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  1. Stop, look at horse and f or stop and z by default I've played 140hrs of this so far it's ok
  2. Did someone say terrible interchange? Edit : It has got much worse. Amazing game
  3. The UI is shocking, particularly for navies, air & subs OP as shit. Played 35 hours in the past 4 days. Game is unreal. Battleplans take a while to get used to but are extremely well done. Industrial production could be a game to itself. Spend my whole war against Germany, Italy and Spain as France trying to ensure I had enough small arms, tanks and planes to cover the different fronts. Ended up driving the Spanish back across the Pyrenees by throwing waves of untrained conscripts with a rifle between every two at their trenches under swarms of dive bombers so I had enough heavy tanks and fighters for the fight against Germany and Italy http://imgur.com/hIAYCOK http://imgur.com/Zs2aR2w http://imgur.com/RotiPaQ +25% to planning bonus/10
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=wet+suit&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiYz_LE1cPKAhUFvRQKHUbqCGAQsxgIIA&biw=1708&bih=951 Edit : Highlight your 'wet suit', right click, search google. Wetsuits cover your body. They are there to keep heat in
  5. Sorry, seemed funny when I was in work That is the response I get from my internet manchild friends when anything like this comes up. For any with bingo cards they also identify as libertarians and like the red pill in a non-ironic way. I really need to find new people to play Rocket League & Civ with
  6. Just got my rejection email from the HOI4 beta. Raging
  7. AFAIK they closed entries due to a huge number of applicants
  8. I'm sure Google are shitting themselves that maybe 300 people might start using Bing instead
  9. The moment you realise you've won the game. Moscow here I come
  10. Hype +1 Saw this yesterday, today its my most looked forward to game ever
  11. I watched it, but must've fallen into a stupor as I couldn't begin to tell you what it was about
  12. Playing a Poland -> Commonwealth game. Have effectively won in 1560 or so. Beating the life out of Muscowy every time the truce timer ends and slowly dismantling it. Have Novgorod as a vassal, annexed Lithuania, both holy orders and Crimea. The new siege mechanics have completely changed the game for me. The AI still makes some very questionable moves. When I attacked Muscowy the first time I advanced slowly, occupying cities in summer then sitting back to avoid the 4% attrition from siegeing in winter (:S) while a siege stack with cannon and siege pip general (Heir rolled as a 2 3 2 3 ) reduced one fort at a time. The Muscovites gathered about 35k men in one stack and trolled around between Murmansk and Finland getting pasted by attrition and refusing to engage in a battle. Manpower loss is a bit extreme. I thought something had changed but wasn't sure if I was just imagining it. I like it.
  13. This was TFH. Been meaning to have another campaign but I rarely make it past reorganising the starting OOB and if I do I usually get fed up shuffling infantry tech and doctrines and go play Vicky 2 Not to say the AI isn't vastly better in TFH but it still has a long way to go
  14. Playing as France I held down an entire German Army on that same straight by parking an infantry corps on the island there. Germany kept an heroing heavy armour into my dug in at guns under constant dive bomber attacks. Between that and their suicide attacks across rivers into my heavy armour in BeNeLux they ran out of men by '42. AI in IV had better be a step up but I doubt it will be
  15. I've been playing it today. New building tree isn't annoying. Combat runs a bit more slowly which is very good. Siege AI was improved a good bit by the previous patch. Haven't played long enough to see much of the politics. Verdict : Should have been better than this last year
  16. It's bloody amazing. More than one base and multiple landing teams were two things I missed, and the more indepth air combat is great
  17. Anyone who didn't think it was great never used the Xenophobe, a pickup truck with a shotgun wielding redneck in the back I never played Alpha Centauri but my friends I play IV with did and all raved about it. Look forward to seeing what steps have been made from base V
  18. Communitas mod is excellent, can't play without it now
  19. Read a couple of positive posts on twcentre but a lot didnt buy it. The game itself is still missing something for me. Have played a bit of M2 and Napoleon and still find them more enjoyable. Would wait a while and pick it up cheap later in a few more patches time
  20. Red Orchestra 1 & 2 has this. Magazines are individual, so on loading it says its heavy/half full/close to empty. Holding reload unloads and reloads quickly to tell you whats left in the current one. Some weapons have visual cues like a top loading drum on a machine gun has a toggle which turns as it empties. Works really well
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