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  1. Chef Steps just announced the Joule, its part funded by Gabe N apparently (see at 1:30 in the video). Its not out for another year though.
  2. Only a few episodes in so far but it's great, so much better than I'd expected. That's Aziz's real parents playing Dev's too.
  3. Nice to hear Capone via petermolydeux getting a mention on this weeks bombcast for this tweet.
  4. There is no way Patrick is winning this in 72hrs without help, Dan has been revising the level all day removing exploits. The level has a similar trick to the last level but its full of note block platforms and tons of misdirection. What I gather from looking at it in the editor for the puzzle you need to ...
  5. They have synced video up too.
  6. evilwallpaper


    I will do, Cheers!
  7. Giant Bomb LIVE! at E3 2015: Day 01 Campo are 2nd set of guests on at about at 1:24, Phil Spencer and Kudo are 3rd set at 2:03.
  8. Are ths embeds on http://www.giantbomb.com/chat/ or https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealGiantBomb any better ?
  9. Here's one of his bands, Headboard, Alex is on drums too. Theres a reddit thread with a links to other groups he was involved with.
  10. Yea, I've started playing again.
  11. This is down to £87 at the moment on amazon, is it worth picking up ?
  12. I'm still maining the Saw Spear, the forward and R1 attack after dodging backwards works is working wonders against most bosses.
  13. I'm glad this is the last season it's has been pretty boring so far. They should have never let Lisbon and Jane get together. Starting to hope history repeats itself in the last episode and Lisbon is murdered because of Janes hubris.
  14. I have an Anova its great but the app isn't out yet, the bluetooth is pretty useless atm.
  15. Theres a resident evil 1,2 and 3 bundle link. Its been on sale quite a lot so I'd hang on and wait for it to be reduced again.
  16. Now Death Waltz have merged with Mondo they only seem to be shipping from the US, with international shipping rates .
  17. How long did you finish it for ? I've got an Anova and the only time I've had a problem was when I seared it for too long after it came out of the bag.
  18. I've found some good recipes and resources over on Chef Steps recently. These thick pork shoulder steaks look amazing.
  19. BioForge! They start it about 30 mins into this UPF and continue it in part 1 2 3.
  20. Redeemed 9WTMAE6KKFTX, everything from the bottom left up to that has gone.
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