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  1. Has there been any word on if this will be getting a physical (Switch) release?
  2. That trailer kinda gave me Wild Metal Country vibes. I adored that game, it was so nuanced with its projectile combat mechanics. Really wonderful in multiplayer. If it's anything like that, combining it with wh40k orks is genius.
  3. @JPickfordPos'd but I generally believe that it's got more to do with working within constraints. Back in the 8bit and 16bit days we had huge constraints and that brought discipline, creativity and out of the box thinking. Today, there are no constraints artistically. Essentially anyway. A lot of ST/Amiga graphics are also still beautiful too!
  4. Personally, I believe Nintendo understand the intrinsic value of their IPs and put everything they have into maintaining that. It's non negotiable. If they need to spend extra money/time and annoy their shareholders, they will do that because they understand and take the long view.
  5. I dunno, if Nintendo haven't got round to it already I'm not sure they'd do it anytime soon. Wind Waker would be the perfect intro to a modern Zelda for a younger audience. But it's walled off. So so stupid. And the WiiU version is aces!!
  6. With all the Zelda hype I'd like to get it for my nephews birthday but the age rating means it's a no go. Aha I thought, Wind Waker will be perfect!! Then I find find out that it isn't available on the Switch! WTF Nintendo?? That is so utterly befuddling it blew my mind.
  7. It's a classic film, no doubt. But no Renny Harlin coming back is a huge shame. Along with DH2, he directed two of the best 90s action movies. Also no love for Lithgow? Surely one of the eras greatest villains!
  8. I know this is the prevailing thinking on current retro prices, but I really don't think it will pan out like that. I firmly believe 80s and 90s retro games/tech prices will continue to climb as each new generation discovers/falls in love with them.
  9. Thanks for that. My hand may be forced by what they say they want themselves! But if I'm given the chance to choose, I'll go with this.
  10. Thinking of getting this for a niece and nephew, 10 and 8yrs old. They've not played shooters before so I thought this would be a nice introduction and variation for them. Does this offer a decent single player campaign? Can the two of them play it together?
  11. I've just started this. I seem to remember people talking about better control settings? Can anyone tell me what they are? I'm finding having movement on the left stick and camera orbit on the right quite confusing. Is there any way to swap the two?
  12. I've long pondered why some titles have never been bettered. Pilotwings and Waverace are definitely in that club. I'd put Stunt Car Racer there too. There's likely a lot of factors why but I wonder if the machines/tech of the era have a big say in it? Working within strict limits, fps, resolutions, controls, peoples expectations then, I suspect they all heavily played into what made those titles so good and continue to do so. For instance, updating any of those titles with spangley modern gfx at 60fps etc would do nothing for them, imo. Even with some really intelligent art direction , aping the style etc, I feel they would still be inferior and likely not capture the same magic.
  13. Yt served this up to me a few days ago too. What a wonderful clip. I whooped for joy to see Tottenham Court only to get shown so little if it. Great stuff still.
  14. I had the same thing. I was stuck because I didn't know that some walls could be destroyed. They looked like any other wall except they had tiny little lights on I think? Rubbish visual design (imo) yes but I never mind looking up solutions for things like that if I become stuck for too long. Better that than banging my head against a brick wall for ages. I don't feel I'm cheating for this type of issue, just saving time! Its worth sticking with the game tho as it excels in so many ways and there's precious little quality action adventures like this anymore, I feel.
  15. I found out how to do it, a commenter added it to the video! You can press Y+B to exit a screw attack and keep the spark. I find this aspect of the game quite disappointing. I don't like blundering around in the dark where controls are involved. It's tedious and frustrating and not a good gameplay loop imo. Applying control mechanics to puzzle solving is cool and fun, but please let the player know the framework (control instructions) they have to work with!
  16. I'm totally stuck on a shinespark puzzle and hope someone can help me out! Its this one. I just don't understand how they initiate the spark at the end? While you're in a morphball? It makes no sense. I can get all the way there but pressing B just means that I continue to jump surely?? I just don't get it? Is there some other button press method to initiate the spark that I'm missing?
  17. Good stuff. Especially since I got back into Metroid Dread, chasing shinespark puzzles feels like it is utterly knackering the thumbstick! And my thumb!
  18. Reading gamers who think this looks like dlc is so dispiriting. I'm coming from a different perspective granted but all I see are the insane amount of man hours that must have been poured into this. The gameplay mechs alone shown off in that trailer point to such a bewildering amount of gotchas vs intricate design production that it would make most devs outright scrap 90% and just concentrate on shiny graphics. What's most crap is that for forever people have trotted out the gameplay trumps gfx mantra, yet time and again that's proven false and this is the best example so far. Anyway, the game looks absolutely marvelous imo, even if still sharing the same baseline art style. That's really what most of the people who aren't impressed are moaning about. Nintendo surely have a lot of new art assets which they'll show off in a later trailer or people will discover for themselves.
  19. I managed the multi shinespark method. No way would I have worked that out without asking. Im enjoying the puzzle nature of the missile and energy tank quests but I'm not sure how much my thumb stick is.. Putting the initiate sequence on the stick press feels really awkward and clumsy.
  20. Thanks everyone, I'll try this tonight! Incidentally the last example in the clip above is the one that made me ask the question. I kinda would have liked that ability to have been mentioned somewhere in game. Maybe it has but if so I've missed it.
  21. I'm trying to get this completed too before I play prime. I understand the mechanics of the shinespark but im completely baffled about how im supposed to keep it stored longer than 5 secs? As far as I can work out once the shinespark is initiated can't be reinitiated. However I've seen vids of people doing exactly that? I don't get it. If anyone could give me some hints I'd really appreciate it!
  22. They should never have got rid of that. It had so much untapped potential still. I doubt they'll bring it back, knowing Nintendo. But they should, such an easy win.
  23. I use isopropyl or cpu tim cleaner. They're both pretty inert and have always given me perfect results. That and picking at the sticker really slowly! Agree on the big sticker. Never remove them please! They're part of boxes history and their charm.
  24. Unbelievable that there's not much written about this. What a gobsmacking show. We've been slowly watching and savouring it and just saw the last ep. It was a bit convoluted at times with a few loose ends imo, but still a delight. Blunt was great but Chaske Spencer was mesmeric. What a great role. And that title sequence and music! Just bravo. Best since the original True Detective, better even.
  25. Unless I'm missing something, Shopto currently have the pre order for this at £24.87 That's pretty cheap right? My bad! I'm out of the UK so it was showing a ex VAT price! Sorry!
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