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  1. Hey hey. Just wanted to drop in here and shamelessly canvas for some support for my son who’s determined to be the next Eminem.... Everything here is his own work, and you’ll see from his description and title it’s all really personal stuff. He’s 9!!! Would greatly appreciate feedback, likes and subs if you can take a min or two. Thanks all..
  2. Dr Nookie

    Mic me up..

    I’m after a decent usb mic my son can use for rapping in combo with garageband. I’ve looked at the Yeti and the mini and snowball but have no idea if they are the right thing. Can anyone comment on the best option. Budget is under 100 quid. cheers.
  3. Behind her eyes seems like a good watch. 2 episodes in now and I’m looking forward to number 3 tonight.
  4. My son has started doing Roblox vids alongside his tunes so please give him a look and a like - or if you’re feeling generous a little subscribe ;-) https://youtube.com/channel/UCtwxMFfb0bRfNzZOwM8lgpg He’s desperate to have his face on in a little Picture in Picture but the parent in me is drawing the line one that for now. 9 going on 19 that boy...
  5. Our 360 slim still has its perm place under the main tv. My 9!year old barely touches the switch so alternates between Roblox Islands on our Mac and Halo 3 and SFIV on the 360. I known I’m years behind everyone else regarding fancy consoles but I don’t fire up the 369 and think it’s all looking a bit tired - especially compared to the Switch. I just can’t be asked with the disc swapping (and locating of said disc). I wonder if some sort of mod is in order?
  6. Yes it is. Watch for first time with my son last week ‘that was AMAZING!!!!!’ he said.
  7. Based on the 4 months solid play we’ve had out of it I’d say that’s tremendous value....
  8. Having finally stumped up for the full version I still really enjoy this. I’m pretty rubbish but no matter, it gaming in its purest form. However, WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK? I end up humming it for my fix.
  9. Did you actually play again games after that or go ‘ok then, that works’ and walk off. I’ve done that a few times I can tell you.
  10. Coming 2 America - 2.5/5. Just not very good sadly.
  11. Hmm well we made it an hour through and then bailed. The odd good moment but felt like I was just watching it for the sake of it. If it had been a stand alone film I don’t think I would’ve lasted more than 20 mins. I am an exhausted dad with very little time mind, so I do have to be ruthless with tv...
  12. Ah well, as mentioned the box is fab at least. I can’t quite bring myself to sell it so back in the loft it goes. I guess I should check if Ocarina at least works. Just so I know....
  13. Hmm well I defo haven’t done any melting of anything. I do remember having to use a converter to play Uk and then, after many many many hours play, loosing my entire Mario 64 progress due to some issue with the converter. I could barely speak for an hour and never played it again..
  14. I don’t get this then because I’ve never made any alterations to mine and it plays US games ok.
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