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  1. This is the answer that you need.
  2. The Tourist is on sale again. Only played the demo but thought it was a lovely little game.
  3. Dr Nookie

    vinyl lovers

    My son wanted to go through some of my collection today so grabbed some out of the loft. What a beauty this DJ Shadow 12 is:
  4. I’ll always remember this: the futility of it... This holds a special place for me as I remember going to Tottenham Court Road with my grandad about 40 years ago and him buying a random male we’d never heard of...
  5. Yoshi is world class. They played it today, as usual. It’s been played everyday since we bought it in October. You MUST buy it.
  6. For all you Ringfitters what would you say the youngest age would be? Ive got a 4 1/2 yr old and a nine year old. Not worried about the older one, but don’t want the young one to feel left out.
  7. After rinsing Odyssey my 4 year old is now tracing the history thanks to the Switch. I’m surprised he’s got the patience as it’s so unforgiving - the rewind certainly helps.
  8. Cheers that’s a great help. You can use the ID without needing an email per account thankfully. So next question... Our current main account is used by one son as his account. that’s the one that owns the family account etc. can I copy his save data to another profile and claim that main account as mine only? Can’t quite understand from what I’ve read if that possible. Am I over thinking this and it doesn’t matter at all whose is whose? I’m getting too old for all this... If I’m not precious about saves on my own non linked profile it doesn’t matter at all does it? Think I’m getting profiles and accounts confused.
  9. Can I just a quick bit of help with user accounts - I must be being dense... I've just changed the single online to a family account. I have one user profile attached to it, but there are 3 other users profiles being used on the Switch. It won't let me add those profiles to the family account as says 'this Nintendo account is already being used on this console'. None of them have nintendo accounts, they are just profiles on the Switch - am I doing something wrong? Does each profile actually need an account or something?
  10. I have ODST sitting in a drawer unplayed atm. The boy is now just about of age but if I get it out he won’t play ringfit that I’ve just bought.
  11. I loved this on the 360 too
  12. I can’t find God bless the Switch in the eshop. Which region are you using?
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