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  1. Ok then...how about on MGS4 with all the false adverts when loading an Act up? Really confused me the first time I saw it.
  2. So much for PSN network not charging for a subscription...i agree it is a slippery slope.
  3. either way I can't wait for this.....I won't emulate it but I don't want to spend shed loads of money to buy a copy of it either.
  4. This thread is amazing...all I see is lines and lines of spoiler text! Anyways bought this last night on a whim and am suitably impressed having not played on a Metal Gear since the PS1. The free encyclopedia is definitley needed though (thanks Spacehost and anyone else who tipped me off). Unfortunately I can't map the R2 button to fire . never mind though I am slowly getting used to it. Great game...so far.
  5. Surely it will get a US release though seeing as they released the original there?
  6. Groovy...just what I need. I am looking forward to purchasing the game then. I cancelled my pre-order on the basis of me not knowing what the hell is going on in the game. Muchos props to Sony and Kojima for this. Will check it out after updating to 2.4 (so that'll be next week then).
  7. Where is this database of which you speak? I haven't played MGS since the first one!
  8. I prefer to shoot with R2...probably due to a couple of yrs with using the triggers on 360 pads
  9. Can anyone confirm/deny if you can alter the controls on the joypad? Or are we stuck with R1 for shoot?
  10. I will be needing a severe refresher/introduction as I only played through the 1st one!!
  11. Everybody's Gold has been a fantastic surprise for me. The demo hasd me hooked from the first hole I played. I haven't tried online out yert as I have only unlocked the Okinawa course...but soon.....
  12. The pictures posted above....have I missed something as I can't see what they are trying to do there. And whats with the Wii controller in the 3rd one.
  13. Its about time Sony made it a requirement of online gaming.
  14. I bought this the other day....the demo sold this to me in a big way.
  15. I planeed to wait for the reviews to come in as to which platform I buy it for...but DLC on 360. Don't think I could I would like it if I missed out, but for some reason I wish PS3 had more exclusivity. It seems to suit the Playstation brand more than Microsoft, but thats just my own opinion.
  16. I would like it to run a LOT smoother, so as soon as you press guide button the menu slides in, not hang for a second then appear. I wish the text input was displayed like a keyboard not in alphabetical order. Web browser would be nice, I have no idea why they are reluctant to do this. Also, DivX support through WMC (although I have started to use my PS3 for my media streaming needs )
  17. Pressing x on screen when the chat invite appears could interfere with a game you are playing e.g reloading at an innoppurtune time.
  18. I will be whistling that tune all night now. INterestingly enough I sat through the Jurassic Park trilogy the other day, only the 1st one isn't shit.
  19. Does a PS3 allow you 2 accounts then? One UK and one US?
  20. I suppose. I would be happy to pay for a PS2 game circa £8-10 I think. How much is an N64 game on the Wii console (and that is a generation before the PS2)?
  21. Its a shame really, as I have a 40GB PS3 but now I have finished Drakes and am working through Rathcet there is nothing left Everything else seems to be more agreeable on the 360. Oh well...I use it lots for bluray and (just like a lot of other peeps) can't wait for MGS. I wonder what they would price PS2 games at down the line? If they will charge £15 for Tekken 5, must be around that mark......maybe more.
  22. Hot Shots Golf....is this renamed from Everybody's golf then? If so I think I may make a purchase too.....I have fond memories of the first one on the PSone.
  23. Where did you get that from? I have only found them for £35+
  24. Get both I use to use TVersity on the 360 to stream stuff, however HD content requires quite a good network speed from your PC to PS3. I use a router with a set of Devolo network plugs (networked over the electricity mains) and it has a maximum of 85mbs Standard AVI files are ok, but streaming to the PS3 HD 720p files always struggle. Funny thing is I don't get the same troubles streaming to the 360 Not tried TVersity on the PS3 though.
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