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  1. I managed to just break $15,000, levelled up and it started throwing new 'Papers Please' style rules into the mix. Edit: Just got $33600
  2. This http://www.mixcloud.com/dazed/exclusive-death-waltz-halloween-mix/ and this http://www.factmag.com/2013/10/31/fact-mix-407-death-waltzs-halloween-mix/
  3. The designer of Doki Doki also made Toe Jam, its a bit of a weird game. The vita version is a pretty bad port, input lag and crashing all over the place for me.
  4. She wouldn't have gone anywhere near giant bomb after the trouble she had a few E3s ago. It's a shame they haven't diversified their voice with the new hires, it was always going to happen though. As was part of community acting like dicks.
  5. Is that season pass crossbuy ?
  6. I'll be quite surprised if one of the new hires isn't female, despite the backlash it will incur. Vinny makes everything better. I've had Barkerville stuck in my head since the last Vinnyvannia, Drake covering it on the Harmonix stream last night didn't help.
  7. Vinnny is moving to New York and starting up Giant Bomb East with Alex. Hopefully this will mean a regular VinnyCast, sadly it will be with Alex and Patrick (and I like Patrick).
  8. Anyone seen a copy of Blood Dragon for sale anywhere other than ebay ? Its the only thing I really wanted this year.
  9. I don't get that from Patrick at all on the Interview Dumptruck. The interviews are great and he seems to love doing them.
  10. Stick it to the Man and buy this! Stick it to the Man Was £9.99, now £3.79 (Cross-Buy) Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members
  11. Just finished the Girls story, loved every minute of it. The art style's a perfect fit, not what had in my head when I backed it but I'm glad they went the route they did.
  12. Not really sure, it could be either the Black Market, Haunted Castle or the Worm.
  13. I ordered one just under 4 weeks ago, standard delivery, and it's still not arrived. I can't put into words the disappointment I've had arriving home from work and seeing its not here yet. Tip: Don't be a cheapskate like me and pay for decent delivery.
  14. I've been doing the daily challenge every day on vita and steam. Are the Vita and PSN leaderboards separated ?
  15. Someones wrote a good little piece explaining how the random levels are generated link .
  16. I guess Americans usually have eggnog for a warm festive drink. If anyone explained that to me, I'd think they were mad too.
  17. Its the Able Kone Coffee Brewing System. How is it ? I saw it on kickstarter and managed to stop myself from backing it.
  18. It's only out on ps3 at the moment I think.
  19. Any Red John episode is always a lot darker, there's just been a lot more of them this series. Its weird the series didn't ended with that last episode, really interested how they do actually end it now.
  20. They finally fixed offline Stealth Inc! It no longer nags you to connect to the internet after every level.
  21. Always run, always run to death.
  22. I've not played anything but Spelunky in months, now the daily challenge is in there I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon.
  23. Caved and finally ordered a 64gb from Play Asia at the weekend, do their orders take forever to arrive ?
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