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  1. Update from Lik-sang.... Quote from email i received... 'Dear Barry, Sorry to hear that the NDS Lite system was apparently missing from your order. If this is the case, we will of course arrange to send you a replacement. Since all the NDS systems are 100% new and not opened from supplier, it is very strange if the system was not found upon receipt. To provide further assistance, would you mind to give me more information? How's the packing and the carton box? For your information, our carton box is sealed with security tape, would you please kindly check if the security tape was already opened or re-taped upon receipt? It would also be very helpful if you could send us some photos of the carton box, items, and included packing materials, we will report the case to DHL as necessary.' Now from this i originally read that they are hopefully gonna be very helpful- but on further inspection (look at the words i have highlighted) i am not so sure. Anyway i have taken the photos and reported back what they asked - although they seem to think it was DHL but since that bag wasnt tampered with and neither was the seal on the box from lik-sang i think it was in the main warehouse that it was taken from/left out of before it was sealed up. Probably some wee scamp running round with brand new free ds lite.
  2. No weight on the package. The DHL bag was sealed, the Lik-sang cardboard box was also sealed - so i am assuming it was swiped at the initial warehouse. I really hope the customer service dont think i am trying to pull a fast one because as i paid through paypal and they operate in another country i dont think i have a leg to stand of it they say 'Tough'. I feel i might be crying myself to sleep tonight.
  3. No it is not a wind up - i am truly fucked off - have been waiting all easter bank holiday weekend for the delivery (it was in the east midlands since friday, im in N.Ireland) when i got the box thought, jesus thats very light - so fucking light it doesnt exist. And to top it off i got two bloody free gifts, a mouse mat and a stupid thing for round your neck. I hope that they can be bloody helpful.
  4. Really am delighted with all the love im getting here - I WANT MY DS LITE
  5. Just took delivcery of my DS lite from Lik-Sang.com shipped by DHL. Very excited. But once i open the DS lite box there was no fucking DS inside of it? WTF!! I have just emailed their customer service to get a response from them - but has anyone else had similar problems? Get them resolved? Cheers.
  6. Damn dirty bint in DHL confirmed it will probably be tomorrow.
  7. My Navy one is currently in transit with DHL - its coming to Armagh in N.Ireland - does this mean it will be here today?.. 4/18/2006 4:22 am In transit. East Midlands, United Kingdom 4/15/2006 4:00 am Clearance processing complete. East Midlands, United Kingdom 3:49 am Arrived at DHL facility. East Midlands, United Kingdom 3:44 am Processed for clearance East Midlands, United Kingdom 1:58 am In transit. Cologne, Germany 4/14/2006 4:10 am In transit. Kowloon, Hong Kong 12:33 am Arrived at DHL facility. Kowloon, Hong Kong Please let it be so...
  8. I have the same stupid problems with bank holidays - my Lite has been sitting with DHL in the east midlands since 4am Saturday morning - I wont get it till Tuesday. Grrr
  9. LTRFTW: Ordered a Crystal White one off Lik-sang today, not expecting it anytime soon, but what do i need to get so i can plug it in and charge it right? Dont wanna blow the pretty wee thing up.
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