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  1. My other half is addicted to that game. She's hit NG+5 a few times now and no matter what I get her to play, she always goes back to it.
  2. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    I have indeed. The level of smut in this game is unreal!
  3. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    Obviously. Same reason I'll watch all the gravure videos.
  4. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    As soon as he blocks, dodge away. It's better to knock off a small bit of health and run away than risk getting ring smashed. Takes me ages now though, as he has like six bars of health!
  5. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    Rush style. Gain some distance, wait for him to charge at you, move and hit him with a square square square triangle combo, then dodge away. Rinse and repeat. I'm now getting about ¥3bn every time I win.
  6. Superfamifreak

    Yakuza 0

    I LOVE this game. From having to buy a grot mag for a young boy, to all of Kazzy's pervy thoughts, it's been brilliant. However, I've just spent 3 hours investing in properties and then beating Mr Shakedown for more cast to invest. That part is addictive as fuck! 33 hours in and only on chapter 6. Gonna take something special to take GOTY away from this!
  7. If Ys is digital only, I'll wait for a sale, otherwise nothing there interests me.
  8. I think they just unlock after your first post update mission.
  9. I'm usually in bed by 10. Standard time for me is 5.30-8pm.
  10. Just off J23 on the M1, so about as slap bang in the middle of England as you can get. I've only 'seen' and caught 5, but since they can't be evolved, I just ignore them now.
  11. Anyone still playing this on PS4? I'd like to do the campaign on advanced and hardcore, but I'm quite poo! PSN is MonkeyJuggleDX
  12. Surprised so many are missing Porygon. I see them daily, even had loads spawn in my garden. However I'm still missing: Kabutops Aerodactyl Dragonite Alakazam Muk The non EU exclusives and a couple of the babies. Doubt I'll ever have a full deck.
  13. Any idea how I can get more Bulbasaurs to spawn? Still need 11 to be able to evolve a Venusaur. Chars and Squirts are spawning all over the shop but Bulbas are hardly appearing.
  14. Typical walk to work for me and an amusing pokestop I'd never noticed before.
  15. I'm 40 candy away from evolving my fourth Magicarp!
  16. This! It's been way too long since we had a JF game. Bring back Robbit!
  17. My 95% perfect Omanyte. Only need to walk 75km to evolve it!
  18. I had to fight seven, then six, then five all the way down to one. Took a good 25 minutes but it was worth it!
  19. I saw a level 7 gym on the way home from work. Which I promptly took and placed a 10CP Magikarp on just to troll the local Valor squad.
  20. My other half got perma banned the other week, but just got an email saying her account has been restored as a 'one time courtesy'!
  21. I've been taking all the local gyms and leaving 10CP Magikarps on them just for shits n giggles. It's definitely more fun than leaving something like a 2000CP Gyarados on them, especially if I manage to snipe the gym from someone who has just neutralised it!
  22. I think everyone has had a soft ban at some point. I've had a few. I've heard so much shit about this game. Only one account per IP apparently. Sucks for anyone at a pub or restaurant. Luckily I have a decent data plan so I don't need WiFi to play it.
  23. I'd be careful of the GPS drifting. My other half got it loads and has been banned. I'm guessing that is the reason.
  24. Queens Park in Loughborough. Seriously, I can be there for an hour and catch a dozen Karp, as well as Polywags, Slowpokes, Staryus, Oddishes, the odd Dratini and any random mon it decides to spawn.
  25. Finally got a Snorlax and it's a beast! 114 in my pokedex now!
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