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  1. Very fun series I thought, power-watched the entire Season 4 from start to finish over two days. Spoilers for S4 below: Most consistently 'decent' series so far. I very much liked the Star Trek one - the ONE GLARING PROBLEM was everybody complaining that the patch wasn't gunna be released till December cause of the updates.... but they scheduled it for December? And somehow everyones annoyed at him for releasing the update late but they wanted it released late? For a show meant to be so 'in' with all this tech stuff, they don't even understand the concept or implementation of software patches. That reaaally irritated me. I was confused by the ending, was it a good one or not? Or were their 'souls' permanently trapped in Trekko-land (I was too stoned, cant remember)? I thought the ending was gunna be super dark - I imagined that they would all wake up in Trek-land, completely obediant, and then for the final shot one of the females would happily request to use the bathroom (the implication that he'd given them genitals, and what that itself implicates...). Hows that for a dark ending? The black and white 'arty' one was okay - the main character was a tough as nails hardass at the start of the episode, then by the end she's breaking down because she sees two people dead on a bed? Riiight, not sure how the character 180'd after all the shit she went through. Was okay, thought the dogs looked pretty daft - definately not scary, cute if anything. Felt like a students film project. The Black Museum episode was fun, though the self-inflicting-pain-guy made me wince. Honestly, it felt like Charlie Brooker has finally peaked - he's finally being able to show endless-suffering encapsulated in a novelty toy. That along with the SHOOT-EVERYONE-CEPT-DA-GPIG episode, they got kinda eye-rolling with how 'grimdark' he makes the show. Can't remember much else. Oh yeah, the dating episode - honestly the final twist I should've really seen coming. It made me think of the emoji movie, but by Charlie Brooker. Not sure if it would've been better without that twist - it would make sense for the BM world to have those machines, and that people are so guided by their ideoligies it would make sense for it to be set in reality. Don;t remember any other eps at the moment.
  2. I'd reccomend always doing a fresh format, and THEN UPDATING to latest firmware if you havent done either of those. Also make sure the SD card for the initial hack (letterbomb) is 2GB or under, and is formatted correctly. As long as you do those 4 things it should usually be pretty easy, usually if I forget to format and update then I get an assortment of things not working.
  3. Accordin to that Wikipedia article that game is still being developed (fan or otherwise) to this day - that says to me there must be a windows 10 patch out there somewhere. Just like there is for the PC Bladerunner game.
  4. Ah yes Robot Han Solo. Good to know that art that Disney kept saying WASNT LEGIT somehow appeared on all the marketing for the toys for the new han solo film. That's a pretty major blunder considering it's clearly unofficial artwork. Finally, a worthy opponent for Ben Swolo Edit: Okay okay, so im confused, why have so many toys been revealed? Is this just standard Star Wars fare? Why am I getting my knowledge of this new film from a toy box? Aren't trailers meant to precede this *(?) - so people see this shit in action first?
  5. Yeah, I started printing out those rules but my printer broke halfway through so I have like the last 30 pages of the DM manual which is just the monster guide. Yeah, ive got my eye on the starter set ALSO, I can either get the starter set soon, or save up money for a few months and get both the guides. Just hoped somebody might know someone with a spare copy. Thnaks (:
  6. All it takes is people that are nice, civil and can engage in normal discussion without trying to put down someone else to feel superior. That's where GAF and ERA always fell behind (early Gaming Age didn't, it was just a fun place) - people get too caught up in symantics, and arguing over how someone posts instead of actually engaging in normal discussion. It's something that early GameFAQ's had aaalll the time - people hated that place cause it would be petty arguments, personal insults and attacks on character (the general consensus was that gameFAQ forums were for 8 year olds). Now that kinda mentality has spread across the entire internet and it's taken as 'the norm' now (look at random Facebook groups/convos, people just throwing insults) I figure people are so miserable in real life, that they channel all their horribleness, shittyness and pettiness into their online behaviour, where they don't have to face consequences for it. I'd say RLLMUK is pretty nice for the most part - but I only hang around in Retro Gaming mainly, where people are nice. Regular gaming discussion and TV/Movies is where the trolls come out, and I try and avoid there because it's just baiting people into petty arguments. Or you have the mob-mentality coming after you if you have an unpopular opinion there.
  7. Sorry to barge into this thread, but I thought I might have some luck posting here., I'm looking for either the Starter Edition or the newest Player Guide and Dungeon Master Book for the latest (maybe 5th?) edition D&D. I really want to get some games started (i have at least 1 friend who's v interested lol) , and just wondered if anyone had any extras or spares or ones they dont use I could buy off of them?
  8. Ya, it's pretty telling that theres two types of reviews this film has. Theres normal film reviews, which takes things like tone, pacing, structure, cinematography, sound design etc etc into account. And theres the other film reviews, which seem to make up the most vocal part of the films critics, which basically talks about story and characters. The latter I see a dime a dozen on Youtube, and it seems lots of people can't review a film properly, cause they ONLY talk about "plot X was stupid" "character Y was dumb" "person Z wouldnt do that in MY star wars". I watched a 40 minute review of this film on youtube, and it consisted of the guy explaining the entire plot start to finish and saying what parts were dumb or cool. The things like Luke v Kylo, Space-Leia etc shouldn't be really taken into account while reviewing the film cause theyre such small parts of a small section of the film, but some people really latch onto that as FILM-RUINING etc etc
  9. Is it interesting? Or is it just your way of being condescending and shutting down any opinion contrary to yours?
  10. Hmm, Watership Down disagrees Surely it's a family film? Like Gremlins or Home Alone (rated 15 and PG respectively). At some point Lucas realised he could make shit tonnes of money and made RotJ some toy-pushing, overtly kid-friendly movie. SW has kinda followed that trend ever since. Look at the representation from Forces of Destiny (pre-school show), Star Wars Rebels (primary school kids show) and how much of it is marketed to kids. I'd still say it's a "family film" - so it's intended for kids primarily, with adults can come too and hopefully not be too bored. That said I thought the new film was pretty fun. The best thing about it was the visuals - beautifully directed shots throughout. The need for all these characters and plotlines to be shoved in made it a bit disconnected for me - it just seemed to be F.O chasing Resistance back and forth, which is basically what every SW movie is about. So much happens but nothing really happens. I wonder how JJ will take the relationship between Kylro & Rey going forward since it seemed to be leading up to something in this movie but it gets dropped pretty hard. Also, everyone saying this new film will be a retread of ESB - it totally is. Also my eyes kept rolling everytime someone tried to shove in the word "Hope" into a sentence. My eyes hurt.
  11. Maybe the small cinemas will get the film reel drip fed to them once Johnny and Sally have had their pie.
  12. "All about the fans" is just PR spiel to garner applause. Shame Disney are OKay to fuck over smaller cinemas. nNOT ENOUGH MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  13. Sorry ive spoilered it now. You didnt need to include youre little passive agreessive remark there.
  14. Well Ruffalo was quoted saying and quickly backtracks on it. Everyone said he was acting but that doesnt make sense to me considering Ruffalo is known for constantly spoiling stuff. Anyway this trailer looks alright, hope it's better than the last Avengers film, that was pretty average.
  15. Christ just move on, no one got spoiled you're whining on behalf of no-one.
  16. Well it wasnt done to purposely spoil people who hadn't seen it, so stop bitching.
  17. Lol, have done, but I guarantee im not spoiling it for anyone. If anyone gets spoiled tell me. I'll wait.
  18. Well why bother replying to a post if you arent going to read it? Is it because he IS Batman in every other point I made, and you purposely ignored that just so your post had truth to it? fucking lol The end gifs should show how little i really care about this issue.
  19. Batman's no more a murderer in BvS then when he let Rahs Ahl Ghul die in Batman Begins. Or when he sets fire to an ENTIRE training ground at the start, letting countless people burn to death. Or when he knocks Two Face to the floor below, killing him in TDK. Or when he's driving around in the Tumbler, crushing cars and anyone in the way. Or when he killed Talia's driver by shooting him with the Bat. Or when he also caused the crash that kills Talia. THE ENTIRE WORLD EXCEPT ME: ME:
  20. Well in Runaways they mentioned the Obama inauguration, so that means currently Trump is president in Marvel land? HMMM
  21. Yeah im a big defender of Batman v Superman because I really really like that film (beautiful cinematography, great score, fantastic performances) - but when i ask people to contest my view - they always home in on "UH MURDERMAN" (Batman kills in most of his films) or "SUPERMAN ISNT SMILING" (why would he smile in Snyder-verse? It's depression central) as if the only things those films are judged for is how accurately they represent their comic books or characters (which makes no sense because different writers always bend the characters to their liking somewehat). And if I try and defend the deeper/darker meanings in that film (its not like im trying to say BvS is the holy epitome of philosophy in film) it's always LOL COMIC BOOK FILM THESE ARE FLYING MEN IN PANTS LOLOL... it's like, stand by you're fucking convictions god damn.... SPOILER REGARDING MICHAEL KEATON IN HIS ROLE IN DISNEYS MARVELS SPIDER MAN'S HOMECOMING: THE AVENGERS - I think theres a fine line between fan service/world building and corporate pandering in these films, and sometimes these Marvel films teeter between that line.
  22. I know people hated the Farmhouse scene in AoU, but I thought it made for a much needed break amongst the constant action. I always like Hawkeye cause I feel he always gets shit on by the writers because he's so... underpowered(?) - though in Avengers 1 he took down a whole spaceship with 1 arrow shot. He hasn't been in as many things as BW, the other equally underpowered Avenger. Those two need a spy/heist film of some description. The action scenes with Hawkeye in the first Avengers are really good, like when he uses the Bow to twist around an enemies neck and use him as a 'human' shield, it's all very slick. Either that or I hope him and BW appear in Captain Marvel (along with Coulson), since those two are like the OG Avengers (in my book). The problem is if Hawkeye starts kicking ass in Infinity War, that says to me theyre gunna kill him off (gotta give him a 'good sendoff')
  23. Yeah I was like... I dont recognise half these people. Then I figure most of the black ones are probably from BP and yeh, thats Hawkeyes wife, the cutest 'avenger' (not really, but why is she in this, seems odddd - is Lady Sif in there?)
  24. Ya, I dont forget all that stuff. I remember there was some emotional stuff with the Asian neighbour not being able to afford rent, Arnolds parents -the mystery, and yeh Helga being like she is cause of her parents. I havent seen this show since it was on CiTV or wherever it aired, one of my faves though. Gunna check this out on Friday, with my sister, who I used to watch this with all the time. hey arnold. Hey arnold. psh.. hey arnold. BADUMDADDAAAAAAAAAAA MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD. HEY ARNOLD!
  25. WHY IS HAWK EYES WIFE THERE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? THEY BETTER NOT KILL OF CLUNT BARNSWORTH HES MY FAVOURITE REVENGER especially after that cunt black panther said "i dont care" when he introduced himself to BP
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