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  1. My guess is that the impressionable Tarantino took cues from films like The Shining, where Shelly Duvall got mistreated on set from the staff/Kubrick. Maybe he thought it would get a more genuine reaction/emotion out of them. Like character acting. Only forcing it upon someone else. Also am scared to watch that Letterman clip for some reason
  2. Best episodes of LT? There so many from 90's onwards from multiple seasons and shows, whats everyones FAVOURITE LT? I feel like ive watched alot but i want to watch more! Havent seen the Jimmy Saville one, thatll be fun to watch tomorow.
  3. aaand there goes my interest for this film. Honestly, after MI: Fallout, any trailer looks like ass in comparison.
  4. PEGI have seriousely ramped down the requirements for a higher rating over the years. What exactly warrants a 12+ from Knack? Ace Attorney went from 7+ - 16+ (different entry, but hardly any 'adult' content). OoT went from 3+ to 7+ (on the VC re-release) to 12+ (on the Wii U re-release) (exact same game, just bumped up a rating for reasons). They gave Limbo a 18+ which is mental, same with Elder Scrolls Online. Those games are 12+ at the worst. Have they seen the 12+ rated Happy Tree Friends? Way more violent than either of them. Anyway, I always like to talk about ratings and censorship. I always find it funny when they rate Star Wars games 16+, thats basically an 'M' or 15/18 BBFC which is very comical to me. In regards to Knack it definately is an all-ages game. Even if its fantasy beasts defeating other fantasy beasts, PEGI will slap at least a 7+ on it. If theres a lot of fighting (like in Knack) even if it's mild in nature, if its frequent will garner a 12+. They even bumped Pokemon Red/Blue up to 12+, primarily cause of the Casino - but SEGA Casino on DS was rated 18+ for the same reason. Guidelines all over the place.
  5. Episode 1 mainly, you can talk to random kids who sorta shun you. Then you rewind time to anticipate what they're gunna say (eg the skaters) so they like Max more. Whatever really it's such a tiny tiny criticism. Even right at the start to get the photographer question right to appease MR Hardwood or whatever his name is
  6. Well, not sure it was 'confirmed' but basically yeah thats happening. Rumour is he frees Chewie (who is a slave) at the spice mines. Anyway, teaser trailer is online. Some fun shots in there, looks like we're following Han's life where he joins the Empire.
  7. I finished this game about a month ago and it's totally one of the best games I've played in so long. Love the indie music when it was sporadically played, love the tone, the characters, the writing (though it dipped after episode 1), beautiful cinematography and everything! End of game spoilerS: This game is hella good. Can't wait till BtS comes down in price so I can pick it up. Also can't wait for the sequel, wonder where it'll pick up... The best game ive played in a long time. Just wish there was moooooooooooooooore
  8. I want this, I dont have much of a 'brand loyalty' so it doesnt bother me when companies like Nintendo or Lucas Film fail. I'm neither here nor there for the whole EU thing, but I do remember playing The Force Unleashed and thinking "jesus, this is like 12 year old me got a hold of the star wars brand and tried to make it as grimdark edgy as possible" - chaining oneself up in darkness without food and drink until the dudes succesfully constructed a lightsabre with his mind, like.. okay, does the dude even get to listen to linken park while its happening or what?
  9. Dude i agree, i know nothing of the EU apart from bits and pieces I hear on youtube videos and stuff. I have EU books but i find the writing too juvenile to be engrossed in (had i read them at like age 10 or whatever im sure id love them) - but I know theres so many people who love the EU, or were invested in it - mainly Star Wars fans, and theres a lot of them, so alot of people would be invested in characters like Boba and Ackbar - both characters I know have an extensive EU history Boba Fett falling into the Sarlaac at the time im sure no one gave a shit, but cause you have like 30+ years of characters and storylines since then, killing off Ackbar like that seems a bit of a shame. Didnt nien nub or whatever his name is die as well?
  10. Err, Boba Fett became quite a major player, thanks to the EU and toys prior to that. Same with Ackbar. Basically any character in the OT has become a major character because of their appearances in the EU (and i dont even read the EU), and the books were super popular over the 90's-00's, so when you have a character like that who gets killed off unceremoniously, so many people who will have read of Ackbars tales over the years porbably felt a bit cheated when he died (how did he did? did holdo kill him? dumb bint. droids can pilot ships as seen in rebels. just have droids suicide-run, dumb ass derrrrn)
  11. Is the ORIGINAL ORIGINAL (before it was edited into something good) edit still on reel or anything like that? (i clearly dont know how film reels work). A few hours for the teaser right? I mean, it'll be a fun but safe film i think. Can't see it being anything else really considering all the behind-the-scenes drama going on. Wonder if there will be a 'making of' for this eventually, would be interesitng. Personally im most excited for Rian's trilogy - I do hope its pre-prequel or even KoToR, something where we actually do see the Jedi in their prime being bad ass knights not sitting at tables
  12. How exciting, thanks Ahsoka, do you turn into a wolf in Rebels?
  13. Isnt it mental there was 5, FIVE Tomb Raiders for PS1. I never played much of them.
  14. It's funny cause my sister maintains to this day she saw that sequel. It'd be great, since I loved that film, but Hoskins is dead right? So is the guy who played Bowser I think. Its always weird seeing Harrys aunt in that film, she looks the same age as in the HP films.
  15. I know very little of the EU, I really can't get into the books cause I never did at the time and can't really get into them now. I'm not a fan of the writing style of the ones I have tried. However, I wouldn't mind an invasion by the Yhuzon Vhong - it would be totally unexpected, and give a reason for Rey and Kylo to team up. Honestly I don't know where else they could go without reviving some OT/PT concept/villain and making him the big bad. Kylo Ren is just too loved atm to be the big bad, and is very poor at ordering an entire Empire about. Of course the Yuzon Vong are the most non-OT-Star-Wars-thing, theyre very Sci-Fi/Star-Trekky in concept - but could work, as a totally unxpected invasion of the Galaxy by these super weirdo beings. I really dunno. This way it would lend credence to having a billion old chartcers appear as Force Ghosts, thanks JJ Have the opening crawl be like "First Order and Resistance have been fighting for X years" and start with them fighting, before some mad invasion. Have no idea where they can go from here.
  16. We'll see who Reys parents are in Ep 9 (im guessing Obi-Wans?), ghost-Luke will be back, not sure if Snoke will be back, he might be - and it will be reveasled who he is (probably Pleguis/Sidious/some Sith Legend)? They have to set up a plot and have the protagonist overcome that in one film. JJ make it 3 hours and fill it with nonsense-OT-pandering.
  17. iirc DS OG & DS Lite use the same charger that the GBA SP uses, a small rectangle shaped charger, the DSi > has a charger that is shaped like a square with 1 side rounded. Also yeah DSi > DS Lite > OG DS. DSi XL is also very good but larger screens mean more pixelation. I dont mind that tho. 3DS/2DS apply some stupid blur filter to all DS games to they look worse
  18. No, DS OG & DS Lite use a different charger than any of the other 'DS' brand (2DS, 3DS, DSi, DSi XL)
  19. Lol I love that bit, when Palpatine goes Mmmm and thats the end of the scene. I saw this recently and said aloud 'what'
  20. Hmm, interesting. I put Beats of Rage on the XBox the other day, with the Sonic and SoR 'PAK', and they were just awful. Especially the Sonic one my lawd.
  21. Not sure I could make any sort of relevant comparison between Rose and Jar Jar - I mean as bad as points were in TLJ, nothing really compares to the atrocities of the prequels. Though I enjoy the prequels (to a degree) even though theyre terrible shlock. I can't remember much of jar jar in episode 2 because I really try to avoid that film, worst of the prequels by far. It was episode 3 I think where he gave the chancellor powers. Maybe your right actually, the only jar jar i remember in episode 3 is when he's walking in the parade, celebrating padmes death.
  22. Jar Jar is the unfortunate scapegoat of the prequels. The main problem with those films was basically everything except plot, it was an interesting plot (or it couldve been) but executed so so poorly (so was writing, most of the acting, cinematography, and like everything). I think Jar Jar is honestly fine, prettty entertaining and totally quotable (how wuude) and basically non-existant in Ep2/3. The BEST thing to come out of the prequels is the Phantom Menace Making-Of, it plays out like an episode of The Office it's just so so bizzare. Under Disney and the iron-fist of Kathleen Kennedy we won't see 'raw' Making-Of's again.
  23. Well, as a family we owned a Sega Master System around 1994 (the only console our family had until me and sister got N64 for christmas many years later). Was about 3 or 4 years old and out neighbours had a NES but we had a Master System . We didnt have many games, just Sonic and Wolfchild and a few others so we didn't have soo much choice. Me and my sister always went round to my neighbours, and they had a NES with Mario 2, we found it insanely amazing when we played it. My sister always played as Peach and I played as Luigi/Toad. First Mario game we played, I think they also had Mario 3 eventually since we played that too and then got into the TV series.
  24. Yeah it doesnt really get that much better. I'd say the latter half is better but the B-plot with rose/finn is so pointless and redundant. Good thing they made new characters just to make them irrelevant.
  25. Figured this might be a good way for some retro games that would've flown under the radar be made aware for some people. For that, my last completed retro game is Famicom Detective Club Part 2. A really well done murder-mystery graphic/text adventure for the SNES. Officially only released in Japan but has a fan-translation that is really good. Even though this is known as 'Part 2', it's actually the first game sequentially in the series so jump in! This game really reminds me of Phoenix Wright alot, similar music, similar plot-twists (though less 'crazy' as AA plot-twists) and a similar feel for some reason. Even though this is 'Part 2' it's actually a prequel to Part 1weirdly enough. A schoolgirl has been murdered, and a young investigator (you) is sent to investigate, and to figure out how it connects to an unsolved murder mystery over a decade ago. Team up with the victims friend to solve, deduce and investigate the murder. Mainly takes place in the school (which seems to be haunted with the ghost of the past), where you converse with the various staff and students, though you also move to various locations around the town. Really love the music in this game, and the art. The music can be upbeat, spooky, suspenseful and for a SNES game is suprisingly spooky at certain points and really gripped me. Theres a certain moment when the musics very low-key, combined with the clock ticking and spooky paintings made me pretty freaked out. I would really reccomend this game, took about 6 hours to finish overall, quite short but very enjoyable. Would reccomend this to anyone who likes murder mystery stories - it does have some typical anime tropes of the 90's but it's very very toned down compared to something like Ace Attorney where the more that series progressed the more it went in a wacky, less grounded direction. One downside in this game is if you're stuck at any point, the solution is literally to ask every single question and point of conversation to further the story. Love it! It's a shame Part 1 (the sequel) and the SFX BS-X version (a story told from Ayumis perspective) havent been translated into English yet.
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