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  1. Searching for Breaking Bad cosplay and found this, not quite what I had in mind.
  2. That terminator 2 one is well done.
  3. Slime is getting there, I think we're on final laps on all games now.
  4. Quite tempted to stump up for the 6 album subscription. Is the Death Waltz border around the covers actually on the records or just for the thumbnails on the site?
  5. Ah so it does, I thought it was just that game you needed to pay over the average to get.
  6. A new Humble bundle with just went up and this is in it strangely, so you can pretty much get a digital copy for nothing. http://www.humblebundle.com
  7. I knocked up a quick little fez translator. link You'll need to put the correct letters in yourself.
  8. Not for me, they're working better than ever, the badges even work.
  9. I'd hold off from using the new tracks in the league, the last time they added new tracks this happened. With those two new obstacles who knows what will happen.
  10. I tried the inverted method and didn't really see much improvement, flipping the press went wrong a few times and it just seemed the wrong thing to do. I've been using the Bloom app to help with my brewing method, setting custom timers and keeping track of what works well. Really recommend it if you have an areopress.
  11. If I remember correctly putting par boiled or pre fried chips in the fridge is done to remove the moisture which helps which crispyness, I'm not sure the freezer would have the same effect.
  12. Has Molyneux let you take over his account for Moly Jam Capone ? Those green pixel tweets are surely not his own.
  13. 15 Storeys High popped up on the UK netflix last week, well worth a watch if you've never caught it before.
  14. You can drag to prime a new jump while in the air, you can then release that instantly when you land. Once you get past ring 100 you can't stop or you'll get blasted, so it really helps to plan your jumps in the air.
  15. Don't forget about his attempted rape too!
  16. You might be able to slip into slime if they've not started yet, PM S.hadow.
  17. At least my reminder post worked, cheers SaintM. Bottom of the league Woo!
  18. I guess that reminder didn't work.
  19. Killroy was here was a meme during world war II http://en.wikipedia....Kilroy_was_here
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