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  1. It's quite unusual for the normal episode run to push into December, isn't it? If they hadn't started the season so late it wouldn't have overlapped with Christmas special hype time.
  2. Because this Doctor is fucking metal.
  3. I think we have to assume he went around in the nip the first time round.
  4. Can't we be British and call a spade a spade? Also, weren't there two of them? He found one in the corridor at the start, then another one in the garden/grave area. Maybe the spade was duplicated by being removed from the room, which then reset to replace it, while the first one remained outside.
  5. So my overall understanding is that the Doctor was led with breadcrumb clues gradually towards room 12, the "Home square". At each stage his progress is blocked so he can't proceed without offering a confession - in the first corridor, in the grave, at the top of the tower above the teleport room. He's meant to give his big final hybrid-tastic confession when he sees how close he is to the exit, but he instead chooses "the long way round". Works if room resets are very selective, or at least take a long enough time. Actually only works if some things are not reset at all, or if some rooms take longer to reset than others. Actually, thinking about it, what it says in the episode is that the rooms reset to the condition they were in "when I first arrived" - meaning when this version of him was spat out the teleporter. That means that at the very least, the Bird message which he only just wrote would always be there (along with his skull) and the Diamond Wall would stay broken, as long as the Doctor makes it back to sacrifice himself faster than that room could reset. This still leaves the problem of the Doctor's clothes being there since he left them pretty on in the cycle, but since they're external objects, maybe they don't count. After all, the Doctor's many skulls stuck around.
  6. The bit I don't get (on rewatch) is the room with the arrows pointing to a hole with sand in the middle. And how the monster came up through the grave. And why the Doctor said it could set traps. In what sense had it set a trap?
  7. The idea of the Doctor being able to change the memory of an individual after interfering in their past was explored in The Christmas Carol. It might not be a classic Who convention but at least its been shown that Davros' sudden remembrance of the Doctor is possible.
  8. There was the bell tolling on the ship at the end, signalling Tywin's body had been found.
  9. The problem is that reading is a form that requires effort, and you expect there to be buildup and development and for you to not necessarily know where it's going. TV requires twists and deaths and excitement with enough frequency to keep people watching. Every episode has to end on a dramatic note. Readers are more forgiving than viewers despite the fact that viewers don't have to put any effort into watching.
  10. I started reading mid-way through season 1. By the time the season was over I was balls-deep in Feast. I found Feast a bit of a slog for the following reasons: -New Dorne and Ironborn storylines take up a lot of time and it's not until their final chapters you realise their significance to the overall storyline. -Cersei's reign in King's Landing seems a bit irrelevant now that Tywin's dead. You kind of want to know who's going to bring down the Lannisters, finally, rather than just see how many bad decisions she can make. -Brienne wandering the Riverlands when you know she's on a fool's errand. She's not going to find Sansa looking where she is. And there are like eight fucking chapters of it. However, I don't have anything like the same issues with Dance. I really like the book on the whole. The main issue is that stuff got shunted out of the book (the two major battles) so it's maybe missing its intended climax. I've been reading the so-called "Great Northern Conspiracy" - https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/1iwfc1/spoilers_all_the_grand_northern_conspiracy_parts/ The thing that really struck me is that, whether the theory turns out to be right or not, there's potentially loads of stuff covered in Feast and Dance that we can't begin to predict the significance of. You can't rightly call it "padding" until we reach the end of the series and see what was significant and what wasn't. A Clash of Kings built up loads of stuff that didn't pay off until Storm of Swords (House of the Undying Red Wedding scene, for example) and there's no way of knowing how many things like this we've already read without even realising it.
  11. Not for people who don't have issues with the show, but this made me choke on my lunch: http://theculturalvacuum.tumblr.com/post/116816249708/the-book-snob-glossary
  12. I think it's ever so slightly cheaper on iOS, but I imagine the file size might be a reason you'd want it on PC rather than a mobile device. Also, the experience of the game is about typing information into a computer terminal, which feels more natural if you're sitting at an actual computer.
  13. When I read the Readme file I didn't get that by putting something in quotations it meant you were searching for the entirety of the statement rather than just those words in order. An entirely pointless command except for unlocking those particular videos. I had ten unseen clips in a row that I was hoping were going to shed a new light on things, but nope. Trolled.
  14. I've got over 75% now and struggling to find new clips - searched for everything that stands out in her statements as well as combinations of vague descriptions of things I want to hear about, like "her him they". I don't have the very first clip in the sequence or the penultimate one (the last one is the 5th of the set you start off with). Also, I have a string of about 7 in a row 2/3 of the way through the sequence that I'm really curious about since it's completely untouched. Will continue to plod on. Since I already saw enough "key clips" to be able to "finish" I'm curious as to whether I really understand events (there is certainly a clear narrative from childhood to (game) present day I can relate now based on what I've seen) or whether there's another layer I haven't penetrated yet.
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