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  1. I think someone is selling one in trading atm
  2. This was on my essential list when I started learning Wing Chun about 20 years ago (I’m not still learning sadly). Warriors 2 and Fong Sai Yuk were all part of our viewing homework. Prodigal Son is by far my fav though.
  3. ...With Sammo Hung complete film on YouTube. Get it watched if you haven’t seen it.
  4. For the sheer joy and length of enjoyment the kids have had from Yoshi, Odyssey, MK8 and Pikmin 3 I have to say the Switch has easily met all my hopes for a new console and I don’t think we as a family would have warmed the same to either of the other options. I do think finding and playing with specific friends seems a PITA and no voice chat very irritating for my 9 year old and so he play Roblox on our Mac mostly where at least the typed chat is easy, but otherwise it’s a stellar addition to the family.
  5. Oh yes I got that, but what about the bit where one player is Mario and the other Luigi say?
  6. So is it local two player on one switch? I can’t quite make it out.
  7. Soz for late reply. Sadly no split screen and so you need 2 switches and 2 copies AFAIK.
  8. Yep the pro pad is fantastic. Haven’t used the joy cons since getting a second one as switch is almost permanently docked.
  9. What a treat - my 5 year old just discovered a load more levels open up on the treasure levels once you’ve got a certain number of medals. I really thought it was a bit lumpy at retail price but there’s actually quite a lot of content.
  10. 2 player is great. Each player is equal but doesn’t matter if one is dead handy and the other hopeless. I’ve played with my 4 year old and 8 year old - we played every day for about 8 months. It’s bloody fantastic. Actually there’s a demo of the first level get that. We played that for a month solid before I buckled and bought that full game.
  11. Ha - that is is exactly why I’ve held off getting it. I can’t keep a job down and deal with that kinda gaming anymore. I’ve come so close to buying it mind. Even just this week in fact.
  12. Yoshi is all the game you need. It’s fantastic fun, gorgeous to look at and makes a treat 2 player too.
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