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  1. Shopto has this at £24.85. I am very tempted.... Have to say I find it very worrying that there a several teirs of game to be bought. By spending an extra tenner I would get some extra XP and a few groovy weapons. Is it just the cynic in me, or is that just a bit exploitative?
  2. It seems they have been taking notes on Apple's online video marketing. However, the analogy where he says it is like going to a pub? Bloody Hell, I think the average person would cringe at the thought of watching a smaller TV screen within the avatar 'lounge' like they show there. I get annoyed just watching embedded YouTube clips let alone sitting through a footie match or film with an annoying GUI surrounding it. Bing.
  3. Ditto...before my flight at 14:00 as i will have no data roaming on
  4. I thought that was Peter Griffin for a second.
  5. Does anyone know if both copies (bought and free) can be fully integrated into Steam if bought direct from Mode 7?
  6. It doesn't really do gamers any favours does it? Clapping like its the second coming because you can view the shield/salmon in the menus? Deary me.
  7. Cool....I may have top purchase Shogun 2 then. Will have to check price on Steam itself. Does the Shopto downloads work the same way? It doesn't say anything much on the website.
  8. Lookong at the GreenmanGaming site....do they give you a code to redeem on Steam or something?
  9. I'm always on the lookout for some good team players My Steam ID is Iknowgungfu. Is there an RLLMUK group on Steam?
  10. PC servers are full!!! I just search for UK based servers and never have trouble finding a server that is almost full.
  11. I base most of my purchases on forum posts tbh. I've only just started lurking here again, but the opinions on these and other forums are worth much more than a magazine. I think magazines in general have lost their relevance.
  12. Are there any RLLMUK servers out there for PC players?
  13. Bad Company 2 is one of the best MP FPS I have ever played. As long as there aren't too many crap wannabe snipers. If you find a couple of people in a squad working together it gives an amazing gameplay experience.
  14. Just downloading Just Cause 2 now. Juast need to hook up a gamepad. Anyone know an easy way to use a 360 pad or PS3 pad? Thin kI may just buy the bullet and buy a 360 wireless pad adapter thing.
  15. Cool...I'm still a complete noob on TF2 so not sure if I will be playing loads. Will keep at it though.
  16. I have tended to use PKR in the past especially after they released the OSX version.
  17. Hey, Are the two servers fairly busy? I've been looking for a decent server to play on as I find myself a bit lost on some of the other servers.... Also, is it password protected/only open to donaters? Cheers.
  18. Any ideas where has the best price? Or should I just go and pay an extra £9 for the game and a hoodie
  19. Does an yone know if there is a way to buy this via the internet store so that my GF at home can start it off for me? I can't see it online in the store (from PC)
  20. Gutted...I am always tempted but I have so little time to spend across all 3 platforms and a general life that I have to live...
  21. Is there a Warhawk demo to have a tinker with on the Store?
  22. I think he may be ok....he is a right tight arse and has probably only used a free sub trial
  23. I think he may be ok then....he just needs to set up an account with his existing gamertag? Rather than creating a whole new one?
  24. Points don't transfer? I am sure I didn't lose any when I set mine up a few years back.
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