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  1. I got a Jynx from a 10k egg the other day. Wasn't happy about that!
  2. Am I the only sodding person on this bastard planet that DOESN'T have a bleeding Snorlax yet?
  3. Saw no end of Pokemon today while I was on the bus, but it was stuff I'd not seen in the wild before. As well as multiple Horseas, Eevees, Nidorans & Oddish, I also saw but missed out on a wild Exeggcute & a Electabuzz! I did however manage to hatch a level 20, 756CP, 74HP Growlithe, which has a 94% perfect IV. Going to evolve that bad boy later to get up to 113 in my Pokedex. Still no bleedin Snorlax though!
  4. I use that to get an accurate reading of my Pokemons level then use the IV checker on thesilphroad.
  5. Most gyms I've had at one time was 4. Guess I'm lucky though, I have 3 within 100 yards of the house. Loads of other Team Instinct round here, so the gyms are pretty much always yellow.
  6. My other half got a soft ban the other week, as her GPS keeps teleporting her all over the village or sending her on random walks whenever we're stationary.
  7. It's a soft ban, usually gotten from 'teleporting' great distances in a short time span. I had it when I let a mate in Amsterdam go round getting stuff for me. Well worth it though, as it's rife with water pokemon there.
  8. I hatched a Mr Mime from a 10K egg last week. Walked my girlfriend to work this morning as I needed 1.8K on a 10K egg and half way back it hatched. FINALLY I have a decent Lapras. Level 20 1683CP 163HP 91.2% Perfect IV Well chuffed with that!
  9. Had a 679CP Butterfree escape outside work despite razz berries and all my ultra balls being used. Then just now it took FOURTEEN great balls to catch a 216CP Poliwhirl! Something isn't right!
  10. Strange. I'm getting much better spawns now. Multiple Eevees, Ghastly, Squirtles, Jigglypuffs and Venonats on my street today.
  11. Just caught a 579CP Drowzee in my living room, but transferred it straight away as my Hypnos are all well over 1000CP so I'm waiting for a 700/800CP one to evolve.
  12. Had a fairly good day today. Apart from skipping endless Drowzees, Rattatas, Pidgeys, Staryus, Spearows, Weedles, Caterpies & Zubats, my journey to town, couple of laps of the park and journey back got the the following: 457CP Ekans - Hatched 278CP Nidoran Male - Caught 648CP Eevee - Caught 559CP Goldeen - Caught 500CP Shellder - Caught 221CP Weedle - Hatched 321CP Rattata - Hatched 446CP Ekans - Hatched 468CP Nidoran Male - Hatched 472CP Doduo - Hatched 822CP Ponyta - Hatched 638CP Oddish - Hatched 852 Poliwhirl - Caught 318CP Meowth - Caught 543CP Squirtle - Hatched Also caught about 15-20 low level magikarp, a dozen or so Goldeen, a couple of Slowpokes, a couple of Gastlys and half a dozen or so Poliwags as well as a 120CP Dragonite. Low points were losing a 800CP Dragonite, a 818CP Parasect and not being able to find the Vulpix & Parasect that spawned near my house!
  13. Last sunday, when I got my 1222CP Vaporeon, my other half caught one that was around the mid 400 mark. If she'd caught the 1222CP one and me the lesser one, I'd have seriously lost my shit!
  14. I'm going to take a stroll round the park, hopefully another Vaporeon or something better will spawn. Evolved my Dratini into an 1120CP Dragonair, so on the lookout for enough to get the 89 candy to evolve it again. Also, has anyone noticed the same pokemon will spawn different levels for other peoploe? I spawned a low CP mon, about 140CP, yet my other half spawned one over 500CP! Thing is, I'm Lv25 and she was Lv17!!!
  15. Loughborough has plenty of parks, lakes, ponds, canals & rivers. I can easily catch between 5-10 Magikarp on my way to and from work every day. Queens Park in Loughborough is full of water Pokemon with very high spawn rates.
  16. Had some good hatches and evolves over the last couple of days. Hatched: 823CP Hitmonchan 842CP Hitmonlee 1237CP Magmar, 810CP Mr Mime 858CP Ponyta Evolved: 1681CP Gyarados 1145CP Cloyster 1518CP Flareon 1411CP Poliwrath 1423CP Slowbro Caught: 1222CP Vaporeon 162CP Magikarp(Which I evolved) 1022CP Seaking Seems Loughborough is awesome for water Pokemon, with an endless supply of Goldeen, Magikarp & Poliwags, plus a huge amount of Drowzees.
  17. I'm not a huge fan of kart Racers, but I played through TTR, getting the platinum trophy, so it can't be that bad. Only issues for me were the ridiculously low difficulty level and lack of championships. I think it took me about 10 hours in all and the only two events I struggled with were the two pursuit ones in the last set of challenges, until I worked out which shortcuts to take.
  18. It wasn't the Leicester branch was it? If so, that may have been me you bought it off! And Mr Heli, Tiger Road & Vigilante.
  19. Escape Dead Island. Dead Island & Riptide were two of my favourite games on the PS3, so I was looking forward to this. Surely a third person DI game couldn't be THAT bad? Well, how wrong I was. Not only was it boring as hell, it would have been a cakewalk but for the horrendous controls. Basically it was just a case of go there, then there, then there. Completely linear. No exploration to speak of unless you wanted to go through the route of a dull collectathon. Plus it only took me about 7 hours to complete it. The last section was also ridiculously difficult due to bad level design and the previously mentioned abysmal controls. I'm so close to getting the platinum trophy, but not completely sure I can put myself through it again. Definitely one of the biggest let downs for me.
  20. Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha. The Street Fighter Generations disc is the only reason I still own a PS2. Was well chuffed the PS1 port of Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash was on the Japanese PS+ last month as I can use my PS3 sticks with it.
  21. I'm on New Game +5 and I'm not bored yet. Maybe those who get 'bored' are more frustrated than anything else. Even my girlfriend is on NG+4 and she's not much of a gamer.
  22. Rogue Legacy. Amazing platform game with randomly generated dungeons and a decent levelling system. Easily one of the best games on the system. Plus you get the bonus of cross buy and save with the PS3 & PS4 versions.
  23. Does this mean I could play Ys: Memories of Celceta on mine?
  24. Yup, did exactly that today with Street Fighter X Tekken and it worked a treat.
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