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  1. There will always be some form of division sadly, that's just the world we live in now. Though tbh, it's probably always been like that to an extent. What's unhealthy now is how vocal and toxic the the minority can be and how that affects others. I do feel though that the years I've mentioned would encompass a wide but specific enough base for many to have a great affinity and interest in. I always look at these things from a commercial aspect too, so it's just a difference of opinion. No one would become millionaires obviously. But it could make enough to provide an income or two
  2. Sure, I can see why that might be the case. Hence why I name checked them. I’m just suggesting that something like that might be possible. Perhaps in a bi monthly form, patreon form, I don’t know form. Especially given a global reach now. It just seems like an area that could attract a regular audience willing to support such a targeted area. One reason why I feel this is because I believe the interest in nostalgia is only going to keep increasing, exponentially even. The bubble isn’t going to burst soon, if at all.
  3. Absolutely, I was just posing the question. I’m not suggesting such a magazine would get incredible sales figures. But I do feel like one could exist within a limited niche base now and slowly expand even. When you have Chris over at Retrofusion creating great machine specific content and Sam at Bitmap books doing likewise, and those items selling very well, I feel like the interest is there for that kind of targeted time period. Granted these are mostly books and annuals but it shows there’s an appetite there. In fact, I’m in no way suggesting what is or isn’t retro. P
  4. Well look, I totally disagree with that sentiment and don't believe what I'm suggesting in anyway means that. But hey as you say, that's your opinion.
  5. @strider I totally take your points. I may be completely wrong and frequently am! However, I feel that framing what I'm suggesting as excluding people or creating some kind of tribal following is waaaay off base. To the point that I don't understand why you even brought it up? I've just re-read my post and I don't see anything in there which would point to that? Creating a magazine which caters to a specific period should in no way be off-putting to anyone? At least in so far as to whether it falls within an individual's area of interest, surely? And that's just perfectly normal.
  6. Rather than clutter up the new RG thread with new chatter about this subject I thought I'd post here again! Anyway, I was wondering if there is room now for another 'retro' mag, which deals with a specific set time period? Personally, while I agree that consoles like the PS2 should be considered retro due to their age, frankly I'm not interested in that kind of content. And I feel like I surely can't be the only one..? What I am interested in is the period 197X - 1999. That's it, full stop. Within that period I feel like there's an almost endless amount of interesting a
  7. Aha! I knew I had Dragon Girl and Monkey King on my wish list for a reason!
  8. Ahh bravo! This is one of my favourites too. An utterly stupendous piece of art. I seem to remember the artist is unknown? Anyone know? Still pains me to think I sold my copy all those years ago. Bah!
  9. Where were you quoted that price? Going by Royal Mails click and drop service here a 2 kg parcel to the states works out at £12.95?
  10. Ahh, that's interesting thanks. It coincides with how I perceived changes to have happened. They've definitely increased prior to man baby's influence too though. I don't know how they expect the rest of the world to buy goods from them, but hey ho.. U-S-A!
  11. Personally I’m inclined to think it’s a mixture of shipping/customs charges and the relatively small market. Over the last 5 years or so (maybe longer?) US postal charges seem to be insanely expensive. I don’t know what caused the change but they’ve been eye wateringly high.
  12. If this is anything like 3D Land then I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it. I really rate 3D Land.
  13. Loads of new ones coming out it seems. Couldn't find an official video though.
  14. I doubt it will mean that much really. Without the creation of some kind of in-house development studio, what's the point? And let's face it, that's exactly what everyone hoped it would be when they saw the press release. All the old games can still be purchased one way or another. Yes it can be convoluted but the type of player that's going to be interested in these titles is the kind of person who can handle convoluted things. The whole thing just seems like an exercise in boosting public exposure, imo.
  15. Tbh, I still can't think of any other show which so perfectly captures the era of early British computing. It makes concessions to keep things entertaining but never lazily over simplifies or talks down the subject matter. It's a classic, imo.
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