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  1. I have quite a soft spot for the film. It’s a bit rubbish towards the end but I really like a lot of it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that scene in the teleporter room. That sound …
  2. Well we’re about 2 months in now. My son is absolutely loving it. He was at a Major test of strength shrine with limited weapons, crap wooden shields and hardly any arrows. I tried a few times for him and gave it the fatherly, ‘sorry mate look, you just don’t have the gear or health/meals to beat this, mark it on the map and come back in a week when you’ve stocked up’. Later on he just did it on his own - no idea how. He kills Hilux for fun now. He’s 7 and I’ve been playing games for 40 odd years and thought I was quite respectable at it. So in summary, it’s a magical game, with an almost perfect environment to either challenge you or just explore for fun. World class stuff really.
  3. Well I’ve signed up so will start with Slow Horses tonight.
  4. I like this direction we’re going…
  5. Massive YES for Ethiopiques - some magnificent stuff on there if you’ve never given a listen.
  6. Thanks for the feedback will have a squizz. Spose the kids might get something out of it too
  7. Are they related😀
  8. Anyone with Sky VIP - I’ve just been given 6 months Apple TV. Barely have any time to watch normal tv as it is - is there anything absolutely unmissable on it?
  9. Yes that’s well worth a watch although part of me never wants to know how it’s done.
  10. The only thing I’d change is using the turret on the tank. That’s all I’d want to see.
  11. Yeah that makes sense - that’s what they showed our way - but hadn’t said so…
  12. Having done that a few months ago, let me tell you this…. It’s absolutely sensational in the cinema. It’s everything you want from a film - everything.
  13. ‘Spacehost, Secure that shit’
  14. I watched this live and it absolutely killed me, worth trying to find the whole clip if poss. He was promoting his tour and I said to my wife there and then, we should book that, will probably be our last chance. Did we book it? Did we fuck….😢
  15. But what would you give it if it was a stand-alone game? Or you’d has no experience of the first one?
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