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  1. On 07/05/2022 at 12:27, jonnyalpha said:

    @Mortis @michael

    In the UKGE thread I said I was taking games to the expo so here is the list for collection at the expo. I'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Top picture £5 each. Next £10. Then £15. Then £20. Camel Up includes the expansion in the main box. I also have a copy of Small World with several expansions (leaders, grand dames, be not afraid, necromancer Island, legends) for £35.



    Are you selling any of these, like posting them out?


    Also is anyone else selling any board games? I want a cool farming/tavern-like game for my sister :)

  2. On 03/11/2021 at 17:40, dumpster said:

    For the amount I've spent on replacement PSP batteries Vs the hassle and the faults and the knock offs received , I'd give up.  On Facebook marketplace near me there are 2 people selling Vita's for 60 quid.  Get that, mod it, whack your PSP collection on it and play on DAT SCREEEEEN , it's a better long term solution.


    Is Vita battery substantially stronger and better at holding charge down the line?

  3. Is anyone interested in


    HeroQuest Advanced Quest 



    I have this board game boxed and complete with everything (minus one certain Spell card that has been lost and thus replicated in pen/paper) 

    Models are unpainted.


    I'm moving house next month to a shared house because of finances so im selling this if anyone has an interest.


    I listed it as £200 but am open to offers because I need the money, thanks all 🙂

  4. Anyone figured out how to get a good PSP Battery?


    Everyone I buy has like ~2 HRS Max on average.


    I've seen people on Reddit build their own chunky battery but I wouldnt mind if it was 4HRS.


    At 2HRS max, and in standby it still drains quickly, its unfortunate.

  5. On 19/03/2021 at 17:00, Dudley said:

    The Master System did full 3D three decades before VR was mainstream but recreating that experience now requires expensive custom glasses, 8 rare games cartridges and an early model of the machine.  Or, you could just watch Yesterzine with your common as dirt red/blue glasses...


    Heres what we had in the 1950's, mind blown?


    VR Headset (70 years later and i finally have this on ps4 lol)



    VR - Arcade Machine 


  6. 12 hours ago, the_debaser said:

    I’d love a good 2D DK game, hasn’t been one since the snes days. 


    Huh? DK Returns was good and TF was excellent IMO.


    Tropical Freeze (despite having the worst name/logo of any game ever) had the absolute best music in a Nintendo video game ever, not even exaggerating, and gameplay turned up to 11.




    and even their rendition of the DK theme song is the best rendition, so layered, funky and well produced.


    One of the best Nintendo games of the last generation, next to Zelda BoTW; yes I found this so much better than Mario Odyssey.




    Anyway, outside of that I've played some really good 3D Donkey Kong games on Dreams (PS4) with all the excellent mechanics you'd expect.


    Donkey Kong Odyssey


    It makes me sad how many properties Nintendo sleeps on when they could give it to confident developers (of which there are MANY) who could make a great 3D DK or Yoshi game. I really want a 3D DK, Yoshi and Kirby game and think we're overdue by generations but hey.

  7. 1 hour ago, Flams said:


    Trailer looks good!


    Was disappointed with the last season, split the guys up, things went bad for Chabuddy G and it had a dour tone to it, and wasn't as 'nice'. This trailer looks more like the first couple of seasons,  I like it when theyre all daft and end up having a good time instead of the "laugh at their misery" that can be difficult to be funny.

  8. On 09/05/2021 at 09:27, Sketch said:

    Radiant Silvergun


    no, i dont think it was a bullet hell like that. looks nice though!

    On 09/05/2021 at 11:28, Sureshot said:

    DonPachi / DoDonPachi?

    One of the Raiden series?

    Dont think so, but this looks great... 2 player simultaneous? too many console shooters lacked that. the NES had a really good one.



    Raiden also looks cool,  but no... this ones first level was in black of space i think.

    image.png.8ecbab9b6e77ae33b404ec148a625902.png juicy


    It must have been on DOS or something, thats mostly what i played games on as a kid except master system..


    On 09/05/2021 at 14:11, SeanR said:

    Was the screen small or wide?


    you know whats weird, my memory of it is that the screen was wide, but you went vertically.. i mean maybe this thing was a video game in another video game. like in a game theres a little arcade game and its this... lol, but it was cool.


    On 09/05/2021 at 16:40, acidbearboy said:

    Age? Format? Graphical style?

    is this amiga chat room? AFG ??

    age of game, at least 20+ years old id say. maybe ~25+

    format: video game. might be a game inside another game.

    graphical style: cool. colourful. fast paced. level 1 was black space background. i think there was a side bar at the right with enemy types/score maybe. and possibly fruit machine. or with card symbols (spade, clubs etc)


    On 10/05/2021 at 12:04, Meers said:





  9. 8 hours ago, erhgiez said:

    You have just described most shooters! Anything else to help such as when you played it? What was the ship like? Any memorable bosses?


    Parody post?


    I know i described most shooters, sorry it was very fast, but very colourful.


    I can't remember much else, I'm starting to think it's this game I only saw in my dream. On a pub machine.


    But it looked so good.


    I wonder if the carrot ship from Tyrian manifested into my dreams as a whole game. 


    I vaguely remember seeing it on a smallish wide screen.


    Good luck lol :|

  10. It's a vertical shooter, fast paced, very colourful, space themed ..


    Think it was on pc, or maybe something with a smaller screen..


    Can't think of much else. Maybe there was bells or colourful laser beams. It's not tyrian or twinbee or that kinda thing. Kinda like tyrian I guess but very colourful and cool looking.

     Soz ,halp?






  11. 1 minute ago, Isaac said:

    This is such a shame, they've been a huge part of my life over the past 20-odd years (I've been listening since the Hotspot days).


    I really wonder what happens next - whether the three of them go down the Twitch path forged by Dan, or whether Vinny goes into a less publicly-facing role again, or what.


    Having said that, Jeff & Jeff are great together so really interested to see what happens in the future. 


    I wonder whether Giant Bomb continues to exist.


    Weirdly, the one who would instantly be a massive deal and make a ton of money on Twitch is the one staying, which doesn't make sense to me. I always thought that Jeff G would quit and just stream old obscure shit full time and immediately make a very good living on Patreon.


    Do you have any early vids.. Hotspot days??


    I'm sad this is happening, I've loved Giant Bomb for a long time but kinda faded out around the time Ben came in.


    I loved watching them talk over directs and e3's and etc

  12. On 14/04/2021 at 17:55, dumpster said:

    Most of the guides online use jargon that makes things look like gibberish.  The Switch is super-easy to mod but the guide will tell you that if your serial number is 12345 then you install custom bootstrap 5 with an RCM Jig and your brain says "what the hell does that mean?"


    But the reality is that you're just following instructions and pretty much all of them are downloading files, unzipping them and putting them on an SD card.  As long as you follow the steps and make sure you're following the instructions to the letter, it's all straightforward.  


    The Switch  makes an incredible emulation machine.  What you really should do is follow the instructions for backing up your nand and also any save game files.  This is the one area of the Switch that I don't like namely that (if you don't have an online sub) your save games are stored on the console and if you do ever go back to retail you lose anything you didn't back up. But the Switch is powerful enough to do MAME etc.


    If you want to use your old consoles, Xbox is great but it's big and has wired controllers.  Also it only has a 8Gb hard drive (although it's easy to stick a big one in).  But if you're not interested in MAME and are happy with variable PS1 and N64 I love the Wii. Its small, cheap, plays GameCube and Wii as well as everything up to 16 bit all from a hard drive.  If you want more grunt, the Wii-U is great too and then you'd have better PS1 and mAme.


    My metric for PS1 games is the x-files fmv video game. And for N64 it's starcraft 64.


    From my experience those are the trickiest to run, only the Android emulator seems to run then near flawlessly. So maybe the ultimate emulation station would be the Nvidia Shield/pro; with usb, n Bluetooth, streaming n media/android capability in one box.. Probably the best thing out there. Though I like my good ol' Wii .


    Most 'hacking' involves being able to read thoroughly, and putting files in an SD card/media thing. Then again I broke multiple Xboxes trying to expand the hard drive on it sooo....

  13. 1 hour ago, Wonderm said:



    There is a new translation of this & sounds like they fixed a few of the issues previous patch was causing. I always wanted to try & finish this so going to try & give it a go on the 350 now that it might make a bit more sense? 


    Seemed really broken last time


    I played it a bunch on my PSP and it some things werent translated, and the bar was glitchy if i remember, and sometimes the gamespeed would vary between 1-3x. Not sure if that was device emulation doing that or the hack.


    i still loved it for what it was, right from the opening song and credits I knew it would be my cuppa t

  14. Look guys, I've played Doom to death on every console, played LAN parties in late 90's/Early 00's, hacked my Wii and PSP to play Doom on them with mods.


    But I cant figure out how to play custom WADS/MODS on Doom on PC?!?


    The whole shit confuses me with Brutal Doom and all these different clients.


    I love to look of Brutal Doom and want to play that, with some easy drag n drop MOD/WAD interface... does this exist? I am spaz.


    I want to play this beauty, a total Doom conversion that changes gameplay mechanics (keys, orbs, WAHOOS presumably) and everything to that of Apogee's classic.













    Theres also a Castlevania Doom, but I havent played Castlevania much... but that Hocus Pocus looks and fits sublime <3 <3






  15. On 27/02/2021 at 19:15, Super Stop and Shop said:

    Thanks, guys. I'll give this a go at some point in the near future. 



    Honestly it takes me less than 15 minutes from fresh Wii to fully hacked.


    If you follow OP and hopefully none of the links are dead, it's very straight forward to do. Heres the TL:DR version:

    1. Copy files to SD card

    2. Put SD card in Wii

    3. Run the message board. DONE. That's it hacked on  basic level -  It installed a 'Homebrew Channel' which shows all the Apps in the App Folder on the SD card (you can add apps this way). From then on you just add apps you want like stuff for region-unlocking etc and run em. You can also install Channels (like Photo Channel etc) which are basically shortcuts to a specific App (whatever you want).


    Very simplz.


  16. Marble Blast Ultra...

    So many good memories of that game, loved the PC incarnation prior...


    So much fun time on xbox live on the 360.


    Now the games delisted and theres no way to redownload it unless you bought it - and i cant remember my login details of the account that bought it. So forever sad

  17. 34 minutes ago, Super Stop and Shop said:

    Anyone have recommendations on the best way to play Japanese GC games on a US Wii? How the fuck do I blow up this region lock bullshit?

    Follow instructions in OP to hack a Wii and Step 8 shows how to install Priiloader, which can enable backward compatibility on boot (amongst other system stuff) (so im told, havent tested it dont think lol)


    Should take less than an hour to hack wii (use a <2gb card) but maybe goodbye save game?!

  18. Thats awesome, I remember reading about this in NOM with the cool screenshots.


    Didn't get into SFA too much but DP looked great!


    Though the screenshots have Fox McCloud with a sword in em! Didnt think Fox came in till the GC transition, this must be a late state proto

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