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  1. Am I too late for this? 1. The Secret of Monkey Island 2. Simon the Sorcerer 3. Worms 4. Alien Breed 5. Lemmings
  2. Don't pretend you're human, Darran.
  3. That's a great idea, actually. I'd love to see that.
  4. Which is exactly my point. Region locking is only an issue because there are some games that don't get released over here. Digital distribution, with its much cheaper publishing model, makes it much easier to release games in other territories. So they are connected... Though perhaps not in the most obvious way.
  5. It won't disappear completely but digital distribution certainly helps. See the way Microsoft has allowed the JP version of Deathsmiles II on the US XBLA for example.
  6. The article's online now - http://www.gamestm.co.uk/discuss/region-locking-in-2011-a-new-age-of-control/ Should make interesting reading for anyone into import gaming. Hope no-one minds the link.
  7. We'll eventually put the region locking feature up on the g™ website. Would be a tad hypocritical if we didn't find a way for international readers to see it. It's not just about 3DS, by the way. It's an investigation into region locking as a whole, with input from Nintendo, Cave, XSEED and Konami.
  8. Ash

    Edge 226

    Can anyone scan the cover?
  9. Jesus. I can assure you nothing like that has happened in the time I've been there (about 4.5 years) but I'm well aware of the tone adopted in some replies. Will look into seeing if we can be a bit nicer in the future.
  10. Are you actually a fan of the rudeness? I can't tell.
  11. Well it's not simply about using a different language but the boldness of the font, the colour, the way text can run from top to bottom and the dynamism of the overall layout compared to British mags. I appreciate that it won't be to everyone's liking, but that's the thought process nonetheless. Don't worry though. The other 179 pages are all in English.
  12. There's not an awful lot of story to tell, I'm afraid. When we decided to go with Pokemon for the cover, we wanted to make it as fun as possible. Japanese games mags really capture the energy and excitement of videogames, so we decided to ape their style, specifically focusing on Famitsu. If you know anyone who can read Japanese then you'll find that some of the cover lines are a lot more fun than the ones we usually have too.
  13. Monkey Island is technically a license too though isn't it? Telltale specializes in adapting the works of others, and I think they do a pretty good job of it.
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