had such choices in the original game. Just out of interest which gets the number one spot for cuntiest forum?
  2. Well....out of 60 pages are you not able to glean an indication for yourself? Here is my opinion on a game that has not been released yet: It is worth buying if you were a fan of the original. I say this because even if the game is only average that continuation of the original story (even though it is a prequel) will carry some extra atmosphere for loyal fans. There you are. Feel free to buy on launch, wait for a sale or pre-order at Greenman Gaming with the redeemable voucher posted earlier to get a fiver off. Or, if you prefer to play this on a console feel free to pre-order from Shopto (or other online retailer) to ensure your copy on launch day. Failing that, hang around for a few days for some reviews to be posted (or opinions from the people here after hands on experience) and make an informed decision then.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you are expecting from everyone here. At the end of the day the game isn't officially out yet (betas aside) so how can you expect anyone to argue whether it is a worthwhile purchase for you? In regards to (boring) PC specs I think you are being a little harsh. It's not like we are discussing PC specs in general or requirements for other games. It is a genuine discussion on how well the game will function on a particular platform. Do other console only game threads not have any discussion on graphical qualities at all? If a demo video on Youtube or other place shows choppy framerates does this not get discussed? Perhaps the reason why there is a heavier emphasis towards the PC version of this game is because that is where the series started. Therefore it attracts a lot of PC players. Not trying to be arsey or anything, but at the end of the day from what I can see this thread has been on topic pretty much the whole time.
  4. I think I had well over 200 saves by the end of ME1.
  5. Sounds like it is more of the same. I enjoyed the last one, even if it was a bit more COD than McNab.
  6. Yeah it is G0 stepping. Not sure about my ram though. It is Corsair DDR2 XMS2 800mhz with 4-4-4-12 timing. Any ideas? Motherboard is XFX nforce 650I ultra edition.
  7. More RAM eh? I am always a little reluctant to upgrade RAM as it is still DDR2.....
  8. Cheers. However, once it gets past the EU/UK unlock date do you still have to play in offline mode?
  9. I think I read somewhere that it is possible to fool Steam into thinking it is in US via VPN? Anyone had any experience with this?
  10. Nice! Thanks. I've cancelled my Shopto order.
  11. Got mine pre ordered from Shopto. 24.85 I think it was. Cheapest I could find at this time. The code you get is redeemable through Steam (always prefer my games integrated with Steam, such a shame about BF3)
  12. What do you think it would be like with the following? Q6600 @2.4GHZ 2GB DDR2 GTX460 Vista 32 bit I only have a crappy widescreen monitor so run games at its native resolution at 1440 x 900.
  13. I can't resist any longer. I have pre-ordered from Shopto.net. Can't find it cheaper anywhere else for download (£24.85). Just hope my PC can handle it ok.
  14. Shopto has this at £24.85. I am very tempted.... Have to say I find it very worrying that there a several teirs of game to be bought. By spending an extra tenner I would get some extra XP and a few groovy weapons. Is it just the cynic in me, or is that just a bit exploitative?
  15. It seems they have been taking notes on Apple's online video marketing. However, the analogy where he says it is like going to a pub? Bloody Hell, I think the average person would cringe at the thought of watching a smaller TV screen within the avatar 'lounge' like they show there. I get annoyed just watching embedded YouTube clips let alone sitting through a footie match or film with an annoying GUI surrounding it. Bing.
  16. Ditto...before my flight at 14:00 as i will have no data roaming on
  17. I thought that was Peter Griffin for a second.
  18. Does anyone know if both copies (bought and free) can be fully integrated into Steam if bought direct from Mode 7?
  19. It doesn't really do gamers any favours does it? Clapping like its the second coming because you can view the shield/salmon in the menus? Deary me.
  20. Cool....I may have top purchase Shogun 2 then. Will have to check price on Steam itself. Does the Shopto downloads work the same way? It doesn't say anything much on the website.
  21. Lookong at the GreenmanGaming site....do they give you a code to redeem on Steam or something?
  22. I'm always on the lookout for some good team players My Steam ID is Iknowgungfu. Is there an RLLMUK group on Steam?
  23. PC servers are full!!! I just search for UK based servers and never have trouble finding a server that is almost full.
  24. I base most of my purchases on forum posts tbh. I've only just started lurking here again, but the opinions on these and other forums are worth much more than a magazine. I think magazines in general have lost their relevance.
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