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  1. For those of us not buying a PS4 at launch. If I purchased any of the PS4 offerings through the webstore, I could download them when I eventually get a one right?
  2. If you plan on playing Gone Home I'd stay away from the latest episode of Tone Control, it gets 'a bit spoilery' without much warning.
  3. Going through my psn purchases and re-downloading everything as led me back to Trash Panic. It'll never happen but a vita port would be amazing, such a great underrated puzzler.
  4. Midnight City by M83, lost count of many times I've heard it this past year.
  5. evilwallpaper


    It looks amazing but right up until the title appeared I was fully expecting the Mysterious Cites of Gold theme tune to kick in.
  6. I like chet and jon, but everytime they say something like "yea bruv" or "he's my boy" I question why I haven't unsubscribed yet.
  7. You can remote play PS3 over the internet so it's probably safe to say the ps4 will be supported as well. I think you can even remotely activate it over the internet too, though I've not been able to get it working.
  8. Thanks for the entertainment over the years, I'll have to buy you guys a pint (and fentimans) at Eurogamer. Joypod will be missed, but if you could do one last christmas show with xib and uzi that would be amazing. edit: with elmo and matt having kids so close together its only a matter time until a gaming dads podcast appears.
  9. That's a bit of an understatement Ballmer Quits, Instantly Makes (Almost) $1 Billion
  10. 8gb is ok if your only going to play a couple of things at a time and don't mind re-downloading/swapping games now and again. You will eventually need to upgrade to a bigger card but I've found it fine to start off with.
  11. And Giancarlo Esposito as FBI agent Jack Baer, in deep undercover all this time.
  12. Theres a patch out for Hotline Miami which should fix the trophy issues . link
  13. They don't really need to put up a good argument for Plus+ vs Live in Japan. Anyone have a better idea when Stick it to the Man is coming out other than 2013 ?
  14. Taken the plunge and got myself one of these portable Hotline Miami machines. Is it worth getting a screen protector? Any recommendations for a soft case like psp had?
  15. Would it be easier if everyone who wanted to trade and was online went into the rllmuk chat on steam? Need Super Meat Boy:Super Meat Boy Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth, Fireman, Patriot Dont Starve: Wendy, Wilson, Wolfgang Spare Summer Sale: Reus, Torchlight II Dont Starve: Maxwell Brutal Legend: Razorfire Boar, Eddie Riggs Garrys Mod: Spammer Left4Dead2: Witch Super Meat Boy: Retro Meat
  16. Sorry Motivator I've just traded it.
  17. Do you get anything extra from crafting a foil badge other than its rarity? FOR TRADE Left4Dead 2 - Witch Summer Sale - Football Manager 2013 Super Meat Boy - Retro Meat *2 - Epic Meat Man TF2 - Soldier Dont Starve: - Maxwell WANTS Summer Sale - Dead Island - Kerbal Super Meat Boy - Super Meat Boy - Dr Fetus http://steamcommunity.com/id/evilwallpaper/
  18. There's a few more emulators and apps on here but I cant get any of them to install for me
  19. It doesn't look like it'll be on Netflix for awhile. On demand seems to mean you can purchase the film as a download or stream, not as part of a subscription service like netflix. http://www.magpictures.com/ondemand/
  20. I've been playing through Black Knight Sword, the downloadable title Grasshopper put out late last year. Theres very strong Shadows of the Damned vibe running through it. Turns out it was meant to be extra retroy section they cut from the game.
  21. I'd like to be in again, if theres space.
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