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  1. Nor is mine, just posting pictures of some other lucky bastard's Sun. Estimated shipping date: On or before Mar 02, 2006. And here I sit - Liteless.
  2. Not mine (Camera or DS (or person taking it)), but those are the best pics I've seen of the DS Lite. I'll get the camera type + lens in a mo for you. Edit: It's a Canon Digital Rebel XT base along with a 18-55mm kit lens and the Canon 28-135mm Ultrasonic Image Stabilizer lens. Despite the extra zoom allowed by using the 28-135mm lens, the more macro-looking shots are all using the kit lens because it requires far less distance from the subject for focus.
  3. Good, now you lot have posted I can post more pictures. <- Officially Leet
  4. I can imagine it! ------------------- Girl Count: 3 Bitches Killed: 2 Hoes Laid: 7 Rep: 4800 Mission 7: Shake your Tic-Tacs at 3 women and a body builder.
  5. Sorry, thats the only picture of a DSL outside I could find. But can you really say no?
  6. That games for PS2. But I would keep your PSP, well, don't know. Haven't got one, but all I want is Lumines for it.
  7. Gitaroo Man - isn't that a developer. Unless your on about Guitar Hero, thats for PS2. I was sad to see my original DS game, so many fond memories. Most played console ever! But my new baby is extreme to the max(+2).
  8. Nope, best place to buy them You done good.
  9. Mine sold last month for £70 on eBay. Pretty lucky. And no - the DS in the pic ain't mind. For me, the White is the only way to go (money wise), since cancelling the White DSL and ordering the Blue/Navy would cost £10 more (whoamg). Having seen about 300 screens of the Crystal White DS Lite - you'll never look back. Lemme get those GAF DSL pics.
  10. But I made it specifically just now. Anyway tooken down and back onto the discussion of the DS Lite. My damn console still hasn't arrived (from Play-Asia) - ordered the Crystal White 25th February.
  11. It deserves it's own thread.
  12. (you all better love me, this is my first post)
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