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  1. I'm not rich enough to own a Mac, but on my old laptop it was really quick and easy.
  2. Yeah, I'll DM you the link I used. Dead easy to do.
  3. I recently put 3.60 Enso on my PSTV and it's such a game changer with the whitelist plugin installed. Being able to play pretty much any Vita game on a big screen is amazing. Using a Dualshock 4, the only games you can't play are pretty much just the AR stuff and titles that use the rear touch pad. It's ridiculous just how good some stuff looks on a big screen. Plus there is the bonus of things like the combo challenges on games like DoA5+ being easier using a DS4.
  4. Still need to pick that one up! Any good?
  5. Whenever I play a dungeon crawler, I HAVE to explore every possible section of every map, just in case I miss something!
  6. Over the last few months I've finished a couple more Vita crawlers. Aoki Tsubasa no Chevalier which is Japanese only and a port of Entaku no Seito/Students of Round, is a prequel to Stranger of Sword City. It's an absolutely fantastic game, despite the language barrier and it's such a shame it will never get a western release. The story starts with heroes facing the last boss, only to get annihilated. Fast forward a hundred years and the hero has been reborn. He then sets out on a quest to finish the job properly. If you played any other Experience Inc games, then the systems used will make it playable despite the lack of English, as long as you can understand basic katakana. Once you reach a certain point, you can assign a sub class to gain new skills. These can be changed at any point and keep their levels. The story was about 40 hours long, but the post game and grinding for the secret weapons took my play time to nearly 100 hours. Also finished Mary Skelter Nightmares last night after about 45hours. I honestly have no idea how this commands the prices it does. It seemingly shot up from about £20 to £50+ overnight. Plenty of class change options, but the difficulty is non existant up until the last chapter. I actually finished the game without any class changes and just got through it by spamming one move on mobs and using brute force on bosses. Really disappointed with this one and if you were thinking of picking it up, go digital as it's better value at £8.99 on PSN. Just need to finish the post game dungeon for the platinum and move on to the next crawler.
  7. How is Mary Skelter? I bought the physical release a couple of weeks ago, but want to finish Aoki Tsubasa no Chevalier, Operation Abyss and Operation Babel before starting it. And Dungeon Travelers 2 too.
  8. Can you map two buttons to a single function, for example square and cross?
  9. January New Gundam Breaker and Capcom Belt Action Collection PS4 £31.53 2 LRG blind BOXES PSVita £51.50 God Eater 2 Fenrir Edition PS Vita console £130.95 + £20 HMRC A Winters Daydream PS4/Vita £9.98 February Nothing. As of yet. 2020 total so far £243.96
  10. I had many online names on the 360. FamiDude was my original but I got a new tag and ran with the ZZR guys(an anti clan piss take of the RRZ clan) as either BongoNoob/DriftyNoob. And I'll admit to abusing the drift boost to the point I was DNFing full 20 player lobbies.
  11. If you're who I think you are, we played each other quite a lot on Blur, around the time I became pretty much invincible online! Probably the only game I've ever truly mastered. I wish there was a remaster for the current gen.
  12. Isn't Sorcery Saga more of a roguelike as opposed to a traditional DRPG?
  13. I buy every game Experience Inc release. Why? Because they do dungeon crawlers and that's my favourite genre. I'll support them as long as they keep making games I enjoy.
  14. Went back to Demon Gaze 2 the other day on PS4. If anyone new to the DRPG genre has a PS4 and a Vita, I'd recommend going for the PS4 version. A bug means you get significantly more gold per battle than on the Vita, which makes buying gems to farm gear much easier and thus, the difficulty pales compared to its baby brother port.
  15. Got the platinum trophy on Stranger of Sword City yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Definitely a 9/10 for me. Went back to Dungeon Travelers 2 and forgot how bastardly brutal and unforgiving it is! My team gets annihilated so I'm resorting to save scumming while I level up. Can't see myself doing any of the post game stuff on that one.
  16. I'm not sure who they are, but they want the club reinstated if the deal is to go through.
  17. I thought this consortium that have come in had £7m which would completely wipe out the debt?
  18. Absolutely amazing outcome. For most of my life, no matter what has happened, Bolton Wanderers has been the one constant. I don't get to many games, but to have them gone would have been heartbreaking. Hopefully these new owners will be better than the last spunk trumpet. Gotta feel sorry for Bury though. Hopefully the prospective new owners will have enough money to keep the club running until they can get reinstated into another division. Maybe keep the revenue coming in with a stream of friendlies with clubs that have a week without games or during international breaks?
  19. This type of game is pretty much all I play now, mostly on the Vita. So far my experiences are: Demon Gaze: Amazing game, the one that got me into the genre and currently my favourite. Completed and got the platinum trophy. Demon Gaze II: Not quite as good as the first, mainly due to the lack of challenge. Completed and got the platinum trophy but still need to finish the post game quest. Dungeon Travelers 2: Pretty good, but too many over-complex labyrinths that seem to be designed to pad out the length of the game. Also some RIDICULOUS difficulty spikes. Got to chapter 10 and gave it a rest as I need to grind some levels. I will go back to it sometime. Operation Abyss: More like Operation Abyssmal. Got half way through and gave it bollocks. There's just nothing fun about it. Stranger of Sword City: Right up there with the DG games for me. Bloody hard though. Currently grinding levels to take on the final couple of dungeons. I also have a few more to play through: Ray Gigant JP MeiQ EU Operation Babel EU Meikyuu Cross Blood Infinity JP Moero Chronicle AS Also have Stranger of Sword City on the Xbox One. In fact, it's my only game for the system! What else is there on the Vita/PS4/XB1? Not interested in stuff that isn't like the games I've played.
  20. 45 win streak online on Blur. 70ish% win ratio online. Only finished outside the top 3 in 400 odd out of 7000+ races. Also beat the top ranked guy while using the slowest car in the game.
  21. Demon Gaze is a great game and one that is in my top 3 Vita titles. The only issue I had was two bosses that had a massive difficulty spike. However that can be negated if you use the overpowered Paladin build. Other than that, it's a fantastic game and well worth a couple of quid.
  22. So glad I didn't renew my Plus when it expired a couple of weeks ago. Mainly used it for uploading saves anyway.
  23. No Martial Champion = FAIL!
  24. So I did a hard reset today and it lives! So I have a 3.68 system with enso installed. How do I put stuff on it and spoof PSN so it thinks it's on the latest firmware? Edit: Just realised I never actually upgraded to 3.68 so will it still be on 3.65 but the spoofing is showing 3.68 as that was the latest fw at the time I hacked it?
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