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  1. Looks like you got a bit too excited.
  2. QR should still work even if the console is left unplugged for a week.
  3. Has anyone won anything on the daily giveaway? I really want the doormat.
  4. This feels like a very narrow view of both games and cinema.
  5. There’s a 60fps performance mode on the Series X (not sure if that’s on the S too).
  6. Says it’s on to 3 December.
  7. How does MTCGames work? Do I just buy a code off there and type it in?
  8. No but if you long press the bottom right button on safari you can close all tabs at once. MS got back to me to say there was a system glitch and they have added 499 points to my total manually. Doh! @Pob
  9. I think pulling the right trigger on the first Xbox button homescreen brings you to a bunch of shortcuts at the bottom. One being audio.
  10. Do the developers need different tools? Genuine question because the games on the Xbox that are fully functioning with 3D sound work with all three solutions MS provide.
  11. Just tried it from the Xbox app and it’s worked! Bizarre.
  12. Can anyone get games to install via the gamepass app? I’ve the Series X set to instant on, remote play blah blah blah all that stuff set to ‘on’. When I try to install from the app it just sits there saying ‘waiting for console’. I was meant to be joining up with some friends last night to play a new game, but it hadnt downloaded. Sad face.
  13. Venom Charging Dock with Rechargeable Battery Pack - Black (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08K9WNXFP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_HosVFbSYPNN4C?psc=1 This isn’t wildly different.
  14. I’m going to get an elite pad via this, hopefully the v3 is out by the time I earn enough. Started properly in October having been signed up for ages but only half heartedly doing it. About 30k since then.
  15. This one is quite nice: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/controller-gear-universal-xbox-pro-charging-stand-carbon-black/8nzp0dd82ngp?cid=msft_web_collection Can’t see it on the UK store though.
  16. I emailed them at the link @Ferine supplied.
  17. Did anyone get the points for buying the new consoles direct from MS? I’m not sure I have. Is there a way to check?
  18. Can’t say it’s causing me any bother at all. Could you use the One pad without issue? You could just use your old one if that’s an option - they are all compatible.
  19. You can add mods to the Xbox version, it’s a little fiddly but doable. My daughter was full on obsessed throughout the initial lockdown, basically either playing Minecraft or watching videos of Minecraft so I had to try and get the mods the youtubbers were using.
  20. I don’t really understand takes like this. It’s not like gamepass has removed the ability to buy games to own on Xbox. I think it’s safe to say this isn’t aimed at you.
  21. It’s been going on since the 3DS at least. EDIT: :D
  22. Is there anyway to contact Game by phone? The number I’ve found online (0) 1256 784000 says ‘welcome to our head office but we are closed, call between 9 and 5’, which is rather unhelpful! I’ve tried Twitter with no luck and raised a ticket last Friday via the website with no reply. I upgraded my One X on the all access programme to the Series X on the same programme. This was meant to freeze payments on the original agreement, while they issue a box for me to return the original console, give it the once over and finally cancel the original agreement once all has been processed. NONE of that has happened.
  23. I can’t find the post but someone linked to replacement cups for the original Sony gold headphones - could someone post it again?
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