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  1. I'll be dissapointed if Helga doesnt say hell, damn or crap - the most casually inserted light curses in a kids show. Havent seen this show in aaaaages but I remember loving the jazzy vibes
  2. Thats the one thing I didnt like about this film were the constant Avengers references. There are some that are great, and help with the plot - such as Keaton working on the Avengers aftermath and it being funded by Stark, fine. The Captain America ones seemed a little on the nose especially cause "hes a war criminal now" (adressing it doesnt excuse it) The "I have a hot date with Black Widow" is too far, and theres a few ones like that in here that felt forced. This film feels plenty connected within the MCU they really didnt have to waste character lines on references like that. I'd argue the Netflix/Hulu/ABC/etc Marvel shows should have more connections - I just saw the first few eps of Runaways and they feel so disconnected from the MCU (and when you have Feige saying "theyre connected, but theyre seperate" its like, why bother even having them connected then? Id love for the purple haired chick and the black kid to show up in the films, hell give me Coulson back please)
  3. Lol, I meant to add "this isnt directed at you" - somehow deleted it :/ It bothers me when I post opinions on Youtube/reddit and they instantly get shut down by people who just go off the rails and start this whole "lol i bet you love snyders pretentious dick" etc etc. BvS mentioning is good for that because some people haaaaaaaaate that film. But a lot of people like it. Yeah, thats fine lol no one else has to like the thing i like. My opinion is often one not often shared amongst 'the many'. I like visual spectacle if its presented well and is thematically consistent - which I thought BvS was, and I thought Justice League wasn't. I think JL is garbage, but I wouldnt flak anyone who enjoyed it - im glad if it made someone else happy... but I too often see people (again, not here) really go in on someone for liking something they didn't. It's like they want people to be unhappy and as miserable as them (schadenfreude?) - or more likely they see their opinion as 'the correct opinion' and will refuse to believe other people can get enjoyment out of that. Anyway I dont wanna derail this into BvS even though I like defending that film cause I really did enjoy it (not as much as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight though, I find it hard to compare with the Burton films because films are so radically different nowadays) - I enjoy the super stylized look of Syndervision. That said I'm interested to see where the DCEU goes now, I imagine no-one at WB knows what to do.
  4. I assume thats for my post. That's quite kind considering when most hardcore comic book nerds find an opinion that doesn't match their own, they just tend to make personal digs at the person and question their intelligence (whats it with comic book fans putting themselves on a moral pedestal anyway?). I'm risking the biscuit for voicing out my positive opinion of BvS here. Don't wanna try that on YouTube or Reddit, instantly get called a butt-hurt DC fanboy (literally the last DC comic I read was Killing Joke when I was like 5 so yeh, comic books arent my thing)
  5. Suicide Squad's soundtrack annoyed me, I felt like I was in First Year at school and could overhear someones dumb playlist over everything. I just watched BvS extended cut last night, for the first time, sober (also the first time) - and really enjoyed it. Loved the TC and the EC - the only things that bothers me is having Doomsday involved (I feel someone in the exec office was like WE NEED A GIANT MONSTER BLUE LASER BATTLE AT THE END) - didnt really need that so much, and having The Flash appear in a dream. Would make more sense if he appeared for real for Bruce. Regardless the film is still fantastic, and I really enjoy the numerous beautifully shot and edited scenes. Especially the scenes where Superman is saving people and disasters. That often gets criticized because people say Superman should be smiling and loving saving people all heroically, but at that point in the film the music and tone is quite dour, and it's interspersed with various chat/discussions/speaking points about the realities of an actual God coming to Earth, and how people are forcing their will upon this God and expecting him to do our bidding. It makes sense when people are so critical, paranoid and un-trusting, that Superman isn't exactly happy about saving everyone because he's being blamed and criticized for things even when he's doing good - It wouldnt make sense for him to be all smiles and happiness. Anyway, I'm not under the impression that these films are "dark, realistic and 'a thinking mans film'" - theyre still popcorn flicks, but it's nice when theres a bit of weight and gravitas to it, something with JL completely lacked. And as we've seen in films like Winter Soldier/Civil War, when these mind-boggling actions have real world consequences (in the film world) it makes for a better film. Makes me want to go back and watch Man of Steel - I really didn't like that film so much, and I only watched half of it before I had to turn it off. Again just my two takes, I saw BvS like 3 times when it came out - was super baked when I saw them and I thought that might have skewed my opinion. But it still holds up.
  6. Looking forward to this but I just this series isn't as eye-rollingly corny as the last one SPOILERS BELOW FOR S1E1/S3 The only episode I thought was truly something was the first ever one, with the Prime Minister having to fuck a pig live on air, and what lead up to it. I think the series has kinda 'declined' since then because the episodes are overly preachy and the messages the episodes are trying to convey take over the characters and plot lines too much, and the whole thing ends up feeling cheesy and forced. The ideas are interesting, but the plots are very predictable and the characters are poorly written. They're written like the people in the sugaRAPE offices in Nathan Barley - dumb and unrealistic Yes we love tech, yes it's taking over our lives - and now heres the very worst possible scenario "we didnt see" as a result of our tech-focused lives. That said, I really like some of the episodes - the ones that border on "this is basically what life is right now" buut with the little extra zing of weirdness. The VR inside a VR episode was a good concept but so stupidly written. The dude dies cause he had his phone on him? Uh huh, as if the safety people wouldn't check that.
  7. Havent played this game in donkeys. When I first started I attempted 3 tries at Survivial, died before I could make it back to my ship. So played Normal for a while, earned a lot of credits - bought a nice expensive ship and then immediately found a better ship that had crashed and i said 'fuck it' and havent played it since. Might start a new Survival game... any times going in? I try to go from Cave to Cave since I always get Toxic/Cold planets that kill me before I can do anything :| - but I feel Normal isnt rewarding enough (started BoTW on Master Mode, still get reck'd every so often but I like the challenge (kinda))
  8. Honestly if you're going for boat allegories it's like they have 20 different people at the helm all going in every direction
  9. I dunno if you can do that, there are plenty of fans invested in the current stories of the DCEU and excited from the setups such as Green Lantern etc etc (I am not one of them) they would feel like theyre owed these stories. It's even weirder when you look at the line up of DCEU films, and how I thought they most strongly hinted at an Injustice movie at the end credits but we have like 7 DC films till then , but the next one is Shazam? I don't know, the mind boggles. I have zero familiarity with that character, just give me more Batman. Poor Affleck wanted to be Batman, and he has done an awesome job even though I felt this film kinda neutered him. Maybe he can't stand all the bad press and hate the films get, that's probably it, even though alot of the common praises I hear are aimed at his portrayl of Batman I imagine for every nice thing theres 5 bad things. This universe feels so disconnected with WW actually being a good film and being so far back on timeline, then this film basically retcons the DCEU to have all these heroes here already, and then the Flash was in Suicide Squad "back in the day" capturing Boomerang, and the government ONLY thought to call in SS when Batman had been there for 20 years, and Jokers and Nightwings and Batgirls are all here but nowhere, and now we're gunna go to an alternate universe in Flashpoint? THAT could logically serve as a reboot but is like a kick in the mud for Snyderverse so far, eh at least DC are unpredictable where as Marvel is predictable.
  10. Yeah thats what I was saying. I personally don't find Superman interesting as a character at all, he holds up through nostalgia through the Reeves films. The idea of a conflicted Superman is interesting but they havent portrayed it well in any of the DCEU films - so when I saw Snyders Supes all "Im also about Truth" or whatever he said, it made me smile - I actually got excited for the film again for a few seconds, whenever he was on. When EVERY character is like laughing, joking, I just don't buy it - Supes should be the only hopeful one, Bats can be all disaprooved and brooding not "lol i broke a leg"
  11. Everythings such a mess. I was enjoying the dark stylized nonsense of Snyder but damn faaans wanting everything to be happier, nicer, WELL HERE YOU GO. SUICIDE SQUAD WASNT ENOUGH THANK YOU EMINEM WE HAD TO GO AND SUGAR COAT THIS SERIES. I'd love to see any semblance of the original film Snyder was planning to make (outside of the Snyder Ass-Shottm ) . The one thing that I didn't think I'd enjoy is Cavill's happy Superman, I think because it was holy-balls cheeze.
  12. Save for the gross silver stand, look at this - it's like someone took my cherry fantasy and made it a reality Look at that fucking colour. LOOK AT IT. tHAT'S RIGHT WE LOVEEE THE SHOVELWARE give it toioo meee (jks my fave console)
  13. (meant to be a 'he'd be rolling in his grave', im not actually happy he's dead (hope this is obvious))
  14. Same with Nintendo - luckily they haven't managed to fuck any of them up but my god can we start dishing out IP's?. Ironically one of the time they handed out an IP to Sega we got this beautiful gem Maybe Nintendo are butthurt Criteron refused to work on an F-Zero for the Wii. I am also butthurt. Burnout mixed with F-Zero, YASS
  15. No i read your whole post, but it seems to be like there can be no acceptable solution. Like I said I see way more sexualized men than women in the media I consume. It seems to me like the only solution is to SOLELY sexualize men for the next few decades, then we can rinse and repeat back to women. That way it's fair for everyone.. Of course im joking but there really seems to be no acceptable solution or answer. If you consume the very media you're criticizing then you're just being hypocritical. And please please for the love of god can you come up with actual discussion or rebuttal, so many people seem to just have a dig at the person, instead of actually refuting the point with logic and reason. And you can disagree but it makes you come across as a snarky holier-than-thou cunt.
  16. Yeah I know it is, was at a Casino playing 21 in Aberdeen recently, and a man grabbed and squeezed my crotch (over my jeans) at the table I was at - must've been a power play. I called him out at the moment it happened and people just looked weird at me and the dealer didn't respond. I left at that moment and told the Cashier who said "Well what do you want us to do?". I was kinda stunned thinking "Well kick the dude out" but I just kinda sharp walked out in embarrassment cause my voice and person was v shaky. I'm sure things are improving but really my faith in humanity just gets worse and worse every day.
  17. Almost every superhero film I watch has gratuitous shots of topless men flexing etc etc - literally every Marvel film does this. Almost as if to say "comic book nerds want hot babes? well TOUGH TITTIES heres some buff as fuck dude dripping in sweat". Reverse those roles and BOOM instant-sexism.
  18. Interesting. Though it seems some names are there because they simply commented on the attractiveness of a coworker. There's a big difference in someone hitting on someone else (this is coming from someone who often gets unwarranted attention from women/men (including butt/penis grabbing (of course being male I have to laugh it off)) compared to raping people.
  19. When people say SEGA they think of: Not whatever weird games are in OP. SEGA can never be back. Much like RARE - all the original developers of games we think of when we think SEGA are gone. That's why games like Mania happened. In regards to Sonic, SEGA's main franchise - it's just gunna get dragged through the mud worse and worse. They know who to market to - 6-12 year olds love modern Sonic because he's basically the epitome of HAARDXXXCORECOREEMOSCENEREBELCORE (y'know, that phase we all go thru). This is unfortunately 100% the truth, and that's why we'll keep getting garbage trash like Sonic Forces. SEGA as a company might be doing well, but in the gaming scene - 'is back' - usually means a return to form. That's why we hear "PLATFORMERS ARE BACK" every 6 months whenever a 3D platformer is announced. /butthurt Sega fan stuck in the past
  20. This feels like the work of many hands.
  21. Bill & Hillary are both scum, like most politicians who have a degree of power. Did everyone forget the Lewinsky scandal? Or the wiretapping of an entire nation - and thats barely scratching the surface. Hillary hides behind a sweet smiling facade but tear that back and she's as nasty, selfish, irresponsible and corrupt as the rest of them.
  22. Yeah he looks like a porn parody of StarLord. I get that he's probably a Raveger but he looks almost identical to Pratt even down to the clothing. That said I gave up on AoS about 3 episodes in to Season 1, it felt kinda formulaic by that point padded out with cliches and tropes. I heard it gets way better, and after being dissapointed by every single MCU Netflix show, I want to get into something new. Some people say skip Season 1, others say Ep 11 or 13 is where I should start. I can pick up on plot lines kinda quick, where would I be best starting to watch this from? The S5 trailer and Ghost Rider, and my love for Clark Gregg are what makes me want to watch this, and I imagine it'll be Captain Marvel before we see Gregg back in the movies (though in the past)
  23. Sorry you did a great job, theres some amazing possibilites for clutch moments I just saw a better one recently for the same area and compared.
  24. That's pretty basic and unimpressive honestly. This is a related example of something actually clutch
  25. Pretty sure he means an out of place import of Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES.
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