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  1. I do apologise if this has already been asked and answered but how do you actually obtain Season Of The Drifter, is it only obtainable by purchasing the annual pass or can you purchase it as a stand alone DLC ?
  2. Cheers Mike, I did purchase Warmind, would I have had to have purchased Curse Of Osiris to entitle me to purchase Forsaken ?
  3. Is anyone else having issues purchasing Forsaken from the PlayStation store ? Keep on getting the message " Not available for purchase " Any help / solutions would be much appreciated.
  4. Now £30 in Asda, if anyone has been waiting for a price drop.
  5. Was not aware that my power gear engrams I was saving to turn it when I get to a higher level would automatically disappear after the weekly reset. Virtually every Destiny youtuber recommend not to turn them in yet, only for Bungle to turn them in for you .... Sigh.
  6. I will be in front of Tesco in the morning when they open .
  7. Chaps I am another one who is trying to workout if RE4 remastered is a thing, Can anyone shed any light on this please ?
  8. Ready through the adventures you guys are having with the game , I thought I would pick up a copy but when I visit Simply Games it's lists it as being a preorder item, am I missing something ?
  9. Cheers Angel, will go for the Argos deal.
  10. Is Is that the legacy edition or the bog standard version ?
  11. I was going to pick this up at Argos for £45 but I have noticed that no one has commented on the MW remastered MP addition to the game, is it any good please gents ?
  12. Cheers Qazimod , thanks for the reply.
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