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  1. Anyone on the Japanese servers fancy a game?
  2. http://superfamifreak.14.forumer.com/index.php
  3. Is linking to other forums allowed on here? It's just I've set up a forum for all games published by D3. If it's kosher, I'll post a linky.
  4. Still a good laugh in multi player is this. Just got my ass handed to me by Angel though. All those years of King of Fighters & Street Fighter Zero 2 have seriously depleted my MKII skills
  5. Tis true. I'm not fussed anway. My mate gave me £20 to download some games for him on my account then log in on his machine and download them, so I got it free
  6. Adding Angel & Dandy now. Be good to play a bit of this online.
  7. Resistance: Fall of Man Just started through this again today and am up to the 'Outgunned' level. Absolutely loving it and it's even better than I remember. Played it through twice on Easy just to unlock all the weapons/wander round getting the intelligence files as it was my first proper FPS. Now I wish I'd got into the genre a lot sooner. Only 6 more intelligence files to get, but loads of the little achievements are needed still. Simple 2000 Series Vol.31 THE Chikyuu Boueigun All my save files got deleted when my Memory card decided to die on me, so I decided to start again with a new save on my PS3. Currently on around 63% having done the game on the 3 easiest difficulty levels. Now that I'm playing it through on hard, it really has jumped up in difficulty. Think I'm gonna have to do a few power up missions. If I remember correctly, level 11 is a pretty good one for power ups, so may go through that stage on hard a few times to get some extra HP.
  8. Imagine Nectaris/Military Madness/Advance Wars, but with EDF characters! Simple 2000 Series Vol.103 if you're interested.
  9. Good choice. Just playing through the first game now and loving it. Lost all my saves when my memory card died, so I'm now playing through 1, 2 & Tactics in that order.
  10. I own 28 of the Simple 2000 games on PS2 and am going for the whole lot. 137 to go! Some are pretty cool, others really bad, but i can recommend a few if you want.
  11. UK name: Superfamifreak Only have Resistance & RR7 at the mo. Japanese machine though, so limited to Japanese servers on Resistance.
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