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  1. FOMO probably. There have been other very well thought of coaches with smaller clubs that didn’t take the chance when available. Then if things start to turn sour (which they always do) that ship might have sailed.
  2. Chooch

    The Man Utd Thread

    The descriptions of Keane as a footballer focus far too much on his aggression and tenacity, yes this was a big part of him but they never mention just how much of a good footballer he was, brilliant touch, fantastic range of passing and an ability to be in the right place at the right time coming in from midfield.
  3. What the fuck is this lol. You okay?
  4. You only bought it for the colours.
  5. Chooch

    The Man Utd Thread

    Swiss ramble laying it bare this morning:
  6. They’d really need to overhaul the controls too, as any time spent inside buildings in previous games is torturous.
  7. Is the only way to buy games via the Oculus store? I want to get Resi 4 but I also don't want to pay full price for it.
  8. Well, as it's a female lead you'll be fast and nimble in this but you'll deal less damage and have a smaller health bar.
  9. Its so loud, I panic reach for the remote every time.
  10. Its the first time I've looked at the screen in a long time - the 3d with the head-tracking really is quite special. Maybe I'll just load Fire Emblem up again...
  11. How much is an New 3DS worth these days? I've the non-XL version with the snes coloured buttons and a faux wood Mario faceplate. Its been sitting in my drawer doing nothing for years so might move it on.
  12. The 2tb is out, isn’t it? edit: lol https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1138328
  13. New Mirrors Edge looks shit.
  14. https://binbok.com/product/binbok-rgb-joycon/
  15. The quest page of the game pass iOS app hasn’t loaded in for me for a few days now.
  16. TVs used to be so good for setting stuff on. I miss that.
  17. There was another game you used to love that I also loved but my aging brain is being crap. It was a little like Geometry Wars. EDIT: Tilt to Live EDIT 2: Looks like its never been updated and is broken on my iphone 13
  18. I left it switched on, I’ve decent broadband so having to wait for an update seemed less irresponsible that it chugging away on the power all the time. Still doesn’t seem to get updates or patches.
  19. The minimum power consumption option doesn't do this. Well, not for me anyway.
  20. Lock picking mini games, bizarrely out of place and add nothing.
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