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  1. Same for me @Wiper
  2. The Medium fires them at you.
  3. They should just make it work like it's supposed to! I didn't buy this Xbox to play games everyday ffs.
  4. I don’t switch it on everyday!
  5. The award for logging into the app only seems to work if I'm online at the Xbox at the same time. Its only 5pts but when trying to get 45 dailies for the 1k award its annoying.
  6. There are a few lines from Thomas in The Medium, referencing how it’s tedious re-doing the section he’s involved in over again.
  7. While the X is much harder to get, buying it for £600 or waiting until next year aren’t the only two options. You could have an X in a few weeks for RRP with a little bit of effort using stock trackers.
  8. I remember the intro being particularly long.
  9. But do they need all new games to sell in huge quantities? Is having a range of different software with different experiences for the user beneficial in broadening their market?
  10. It's about 8 hours long, maybe more.
  11. We have to be careful or we might run out of threads.
  12. Is it? What was the previous holder of the title, Mario Kart Wii?
  13. Had to hold my nose to complete the daily set today. Who is your favourite football team? Liverpool or Manchester City.
  14. Nope, I’ve the exact same experience with it as you.
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