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  1. ‘Jazz you say?’ ‘And a harp?’ Alright I’ll give it go… Had this for years and years, it’s a terrific lp to just let play end to end. Chilled beyond belief in places.
  2. Anyone watched Dark? It’s a German scifi timetravely thing based in a remote German town with a wornout old nuclear reactor. I’m only 3 episodes in but starting to get rather good. Has its own suitably spooky website: https://dark.netflix.io/en
  3. Tell you what kids, what a sight a slice of vinyl on a turntable is. Even if just sitting there, what a treat.
  4. It’s a big band jazz organ explosion… Notable for One Mint Julip, I’ve Got News For You and well, it’s just full of lovely stuff, highly recommended.. It’s also indecently good value for an original pressing - 20quid ish should do you I think.
  5. Get your Latin going people… It’s actually not that great an album but does have Psychedelic Pucho which was a regular feature in my Latin sets.
  6. Just got back from this in IMax - or the cineworld version at least. I rather liked it. Lovely to hear We have all the time in the world again - the orchestral arrangement is fab. I do have an issue mind. Why does so much of the film look like it’s been filmed in portrait mode on an iPhone. The depth of field is so shallow at times, or in fact so limited to certain things I found it hugely distracting. Bond crouches down, his head is in focus - but his hand and watch which are the same distance away are blurred out. I just don’t understand it at all. There are some scenes where it looked like it was being used to hide the use of green screen maybe, but in others seems totally unnecessary. What’s it all about?
  7. Bowsers Fury done. Link’s Awakening done. Pikuniku done. All played through with one of the kids. Great fun.
  8. I need to give my lids a polish - that’s what I need to do…They do not look like that…
  9. Keeping the funk going. Some killers on here.
  10. I bet you secretly watch Everyone Loves Raymond don’t you Anyway, Seinfeld is bloody funny so there Mr Grumps…
  11. I guess I can understand that in the same way I can’t really watch Friends - even though I do find it funny in places. Out of curiosity what are your thoughts on Friends? And Curb? I’m not trying to convert you, just interested in how taste works really.
  12. I love this album - it’s pure smiles. The production is so clean and tight too.
  13. I have the lp somewhere - in my single missing box which I can’t track down. it used to be played as the intro tune to Sunrise FM, a London pirate station I listened to in the 90’s. Such a lovely vibe…
  14. Yes it is. I’ve seen it all before, and I’ve got some fancy pants box set with scripts and all that that I never look at…. But I’ll be back onboard ASAP - so much good stuff in there it’s incredible. I never think that posting clips will ever convince a non fan to give it a go as it’s so much better when you know the characters and back stories. Also has a catalogue of terrific cameos like this:
  15. Part 2 today…so much groove…
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