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  1. Every time Big Bo said this I'd just burst into laughter without exception. Just seeing it is enough to set me off now. God, I loved the hell out of this game. Such an abundance of heart and character remedied pretty much all of the flaws. One criticism I'm less willing to forgive is the inconsistency in boss fights; most of them are absolutely tremendous (the Spider matches anything in Vanquish, which I still maintain is the greatest third person shooter made) but a few are far too quick to enter melee range and leave you utterly helpless. Fuck it though, hell of a game and one that took me completely by surprise, particularly as a massive Yakuza fan that dismissed this long ago. Big Bo forever.
  2. Was it (Act 2 quest name spoilers) ? If so, it's a huge pain unless Just beat Dark myself, with a huge emphasis on swords with a diversion into magic for Quen upgrades and venting. Fairly straightforward for the most part bar one or two fights.
  3. I'd keep playing until Day 5, which has at least a little of the magic of the previous games. OTs are still sort of in the game too, though they're pretty dreadful given the very limited visual feedback and the seeming lack of any guaranteed delimbing combos. That goes back to one of my biggest criticisms, that there's no real way to judge the efficiency and results of anything you throw out. Getting a Sword on Bone is a total crapshoot. And christ, the grabs. The amount of shit you can get grabbed from is absurd. I've been grabbed on landing from Izuna Drops and from UTs dozens of times in the microseconds before your recovery ends.
  4. I've played the the first three stages now and, frankly, found it to be complete bollocks so far. I'm coming largely from the perspective of somebody who loved the shit out Ninja Gaiden II, so most of my criticisms come from that. The new UT system renders it largely useless while giving zero consideration to the consequences of this on fights; having no quick access to i frames leaves you open to an unbelieveable amount of shit. There doesn't appear to be a Guillotine Throw either, which is a baffling omission. To compound the problem, the Sword on Bone system or whatever it's called is horribly inconsistent - sometimes you can rattle off three straight kills with one combo, sometimes you'll be plugging away at someone for ages. There just seems to be no way to judge the efficieny of what you're doing. There's none of the elegance of the OT system, that's for sure. I've encountered no other weapons either and the monotony of the Dragon Sword is setting in fast. The story is the most wonderfully stupid thing I've seen, which is just about it's only positive point so far. Perhaps I'm missing something from the combat, I don't know, but if I am it's not in the other games and its not very intuitive.
  5. I loved the hell out of it; just got done G ranking all of Hard. I think quite a few criticisms about the combat are misplaced. I think someone said the Arch had a terrible dodge move earlier; the Arch's movement special isn't a dodge in any conventional sense. It's a means to get from the ground to the perfect height to set up its aerial combo, which you can cancel into a launcher and start on another aerial combo which finishes in a strong knockback. If you set it up right you can even bounce enemies with it and go straight into another loop. I loved all the little applications of the moves; you can set up infinites with the Gale and Veil's specials, use Overboost to create completely new combos, time guard breaks correctly to get strings that are otherwise really risky etc. The parry is something special too; I don't think there was a single move I couldn't parry and the stun it generates can set up some hilarious damage. Parry in the middle of a combo and it stops it immediately, leaving you free to do whatever. Neat scoring system to boot. It demands something different from other action games and I enjoyed that greatly.
  6. On another note, people playing on Hard; there's a pretty weird glitch that can stop you being able to defeat the final boss. Read the spoiler for the bizarre solution if it strikes you:
  7. I didn't neg your post but I do find the game amazing. The soundtrack is spectacular for one, some of the most imaginative stuff Yamaoka has ever done. I love the pace of the combat and Garcia's mobility, with all the options that presents, and how its complemented by the weapons being diverse enough without any being superfluous; setting up a big chain of paralysed enemies for a fat gem bonus, placing your Light Shots as smartly as possible to avoid being overwhelmed but still wanting to capitalize on the more lucrative kills, mixing up all the weapons to stay on top of every fight and so on. I like that it doesn't have to be x enemy=y weapon, or at least it hasn't been so far. More than anything though, I love Suda's silly little touches. I like that the colour of the flame on your torch changes with each weapon, I love the loading screens, I love the ridiculous little tune that plays when you hit a light sushi, I love Garcia arbitrarily pronouncing English words as Spanish words, I love that, at the very beginning, you open the gates of hell by breaking the sound barrier on a demonic motorbike, I love that you glug an entire bottle of tequila to heal yourself. I like all that kind of silliness. So yeah, that's my super gushing take on it. I'm only at the beginning of Stage 3 tough, so things might change.
  8. The button layout is identical to the TE - it's the Viewlix layout. The buttons look closer together 'cause the PS3 art has a white graphic around each button.
  9. Nah man, it would absolutely crush Marvel's pace. Besides, they stuck a breaker style mechanic in TvC: Cross Generation of Heroes and it wasn't very popular. vs. games don't really suit things like that.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaWf8v00jVs
  11. How? His teleport is super unsafe on block and can be punished pretty easily. Most Smoke players can be easily baited by block dashing too. When they've lost 30-50% health off two ill judged teleports they'll stop and if they don't, it's a free win. I'll agree lag can be a problem in anticipating the teleport but that's not a fault with the character.
  12. I'm afraid it is. Entering the Gallows now will lock you into the endgame.
  13. Man, not only is it a game made by both Mikami and Suda 51, it's a game where the protagonist is named Garcia Hotspur. Garcia Hotspur, who, from the screenshots above, seems to be fucking up some Baphomet thing on a horse with a laser gun. If you're not crazy excited at the prospect I don't know what to say.
  14. He definitely has a point.
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