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  1. Yep I'll keep the game, physical games only here! Is it just a code that's included in the box or does the cart need to be inserted first to activate the sub?
  2. Oh wow, that's brilliant! Thx!
  3. Bah, nuts! Thanks for that tho.
  4. Well, AC is going to finally force me to get an online sub. I've been trying to find out if the free 1 year sub with a Twitch and Amazon Prime account is still doable, but it's proving quite difficult to find a definitive answer. Does anyone know if it's still running?
  5. Holy crap! I have got a shed load to do then! Thanks for detailing that, I better get on it!
  6. I've finally upgraded Nook's tent to a town hall but I'm still not getting an option in the ATM machine to use amiibo cards to invite a new villager. Can anyone tell me at which point exactly the option appears? Do I have to talk to Isabelle to chuck someone out and then she'll give me the option then? AC isn't the same without some old favourites!
  7. Thanks for that guys. I wasn’t in a rush plus funds are tight so I was hoping to place a made to order. Wayland games seem to be offering the box via the made to order scheme for a very reasonable £100. Probably too reasonable!? Has anyone any experience of using them? It seems too good to bed true..
  8. Maybe kinda possibly interesting? Which Ridley are we going to get..!?
  9. Sooooo.. I was considering getting the Indomitus boxset, since I learned recently that they were committing to making them to order. Cue a cursory glance at the page here and clicking on the Order Now button and I'm taken to a Error 404. Does this mean they have already stopped making them to order?
  10. @Dudley Ooh thanks for that! Yep that’s perfect. For some reason the bottom half of the entire graphic is junk for me! Really weird. Could I ask what version of retropie you’re running? And what game version? US, Euro?
  11. I presume they’re using it to test the waters and refine their model/ gather stats. A kind of middle ground between Netflix’s binging model and HBO’s traditional weekly water cooler one.
  12. It's nice to see a release for this title, but looking at that trailer it seems an absolutely bare metal port. I'd really of expected at least a texture hike, performance permitting. It really wouldn't have taken a lot to do. Given the situation, I'm fine with Nintendo leaning into their catalogue to support a bare schedule, but a little more spit and polish would have gone a long way.
  13. Last I head it was the first 3 episodes being released at the same time. Subsequent episodes weekly. Then a short movie about Butcher.
  14. Ridge was really an example of the perfect game at the perfect time. It was cutting edge but with a graphic style eminently suitable to conversion to the new machines. Daytona was just a hill too far unfortunately.
  15. Maybe slightly OT but, has anyone been able to run Konami's SNES Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose via Retropie without some sort of video corruption on the main screen? In game all seems well but the title screen, with the traditional Warner multicoloured circles zooming in (with the characters in the middle) is always partly corrupted halfway down. I've tried multiple builds and multiple roms and I'm still getting it. It's been irking me for ages! Has anyone else experienced the same?
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