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  1. Both flow like a mutha - I think Ice Cream takes it
  2. Ooo you lucky swine…. I loved that place. I think there were also machines that gave out tickets there right? I’ve still got a glass Marvin the Martian tankard from there. Well until my wife put it in the dishwasher. Now it’s just a plain glass tankard…
  3. Ravers unite….. And was there ever a more aptly named track than Horsepower….
  4. Is there a decent 3rd person shooter with split screen the kids could play? I’ve got Hypercharged which they still play a bit but it’s a bit crap tbh and the maps are tiny.
  5. Ta - I will have a squizz when I get a mo.
  6. Well I’ve never heard of this but a quick listen suggests it’s rather good - cheers for the steer.
  7. We watched it the other day - Mrs Nookie had never seen it. We both loved it.
  8. I’m glad you’ve got the chance - it’s great to keep things like that in the family I think. My very alive father in law moved a few years ago and chucked his in a skip. That included a special edition of the Star Wars soundtrack give to the musicians who played on it - of which he was one. What a tool!!!!
  9. Morning sunshine + day off = Roy Ayers vibes…
  10. Ok cheers - will check them out.
  11. I thought this was all released years ago - I’m sure I grabbed all the albums then. I could be imagining that of course…
  12. Yeah original white label - I can’t even imagine how I have it - I wasn’t really buying hip hop back then. I don’t know any of his other stuff at all so will have a listen when I get a chance.
  13. It’s a masterpiece really. Perfect lyrics, backing track, sample, they must have been bouncing off the walls when they finished making it. in fact I remember the only issue I had was it was bloody hard to mix in and out of as he virtually never stops rapping…
  14. Going through so old vinyl and bringing this to the hip hop thread cos…
  15. Dr Nookie

    The Jazz Thread

    Whichever album has Tippin on is worth listening to - that’s a magnificent track by any measure.
  16. Has that got Snow blower on? That was them wasn’t it?
  17. You know what I don’t have a clue about Steely Dan - I’ll give them a whiz. It’s funny, when I got my 1210’s, what 30 years ago, black was the only way. Now I rather wish they were the 1200’s. Genuine design classic regardless - we’re lucky having them.
  18. If they want to play split screen they both need Switch profiles btw. At least that’s the only way I could get it to work - and finding someone you know and getting on their island was enough bother to make me want to reverse over the Switch several times.
  19. ‘Fuck yeah I like little women’ (or something similar to that). ‘you can stack them on top of each other to make a whole regular sized woman’.
  20. Which Resi shall I get? Revelations, 0,2,4,5 or 6? I’ve only even played 4 on the GC - to death obvs, so could get that again, or any of the others. Anyone played Worm wmd - kids might like that.
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